How Texting and Instant Messaging (Techspeak) Hurt Your Grammar?

We all are social media freaks, aren’t we? We are all time chatting with our friends on Whatsapp (don’t tell me you don’t use it!), Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Textie, BBM and what not! But have you ever wondered, how an increased reliance on text messaging and techspeak is destroying our writing and verbal communication … Read more

How Smart Devices & Apps are Making a Difference in Today’s Education

The smartphone and tablets ownership continues to skyrocket, for the very simple reason – the features and possibilities that these devices provide, do make your life a lot easy. Well, thanks for the amazing apps available which make this possible. Apps could be the sole reason you would like to go for a Smartphone or … Read more

The Benefits of Texting [Infographic]

Over time, text messaging has only earned bad reputation with analysts and experts who have always been raising concers that it ruins social interaction, writing skills and expression – not to mention it contributes to dangerous behaviour, like texting while driving. On one hand, when it has some drawbacks, however, it has more benefits – … Read more

eBooks vs Textbooks – How Digital Books are Changing the Classroom? [Infographic]

Throughout history, textbooks have been a burden to students. They are heavy, expensive and quickly become out-of-date. Also, new editions of textbooks make it difficuly to sell the older versions. While textbooks are still the top preference for many, eBooks are giving them a run for their money. However, technology is playing a key role … Read more

How to Keep Your Smartphone and Personal Data Safe? [Infographic]

Everybody owns a smart phone these days and those who rely on the fantastic tools and apps these phones provide, for them spending a single day without these gadgets is a nightmare. Losing this phone which makes your life simpler by having information like your contacts, calendars, mails and a lot more, can turn your … Read more

Everything You Wanted to Know About Pinterest [Infographics]

If you do not know about Pinterest already, let me tell you that it is the hottest new social networking site which has emerged as the runaway hit in 2012. If you already knew that, still you might not know many things about Pinterest – information like they have got only 16 people on the … Read more

What will happen to Apple if Steve Jobs leaves? [Infographic]

When any leader is deeply connected to a company, he can impact the whole organization in many ways. A very good example is Steve Jobs and his association with Apple. Now, just imagine if Steve Jobs leaves, what would happen to Apple? I do not see any charm if the future iPhone or iPad launches … Read more

Skype – The Success Story!! [Infographic]

By now, everyone knows about Microsoft’s incredible $8.5 billion buyout of Skype which also took many by a shocking surprise. The amount of money that has been involved in the transaction is huge, keeping in mind the fact that the product in discussion is, for a majority of users, totally free to use. By the … Read more

Some interesting facts about Facebook Profile Photos [Infographic]

Facebook has the largest collection of photos compared to any other website on the internet. Flickr and Picassa, which are dedicated photo-sharing sites, are far behind in the race with facebook being expected to hit 100 billion photos this summer. According to a recent analysis, out of the total number of photos on Facebook, around … Read more

How Green is the iPhone? [Infographic]

Did you know that Apple pulls in close to 50% of the world’s total cellphone profits by selling only 4% of the cellphones worldwide, with that kind of profit and over 100 million iPhones sold Apple is an undisputed giant. So just how green is the giant’s smartphone? Some days back I shared with you … Read more