How to Download Torrents on iPhone or Any iOS Device Using iTransmission – A Quick Guide

August 17, 2012
Download torrents on iPhone using iTransmission

Sharing a file or downloading it is not a new concept to anyone now. Millions of people now share and download their data via various software and apps. Torrents are the most popular files getting downloaded worldwide today. Whether it be a Mac OS user or Windows, downloading the torrents is the preferred choice for everyone. Now that we are moving ahead in technology, most of the gadget freaks today own an iOS operated device […]

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iNoki – Another Easy way to Copy Data from Nokia to your new iPhone

September 21, 2011

Last year, when I purchased my first Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4, I wrote a quick tutorial on how to  move your contacts from Nokia Phone to your newly purchased iPhone in 6 simple steps which involved using MS Outlook and iTunes. It was very well appreciated by our readers and happened to be the most popular article here at Technolism and has got more than 65K page views and around 100 comments till date […]

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Google+ app available for iPhone; Download now!

July 19, 2011
Google Plus iOS App for iPhone

And it is finally here! In the past few weeks, I visited the Google+ Mobile device page quite a few times, since the launch of Google Plus, when it first became available to a limited number of users and also came with an app for its own mobile operating system, Android. Since then, the G+ project for mobile page said that the iPhone app is coming soon and now it has finally arrived and available […]

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iTunes 12 days of Christmas Day 12 (last) Giveaway: One Love Video Bundle by David Guetta [UK]

January 6, 2011
David Guetta Free Video bundle download from Apple iTunes 12 days of christmas

Today is the last day (Day 12) of the Apple iTunes “12 days of Christmas” Giveaway series. In the last 11 days, Apple has offered some great stuff from the house of iTunes, which included 4 Music downloads, 2 TV Episode, 3 Apps, 1 Movie and 1 Book, all free of cost. Here is the list of this stuff if you have not been updated about this giveaway. Today on the final day of this […]

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Apple iTunes 12 Days of Christmas Day 11 Giveaway: Mirror’s Edge by Electronic Arts Nederland BV [UK]

January 5, 2011
Mirror’s Edge by Electronic Arts Nederland BV iTunes Free Download

Its been 11 days now when we share with you everyday, the free download offered from Apple in its iTunes “12 days of Christmas” promotion. Today is the Day 11 of the Giveaway series and Apple has made EA’s famous side-scrolling run-a-thon Mirror’s Edge Game free to download for both iPhones and iPads. This game, which is free only for today, is otherwise available for £2.99 in the UK iTunes Store. Made to maximize the […]

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iTunes 12 days of Christmas Day 10 Giveaway: Doctor Who “The End of Time Part 1”

January 4, 2011
Apple 12 days of Christmas Doctor Who End of Time Part 1 free download

As I mentioned in my yesterday’s post for the “12 days of Christmas” Giveaway series that there is going to be some exciting stuff coming up from the house of Apple in the remaining last 3 days of the giveaway, here we are with the Day 10 of the free offer from Apple iTunes. Today, on Day 10, Apple is giving you a free TV episode download for the science fiction show “Doctor Who” – […]

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iTunes 12 Days of Christmas Day 9 Giveaway – Radioactive/Arizona Song and Video bundle by Kings of Leon

January 3, 2011
Kings of Leon 12 days of Christmas bundle

We have reached the 9th day of the Apple “12 days of Christmas” Giveaway series. Today, on the ninth day, Apple is offering “Radioactive/Arizona” free song and Video bundle. You may direct your browsers to the below link to avail this free giveaway now: iTunes link to “Radioactive/Arizona” Kings of Leon Song and Video bundle *Please note that this Song and Video bundle is available to download for 24 hours only on 03rd January, 2011. […]

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iTunes 12 days of Christmas Day 8 Giveaway – Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars Director’s Cut Free Download [UK]

January 2, 2011