All You Wanted To Know About Google’s High-tech Eyewear “Google Glasses” – Details, Features & Images

April 21, 2013

Google finally revealed the details about the much-anticipated Google Glasses, putting an end to the mystery and speculations around this high-tech eye-wear from the web’s search giant. Earlier this year, Google had released some interesting details around what you could do with Google Glasses when put to practical use, on their project website in the form of a YouTube video. At the same time, Google also had opened a program “Glass Explorers” under which a […]

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Want Google Reader to Stay? Sign this Petition!

March 17, 2013
RIP Google Reader

As you would already know by now, Google is going to officially kill “Google Reader” – it’s popular RSS news aggregation service – starting July 1, 2013. This also means all your third-party feed reader apps like FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, Reeder, Pulp and many more, which rely on Google’s RSS service will also be buried along with Google Reader. You are now left with no choice but to start looking for Google Reader alternatives or shift […]

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Recovering From A Google Penguin Attack

July 31, 2012
Google Penguin Update - Web Spam Algorithm

It’s tough but it can be done. I have known many blog and website owners simply giving up after the Google Penguin attack. Panda was bearable in comparison. This post is about how you can survive and recover from this massive web-cardiac failure. Cleaning up your act Google Penguin is about spammy stuff – both content and inbound links. Recently, a friend of mine had to undergo the surgical operation of cutting out spammy content. […]

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Hitler Reacts on Google Penguin Update

May 4, 2012
Google Penguin Update - Web Spam Algorithm

As you already know, Google’s webspam algorithm code-named Penguin went live on 24th April, 2012 which affects 3% search results around the world. The latest algorithm was not pleasant for everyone and all of those affected are complaining about it in Webmaster forums. Briefly, the Google Penguin update penalises the websites who have done SEO over optimization on their website. As this is called the web spam algorithm update by Google, if you have done […]

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Is Your Site Hit By Google Web Spam Algorithm – Penguin Update?

May 2, 2012
Google WebSpam Algorithm Penguin Update

Google is out with its new “web spam algorithm” code-named Penguin Update and the bloggers throughout the world are facing the consequences. I was however not much aware of this algorithm and its effects on our blogs and so googled about it. I would like to share with my friends what I got to know about it. I basically had three questions running in my mind when I started googling about this new algorithm update […]

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Google Drive and Its Comparison With DropBox, SkyDrive, Box.Net & SugarSync

April 30, 2012
Google Drive vs Dropbox vs SkyDrive vs SugarSync vs Box

After being in rumours for almost 5 years, Google officially launched Google Drive – its cloud sharing and data storage service. The service went public last week and you can now share and store documents, videos, photos, PDFs, Google docs and many other files with this new and innovative cloud sharing service from Google. Google Drive offers a 5 GB data storage space and allows you to store files on Google’s servers. You can even […]

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Cube – Explore Your World With A Game About Google Maps

April 29, 2012
Gamified Google Maps - Cube

Here comes another interesting game, once again from Google. This time in the form of a cube, which is a game about Google Maps. Seems like Google is getting quite interested in the gaming segment lately. Yesterday, we wrote about the Zerg Rush Easter Egg from Google which allows you to show your gaming skills within the Google Search Engine window and today, Google revealed a fun and time killing game – Cube. Google released […]

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Have Some Fun With Google Easter Egg “Zerg Rush”

April 28, 2012

Google, the search engine giant has come up with another Easter Egg “Zerg Rush” which is a treat for all the StarCraft fans. Go to the Google Search Engine and type ‘Zerg Rush’ (without the quotes) and hit enter to watch the ‘O’s appear and eat up all your search results. If you haven’t heard of Google Easter eggs, they are the hidden treats left by the Google coders to make searching a little more […]

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Google Drive Finally Launched – Offers 5GB Free Online Storage

April 26, 2012
Google Drive Launched

After being in rumours for almost 5 years, Google finally launched its online cloud storage service, Google Drive. The service was announced to be available to the public at the Google’s official blog. Google Drive comes with 5GB of free online storage with loads of features. Just to let you know, Google Drive is not the first of its kind and it already has competition from some majors in this field – Dropbox, iCloud, Microsoft’s […]

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Google Drive Cloud Sharing Service to be Launched Next Week

April 17, 2012
Google Drive

[Update] – Google Drive Online Cloud Storage service has been launched. Google is going to launch its much anticipated cloud storage service, Google Drive next week. As reported by TheNextWeb, Google Drive will be available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android and will be free. It comes with 5GB free online storage and of course, you will be able to buy more space at an additional price. The 5GB free space that Google Drive comes […]

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