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How to Download Torrents on iPhone or Any iOS Device Using iTransmission – A Quick Guide

Sharing a file or downloading it is not a new concept to anyone now. Millions of people now share and download their data via various software and apps.

Torrents are the most popular files getting downloaded worldwide today. Whether it be a Mac OS user or Windows, downloading the torrents is the preferred choice for everyone.

Download torrents on iPhone using iTransmission

Now that we are moving ahead in technology, most of the gadget freaks today own an iOS operated device and everyone wants to download the torrents on their high-tech iOS gadget.

Monitoring your PC Torrents on mobile phone is very easy but if you actually want to watch a movie on iPhone or to download torrent file in your iPhone or iPad you may need a software named iTransmission.

Actually, being an iOS device user myself, I was trying to download the torrents on my phone and to be very honest, it was not that easy. Downloading the torrents on computer running on any OS is pretty simple but when it is about downloading the Torrents in iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device, I found that things were not that simple.

I know some of the readers here might be thinking that we can easily download the torrents in the iOS device by using the available software but let me tell you guys, those software end up with a real mess. I can tell you this by my experience.

Well, I am not scaring you. Relax!!

I researched a lot and then finally came across a comparatively simple solution named iTransmission to download torrents in my iPhone so thought of sharing the steps with my readers on Technolism.

Go through the following simple steps and get the torrent files downloaded in your iOS devices.

Step #1: Before starting with the download, you first need to jailbreak the iOS device. I guess you know what jailbreaking the iOS device means, if not, let me tell you that Apple devices are bound under many different restrictions from the company which do not allow any sort of third party applications. So, to get the torrents in your iOS device you first need to get out of those restrictions. You can take help from internet to jailbreak your iOS device.

Step #2: After you are done with jailbreaking, you need to download ‘iTransmission’

You can get it from the Cydia App store which especially has the apps for jailbroken iOS gadgets. It is free of cost and is compatible with every IOS device. You will notice a small icon on your springboard when your iTransmission is downloaded on your device.

iTransmission - Cydia app to download torrents on iPhone

Step #3: Now in the next step, you need to search the torrent file you want to download in your iOS device using the Safari search engine. Suppose you want to download some movie on your iPad or iPhone, open Safari and type the name of the movie, don’t forget to write word Torrent after the movie name. Now, check the search results and download the file according to the file size, leeches and seeds – in the similar way you would do on your Mac or PC.

Step #4: Now copy the link of torrent you want to download. Be careful and copy the address correctly.

Step #5: Now when you have the link copied in your iOS clipboard, open the downloaded app iTransmission. Click the small ‘+’ at the bottom left of the app. A menu will pop up on your system screen having a URL tab. Paste the URL copied in the above step and click on OK.

Step #6: You are now done with the steps and all you need to do is to wait for the torrent to download.

Isn’t it simple? This complete process takes not more than five minutes and following these six simple steps, you are all set to watch your favourite movie or any other torrent file in your iOS device.

Best part is that iTransmission software is very user friendly and is compatible with every device running on iOS. You can also use this software to download the torrent files on your computer system, but you need to download and install Transmission for that.

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So, following this quick guide, you can now easily download torrent files on your iOS devices and enjoy your favorite movie, music or anything else.

Do let us know, what do you think about this tutorial and also, if you are stuck at any step in the process and I would be more than happy to help you!

iNoki – Another Easy way to Copy Data from Nokia to your new iPhone

Last year, when I purchased my first Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4, I wrote a quick tutorial on how to  move your contacts from Nokia Phone to your newly purchased iPhone in 6 simple steps which involved using MS Outlook and iTunes. It was very well appreciated by our readers and happened to be the most popular article here at Technolism and has got more than 65K page views and around 100 comments till date ;). Well, thanks a lot for the appreciations; such feedback encourages us to put more useful content which is helpful for masses. You can read the post, I am referring to, here.


We, at Technolism keep on searching for ways which are helpful for our readers and in a similar attempt, I came across an even simpler process to transfer your contacts from Nokia to Apple iPhone in the form of iNoki iPhone app.

With iNoki, you do not have to first copy your contacts from Nokia phone to MS outlook using Nokia Ovi Suite and then copy them finally from Outlook to iPhone. Instead, you can simply make use of the .NBU file created by the Nokia Ovi Suite and transfer all your data to iPhone.

There is an amazing iPhone app called iNoki which makes it possible, and the process involved is even simpler than the earlier tutorial, I shared with you. iNoki, which recently upgraded to v1.2 is ported from its windows brother Noki, which has been there for 4+ years now.

iNoki iPhone app - Transfer Nokia data to iPhone

With iNoki, you will not only be able to transfer your phonebook contacts from Nokia to iPhone, but even other important phone data like SMS, MMS, calendar, photo, audio, videos. What you need is only iNoki and the .NBU (Nokia BackUp) file which you can easily get from Nokia Ovi Suite. iNoki will import all these to your iPhone – Painlessly.

As I mentioned already, iNoki iPhone app makes use of the .NBU Nokia Ovi suite backup file which holds all the data for the Nokia Phone and extracts this data directly onto the iPhone. When you start the app, you will be shown the instruction to add a .NBU file after which the process is self explanatory. You can change the preference of what data you want to extract from the NBU file by going to the settings in the left bottom of the app screen (check out the gears).

The extracted data from the NBU file – contacts, SMS, MMS, calendars, notes, photos – are all viewable in iNoki. You can tap a contact to make a call; copy the content of a SMS or reply to the sender; check the note of a calendar entry or just browse and share all the photos taken with your Nokia phone. It’s that easy.

iNoki NBU file details                       iNoki Phonebook

Below, I have listed the main features of iNoki iPhone app:

  • It allows you to extract and view your Nokia phone’s data right on iPhone

  • You can view the model info of the .NBU file by tapping the “i” button (info button).
  • You can export single contact or calendar when tapping into the detailed view.
  • When you transfer Contacts and Calendar data using iNoki, this data will auto merge with iPhone’s native Address Book and Calendar.
  • SMS/MMS conversation can be exported as a PDF file which can be viewed in iBooks or any PDF reader.
  • You can copy the .NBU files to iNoki’s folder using iTunes file sharing. iNoki also allows you to open the .NBU file from Email or Dropbox.
  • When there’s an extraction error, iNoki will generate a bug report to send via Email.

Below are some of the snapshots from the iNoki App. [Click on the images to enlarge]


For all the above awesome time saving and sometimes life saving features :P, you have to only shed $9.99* for a full version of the app and I recommend this app after having my hands on to this app if you are not geeky enough to use the other method of transferring contacts from Nokia to iPhone using Outlook and Nokia PC Suite. You can try the free version of the app which is called iNoki Lite which has got the extraction limits in each category and upon satisfaction update to the full version of iNoki to remove the extraction limits.

*Update: The price for iNoki Full version has increased to $29.99 (from $9.99 at the time of writing this review). Thanks to our reader John for bringing this to my notice.

If you are looking for a free option to move your Nokia contacts to iPhone, you can either use iNoki Lite or this tutorial.

iNoki Full Version | iNoki Lite

What do you think about the iNoki iPhone app? Do share with us your valuable feedback about this app and also, if you know of some other easy way of transferring data from Nokia to iPhone, feel free to share in the comments section below.

Google+ app available for iPhone; Download now!

And it is finally here! In the past few weeks, I visited the Google+ Mobile device page quite a few times, since the launch of Google Plus, when it first became available to a limited number of users and also came with an app for its own mobile operating system, Android. Since then, the G+ project for mobile page said that the iPhone app is coming soon and now it has finally arrived and available to download on your iOs device.

The iOS app for Google+ has all the features as the web app, except for Hangouts. It also has the huddles feature which was open to only Android OS till now.

Google Plus iOS App for iPhone

Google+ iOS UI – Look and Feel

I have downloaded the app on my iPhone 4 from the Apple’s UK app store and have come to know from a few friends that it is still not available in the Apple India app store. I have been playing with the app for around an hour now and the experience is good till now.

Google Plus iOS App

According to my personal views, the app does not have a very coulourful look with more of greys and whites all over, unlike facebook or Google+’s own web app itself which looks quite colourful, yet simple and unique. Google could have made more use of the Retina Display.

Google Plus iOS App - Stream

Google+ App – Features

The Google+ iOS app has got all the features that the web application has, except for the Hangouts. The Hangouts group video chat feature has not been made available to iOS devices as of now and I feel that Google would consider using the potential the iOS devices have because of the front facing camera and would give a deep thought on using it well in future. But for now, you can access Your stream, Huddles, Circles, Photos and your profile from the iPhone app. You can read details features of Google+ here.

Google Plus iOS App - Features

What’s different?

Nothing very exciting that I observed on the look and feel side of things but the only feature that I am a bit excited about is Huddles which till now, was open to only Android users. Huddles is a feature is a group chat feature in Google Plus which allows you to chat with many friends at once, like iMessages and Blackberry Messenger. I will be looking for some friends to try this feature and share my experience with you soon.

Rest, direct your browsers to the App store to Download the Google+ iOS app now. The app requires iOS 4.0 or above and is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. iPod Touch and iPad users will have to wait for the official app to come out.

iTunes 12 days of Christmas Day 12 (last) Giveaway: One Love Video Bundle by David Guetta [UK]

Today is the last day (Day 12) of the Apple iTunes “12 days of ChristmasGiveaway series. In the last 11 days, Apple has offered some great stuff from the house of iTunes, which included 4 Music downloads, 2 TV Episode, 3 Apps, 1 Movie and 1 Book, all free of cost.

Here is the list of this stuff if you have not been updated about this giveaway.

Today on the final day of this giveaway offer, apple is offering a free Video Bundle download from David Guetta which includes the below 4 Videos to download:

  • When love takes over (feat. Kelly Rowland)
  • Sexy Chick (feat. Akon)
  • Memories (feat. Kid Cudi)
  • One Love (feat. Estelle)

David Guetta Free Video bundle download from Apple iTunes 12 days of christmas

Below is the link to grab these 4 awesome videos from iTunes:

iTunes link for David Guetta Video Bundle

*Please note that this Video bundle is available to download for 24 hours only on 06th January, 2011.

Today, as I mentioned, is the last day of the Apple iTunes 12 days of Christmas. In the last 11 days of the giveaway, we have been updating on all the exciting stuff made available free to download from iTunes.

We will keep bringing you more exciting stuff from all around the internet. So, stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter now to stay updated about the new stuff coming up on Technolism.

Apple iTunes 12 Days of Christmas Day 11 Giveaway: Mirror’s Edge by Electronic Arts Nederland BV [UK]

Its been 11 days now when we share with you everyday, the free download offered from Apple in its iTunes “12 days of Christmas” promotion.

Today is the Day 11 of the Giveaway series and Apple has made EA’s famous side-scrolling run-a-thon Mirror’s Edge Game free to download for both iPhones and iPads. This game, which is free only for today, is otherwise available for £2.99 in the UK iTunes Store.

Made to maximize the visual intensity of the iPhone 4 Retina Display, with Mirror’s edge, you would get the cutting edge in adrenaline-driven gameplay. One of the most anticipated action games of the year, the Mirror’s Edge experience for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will leave you breathless!

Mirror’s Edge by Electronic Arts Nederland BV iTunes Free Download

Below is the link to download the addictive action game on you Apple devices:

iTunes link for Mirror’s Edge by Electronic Arts Nederland BV

*Please note that this iPhone/iPod touch and iPad Free Game is available to download for 24 hours only on 05th January, 2011.

You can also be updated on your iPhone, when the free download becomes available (its the last one tomorrow ;)), you need to download the “12 days of Christmas Giveaway” free app. If you have not downloaded it, you can download it now from iTunes Download link [UK Store]

As already mentioned, tomorrow is the last day of the Giveaway series, below is the giveaway which is planned for tomorrow:

06 January 2011 – David Guetta MP3

We will post here when it becomes available. Till then, stay tuned or subscribe to our newsletter now to stay updated when the download becomes available.

iTunes 12 days of Christmas Day 10 Giveaway: Doctor Who “The End of Time Part 1”

As I mentioned in my yesterday’s post for the “12 days of ChristmasGiveaway series that there is going to be some exciting stuff coming up from the house of Apple in the remaining last 3 days of the giveaway, here we are with the Day 10 of the free offer from Apple iTunes.

Today, on Day 10, Apple is giving you a free TV episode download for the science fiction show “Doctor Who” – The End of Time Part 1.

Apple 12 days of Christmas Doctor Who End of Time Part 1 free download

Direct your browsers to the below link now to access this free giveaway:

iTunes link to “Doctor Who” The End of Time Part 1

*Please note that this Song and Video bundle is available to download for 24 hours only on 04th January, 2011.

To stay updated on your iPhone, when a free download becomes available, you need to download the “12 days of Christmas Giveaway” free app. If you have not downloaded it, you can download it now from iTunes Download link [UK Store]

With only 2 days remaining in Apple’s 12 days of Christmas offer, there is some exciting stuff coming up in the next 2 days:

05 January 2011 – Mirrors Edge App
06 January 2011 – David Guetta MP3

Till then, stay tuned or subscribe to our newsletter now to stay updated when the download becomes available.

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas Day 9 Giveaway – Radioactive/Arizona Song and Video bundle by Kings of Leon

We have reached the 9th day of the Apple “12 days of ChristmasGiveaway series. Today, on the ninth day, Apple is offering “Radioactive/Arizona” free song and Video bundle.

Kings of Leon 12 days of Christmas bundle

You may direct your browsers to the below link to avail this free giveaway now:

iTunes link to “Radioactive/Arizona” Kings of Leon Song and Video bundle

*Please note that this Song and Video bundle is available to download for 24 hours only on 03rd January, 2011.

Till now, Apple has offered a lot of stuff in the last 8 days which includes 3 Music downloads, 1 TV Episode, 2 Apps, 1 Movie and 1 Book, all free of cost.

To stay updated on your iPhone, when a free download becomes available, you need to download the “12 days of Christmas Giveaway” free app. If you have not downloaded it, you can download it now from iTunes Download link [UK Store]

There is a lot of exciting stuff coming in the next 3 days which includes the free downloads for the below listed things.

04 January 2011 – Dr Who Film
05 January 2011 – Mirrors Edge App
06 January 2011 – David Guetta MP3

So, stay tuned or subscribe to our newsletter now to stay updated.

iTunes 12 days of Christmas Day 8 Giveaway – Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars Director’s Cut Free Download [UK]

Second day of the New Year 2011 and it is the 8th day of the Apple 12 days of Christmas Giveaway.

Today on the 8th day of the giveaway series, Apple is offering the download for a free game “Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Director’s Cut”.

As given on Wikipedia,

Broken Sword is an adventure game series created by game designer Charles Cecil of Revolution Software. The game series revolves around the adventures of Idaho-born George Stobbart and the French Nico Collard in several fictitious stories ba sed on history and mythology.


The Director’s Cut is a remake of the original Broken Sword, and was released on the Nintendo DS and Wii in March 2009. The game includes extra story elements and settings dealing with Nico and her investigation of a murder and the truth about her father.

iTunes Download link for Broken Sword – iPhone/iPod Download

iTunes Download link for Broken Sword – iPad Download

*Note that the free game is available to download for 24 hours only on the 02nd January, 2011.

To get updated when a free download becomes available, you need to download the “12 days of Christmas Giveaway” free app. If you have not downloaded it, you can download it now from iTunes Download link [UK Store]

If you have not downloaded this app already, direct your browsers to this article to read what you have missed in the last 7 days in this giveaway series. (We could not cover the last (7th day) giveaway in which Apple offered as free Charlie Chaplin Movie “Modern Times (1936) as I was not well to write a post :)”)

With only 4 more free download to come, what is on your wishlist which you would like Apple iTunes to offer?

Apple 12 days of Christmas Day 6 giveaway – A Holiday Gift for You EP by Michael Bublé[UK]

It is the last day of the Year and we are half way through the “Apple 12 days of Christmas” holidays giveaway, in which you get one free download everyday from iTunes, for 12 days which started on 26 Dec, 2010 and goes on till 06 January. Read this if you have been sleeping in a bunker till now and were unaware of this offer. 😛

iTunes 12 days of Christmas Michael Buble - A holiday Gift for you EP

On the Day 6 of this iTunes giveaway, Apple is giving “A Holiday Gift for You EP” from the Grammy Award winner Michael Bublé featuring the below 4 tracks from the swing/jazz singer:

Feeling Good (Live from Madison Square Garden)

Everything (Live from Madison Square Garden)

Mack the Knife

Orange Colored Sky

iTunes link for Michael Bublé – A Holiday Gift for You EP

As we have been telling you in our earlier updates also about this offer, to get notified when a free download becomes available, you need to download the “12 days of Christmas Giveaway” free app. If you have not downloaded it, you can download it now from iTunes Download link [UK Store]

So far, in the last 5 days, Apple has offered 3 Music downloads, 1 TV Episode, 1 App and a Book, all free of cost.

Have you downloaded these free giveaways? What are your thoughts so far on the free gifts?

Skype for iPhone app now supports Video Calling over Wi-Fi and 3G

It has been a long time (since Apple revealed the iPhone 4) that the video calling on mobile Skype had been rumoured but it nobody knew when that was supposed to happen. Today, Skype broke the suspense by making an official announcement about Video calling available on Skype iPhone app.

The latest version of the iPhone app Skype 3.0 is available from the app store.

Video Calling available on Skype iPhone app 3.0

You can place video calls from Skype iPhone app on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and 4th-generation iPod touch. iPad and 3rd-generation iPod touch users can receive video calls from others. The video calls can be made over both Wi-Fi and 3G. This has an edge over Apple’s FaceTime technology which is currently limited to Wi-Fi calling only.

Video calling on Skype iPhone app 3.0

On iOS devices with two cameras (iPhone 4 and 4th Gen iPod touch), you can stream video from either of the cameras. While iPhone 3GS users, of course, can only stream video from that device’s sole rear-facing camera.

Using the Skype iPhone app, you can connect to the other users on their iOS devices or to the ones using their computers also. through video call on the You can download the Skype App version 3.0 at the

Those who are already using the Skype iPhone, they can upgrade to the latest version Skype 3.0 from the update notification in the Apple app store.

Skype iPhone app upgrade 3.0 available in the app store

Video calling is one of the most awaited features from Skype. Moreover, the Skype app and  the video calling feature is totally free. If you are already using this awesome app, go ahead and download it from the link below:

iTunes link for Skype 3.0