WordPress 3.4 “Green” is Out With Theme Customizer, Custom Headers and Twitter Embeds [Intro Video]

WordPress Team just now announced the next major upgrade of the leading blogging CMS – WordPress 3.4 dubbed as “Green” in honor of guitarist Grant Green.

Wordpress 3.4 "Green" - Theme Customizer, Custom Headers, HTML support to image captions, Embed individual tweets in posts

WordPress 3.4 “Green” includes significant improvements to theme customizations, custom headers, Twitter embeds, and image captions. For the first time, WordPress team has put up a a short clip which introduces you to the top features you’ll want to know about.

Main Features of WordPress 3.4 “Green”

Theme Customizer – The main highlight of WP 3.4 is the theme customizer which allows you to play around with various looks and settings for your current theme or one you’re thinking about switching to without publishing those changes to the whole world.

For WordPress themes that support it, you can change colors, backgrounds, and of course custom image headers. Technolism is powered by Thesis and currently there are not many options available to customize Thesis – maybe they will plan something for future release to take the most advantage of this new wordpress feature.

Custom Headers – This feature allows you to use images from your media library to populate custom headers, and choose the height and width of your header images.

HTML support to image captions – WP 3.4 adds basic HTML support to the caption field in the image uploader. This allows you to add links — great for photo credits or licensing details — and basic formatting such as bold and italicized text.

Embed individual tweets in posts – With this feature, WordPress extends its embed support to include tweets: Just paste a tweet URL on its own line in the post editor and it turns into a beautiful embedded Tweet. The embedded Tweet includes action links that allow readers to reply to, retweet, and favorite the tweet without leaving your site.

Not only Twitter, this feature works with some more sites as well. Here is a list of few more sites on which WP 3.4 emebedding works.

Some Dev specific upgrader – There are also 100s of dev specific under-the-hood that WordPress 3.4 comes with. Some of the main features are faster WP_Query, custom content types and taxonomies support for XML-RPC, themes, and custom header APIs, and significant performance improvements in WP_Query and faster translation system.

WordPress 3.4 “Green” upgrade seems quite exciting to me – do share with me  your thought on this upgrade and which feature do you like the most.

WordPress 3.1.2 Security Release available to download – Upgrade Now!!

Last month, I posted about the WordPress spam which allows the Contributor-level users to improperly publish posts which infected millions of blogs by posting some article in Polish.

To resolve this issue, WordPress has come out with a security release which takes care of this vulnerability and stops the Contributor level user from getting further access to the site with publisher rights.

Wordpress Logo

WordPress 3.1.2 is now available and is a security release for all previous WordPress versions. This is a must have upgrade and I would suggest you update to 3.1.2 promptly, if you have not done so already.

You need to take action soon, especially if you allow users to register as contributors or if you have untrusted users.

You can upgrade to the latest security release WP 3.1.2 automatically from the dashboard or you can download WordPress 3.1.2 from the below link:

Download WordPress 3.1.2

KLAMKA13303 Spam WordPress user hits WP blogs with post “Rachunki i konta bankowe”

In the evening I got an automated email from my WP blog, that a user by the name “klamka13303” has registered on the site. I thought it to be suspicious as earlier also similar user had been registered on Technolism and later on posted an article in Polish which we later on rectified.

The same happened today also. By  the time I could delete this suspicious user, it published a post in Polish titled “Rachunki i konta bankowe” which means “Accounts and bank accounts” in English. It is some sort of a guide for “Accounts for young people.”

This user registers with the email [email protected] and the user name “KLAMKA13303” with the role of a contributor and gains further access to the site using which it publishes the post directly without the permission of the publisher.

Technolism - Rachunki i konta bankowe - KLAMKA13303 WP spam user

When I checked some of my friends’ blogs, they had also been affected and entering the search term as “Rachunki i konta bankowe” in Google, I found that there are more than 300k blogs that have been infected in the last 24 hours. Check out a screen grab from HBB, one of my friends’ blog.

HellBoundBloggers - Rachunki i konta bankowe - KLAMKA13303 WP spam user

WordPress had released a security update WP 3.0.5 in which this issue was resolved. I am not sure what they are going to do about this recent problem faced by bloggers around the world.

If you are also a WordPress blog owner, and have been infected with this spam user, immediately delete it from your registered users list and change your password also, for safety. Also, delete the Polish post published by this user as your readers are not going to like it. And if you have not been infected till now, well, you have got a reason to worry and delete such a user registration immediately.

WordPress 3.1 is released; Codenamed “Reinhardt”

After releasing the RC 3 and RC 4 versions of the next big update to WordPress, the WordPress Team has released the final stable version of the WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt.”

Wordpress Logo

The long-awaited fourteenth release of WordPress is now available to download and install on your blog. WordPress 3.1 is named as “Reinhardt” in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

An excerpt from the official announcement from the wordpress team:

This release features a lightning fast redesigned linking workflow which makes it easy to link to your existing posts and pages, an admin bar so you’re never more than a click away from your most-used dashboard pages, a streamlined writing interface that hides many of the seldom-used panels by default to create a simpler and less intimidating writing experience for new bloggers (visit Screen Options in the top right to get old panels back), and a refreshed blue admin scheme available for selection under your personal options.

All together, this release fixes more than 820 issues.

There are a lot of new and exciting features which have been added to this major WordPress 3.1 release. WordPress is more of a CMS than ever before. The only limit to what you can build is your imagination. So, upgrade your blog now if you have not already done so.

Users can upgrade automatically via their Dashboard or use the manual instructions. You may please contact the WordPress Support Forums, if you run into any trouble.

WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate 3 is available to download

WordPress has released WordPress 3.1 RC 3 with some major changes over the last Release Candidate 2 which was released on the 1st Jan, 2011.

RC stands for “Release Candidate.” The RC versions are released after the Beta version, but before the final launch. This means that WordPress team is done making the final changes to the WP release and have got no bugs to fix over the last Release Candidate (RC 2 in this case).

Wordpress Logo

Below is an excerpt from the official announcement from WordPress,

After careful evaluation of the 3.1 features in RC2, we recognized the need to make some adjustments. There are some significant differences from previous versions of 3.1. The biggest change is the removal of AJAX list tables, which had been an effort to move all of our list-style screens to full AJAX for pagination, searches, and column sorts, and to consolidate the list-style screens into a single API that plugins could leverage.

As mentioned on the wordpress blog, because of the code churn between RC2 and RC3, this release candidate needs a lot of testing. Every list screen needs testing. In particular, the comment moderation screen needs testing, especially with keyboard shortcuts.

Apart from this major change over the RC 2, other fixes in RC3 include:

  • Properly display the author dropdown in Quick Edit
  • Various important fixes to numerous taxonomy query variables
  • Fixes to the theme deletion process
  • Fixes to pages used for posts
  • IIS and Multisite: Avoid resetting web.config on permalink save
  • Properly validate post formats and their rewrite rules

If you are testing the release candidate and think you’ve found a bug, below are a few ways to let the WordPress team know:

You may download and try the WordPress 3.1 RC 3 from the below link.

Download WordPress 3.1 Release candidate 3

WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate 2 is out for Download now

Some days back only the WordPress 3.0.4 and WordPress 3.1 RC 1 got released. Now, wordpress has released the RC 2 for WordPress 3.1.

RC stands for “Release Candidate.” The RC versions are released after the Beta version, but before the final launch. This means that WordPress team is done making the final changes to the WP release and have got no bugs to fix over the last Release Candidate (RC 1, in this case). But, as WordPress has tens of millions of users, and thousands of plugins and themes, the RC release is to make sure that there are no issues before the final launch of WordPress 3.1.

Wordpress Logo

You can check out more details about RC 2 for WP 3.1 on the official WordPress Blog. I would suggest not to download it on your live blog but do try it out on your local machine. If you find any bugs, you can report it on WordPress forum, WordPress testers or WordPress Trac.

For WordPress 3.1, Beta 1 came on Thanksgiving day, RC1 on Christmas, and RC2 on New Year’s Day (yesterday, the 1st of Jan, 2011). I wonder what is the next big day when the final version of WP 3.1 comes out. Any guesses?

You may download and try the WordPress 3.1 RC 2 from the below link.

Download WordPress 3.1 RC 2

So, give WordPress 3.1 a try and let us know your feedback about the new features.

WordPress v3.0 “Thelonious” finally hits the web – Bloggers on Cloud 9

We are reporting this a bit late but still, this is one of the biggest news for everyone in the Blogosphere and this has been the announcement every blogger was waiting for. After much anticipation and suspense, Matt finally released the long awaited version 3.0 of the most popular blogging platform, WordPress.


For those who, by any chance, do not know what WordPress is, the WordPress platform is an simple-to-use but wonderful blogging platform, full of features that has the capability of powering anything from micro-blogs and personal blogs to multi-blog corporate blogging environments.

The latest version, WordPress 3.0, that was released on 16th June, 2010, has been called “Thelonious”. This is the thirteenth major release of WordPress.

WordPress 3.0 boasts of a bunch of large and small changes, the biggest according to me being the merge of WordPress Single sites with WordPress MU (Multi User). Apart from this, wordpress is loaded with features like new default theme called “Twenty Ten”, custom backgrounds, chose admin username, headers, shortlinks, menus, post types, and taxonomies.

Here is an excerpt from the WordPress official announcement page:

“Developers and network admins will appreciate the long-awaited merge of MU and WordPress, creating the new multi-site functionality which makes it possible to run one blog or ten million from the same installation. As a user, you will love the new lighter interface, the contextual help on every screen, the 1,217 bug fixes and feature enhancements, bulk updates so you can upgrade 15 plugins at once with a single click

See the video providing details about the release and also why this release has been called “Thelonious”

You can upgrade to WordPress v3.0 manually by downloading the setup file from wordpress.org or within your dashboard. We will soon make the move to the latest version and come up with a post on how to upgrade to WordPress 3.0.

The earlier version 2.9 was downloaded 10.3 million times. We will have to wait what wonders is this release going to make.

Have you made the move to WP 3.0? Do share your experience with this latest marvel from WordPress in the comment section below.