Want Google Reader to Stay? Sign this Petition!

As you would already know by now, Google is going to officially kill “Google Reader” – it’s popular RSS news aggregation service – starting July 1, 2013. This also means all your third-party feed reader apps like FeedDemon, NetNewsWire, Reeder, Pulp and many more, which rely on Google’s RSS service will also be buried along with Google Reader.

RIP Google Reader

You are now left with no choice but to start looking for Google Reader alternatives or shift to apps like Feedly, Flipboard or Currents.

From Google’s official announcement,

We launched Google Reader in 2005 in an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites. While the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined. So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader.

There are two simple reasons for this: usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products. We think that kind of focus will make for a better user experience. Users and developers interested in RSS alternatives can export their data, including their subscriptions, with Google Takeout over the course of the next four months.

As you can see, the main reason for closing down reader (as per Google!) is the decline in its usage over the years. I really wonder if Orkut’s usage hasn’t declined till now?? Google!? 😉

The decline in Reader’s usage can be attributed to the increased use of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, both to stay updated with the news and also to connect with a community of like-minded people!

If you rely on Google Reader (and related products) to access your favourite RSS feeds, and don’t want to see it go, you can sign this petition at Change.org, protesting against Google’s move to shut down Google Reader. This petition has already crossed the 120,000 mark for supporter’s signatures.

Will Google listen to the moans of Reader users? What do you think?

Free Summarizer to Shorten Any Text Online in a Few Seconds

How many times does it happen; you find an informative article online and because it is quite lengthy, you end up not reading it, just because you were running out of time? It happens to me a lot of times, and in situations like this, I make use of the ‘reading list’ on my Mac, and later continue reading the article on iPhone or iPad.

If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you can make use of the sync feature in Firefox and Chrome using which you can continue reading on your Smartphone.

There is yet another option using which you actually don’t need to read the whole article, instead read a summary of it!


There are some great web apps available out there, which make your life easy – simply copy the whole article which you plan to read and copy the content into the summarizer app. The auto summarizer app will shorten the content for you in the number of lines you desire to read it in.

Also check out:

Summarizer apps are really useful for bloggers as most of the times all we need is a glimpse into a particular news piece to get an idea of what is being talked about in the article. And, if you are a student preparing a thesis and need a summary quickly on a topic, summarizers act as real life-savers!

Here is a free summarizer web app which makes the things easy for you!

It is called Free Summarizer

Free Summarizer

Using this free web app, you can shorten any text online, and that too in a few seconds. And, it is very easy to use.

Here is how it looks like…

Free Summarizer - Shorten Text Online

So, simply copy the content from your favourite article, and paste it into the text area in Free Summarizer. Then specify the number of lines you want the article to be summarized in. You can also enter your email address to have the article summary emailed to any email address.

Try it now!

Common Mistakes Made In Website Designing

Nowadays, it has become quite easy for one and all to grab expertise in any field. One needs to make just few searches and watch some ‘How-to’ videos to do anything.

However, it is not that simple. One of the most common breed of people growing by reading self-help eBooks are those claiming themselves to be web designers. Web developers think that a domain, web space and knowledge on HTML are what one would require to develop a website. They are bound to make mistakes. Following is a list of few mistakes that these developers tend to make when they work on web design.

Common Mistakes Made by Web Designers

#1. Missing Search Box – Visitors find a search box placed on the top of the page to be user friendly. They immediately rush for help to find the exact information they are looking on the website. A search box adds interactivity to the site and lets the user stay on the page rather than getting annoyed not getting the data he or she is looking for.

Posts you may find useful:

#2. Missing dates on articles – One of the other important factors that convince the visitors about fresh content is placing date along with all your blogs and articles. That makes sure that everyone finds your text and website up to date. Dates play a very crucial role and make the visitor compel to visit the site again daily or at least in next few days.

#3. Never have “Coming Soon” pages – Mark this as a golden rule. Never try to add pages that have ‘under construction” label or are displaying “coming soon” text. This is the most irritating thing on the part of user. He or she clicks on a page expecting some valuable information and what they get is ‘nothing’. It creates a very negative impression. It is better not to have that page altogether than having such incomplete pages.

#4. Do not try mix and match of fonts: Make the site legible by using 2 or 3 fonts at the most. Use simple and universal fonts. Use those that are expected to be present in all the types of computers, be it Mac or Windows. It is never recommended to use both Sans serif types of fonts with Serif series of fonts on the same page.

#5. Avoid bulky Flash introductions: There is no doubt that Flash animation is fantastic. However, try to avoid that in the welcome or introduction part. Nobody has that much of time to sit and see animation to get loaded. User wants the information as quickly as they can. Statistics say that Flash introduction have lower results in retaining first time visitors. An alternative is to keep animations in inner pages where users take interest to see the animated story line.

Web design mistakes

Therefore, it is a well-understood fact that web designing is not just a task that needs to be done in a hurry. Take enough time to design the layout, plan well and try to use all the important elements that make an appealing website.

A little extra time is sure to pay off by increased number of footfall on the web pages. After all, that is why all the effort is being done. Try to implement the above-mentioned points, and you are sure to get a classy website with good result.

This is not an exhaustive list of common mistakes web designers make and should try avoiding them. There are a lot more which could be added to the list – do share with us if you know of one 🙂

Hostgator Acquisition By EIG – Good Or Bad For Customers ?

One of the biggest news circulating over the internet from last three days, most especially the webmasters, is the acquisition of Hostgator by Endurance International Group. EIG acquired Hostgator at $225 million USD. This was the rate offered by Mr. Hari Ravichandran, CEO of EIG which was hand on accepted by the CEO of Hostgator Brent Oxley.

Hostgator acquisition by Endurance International Group

This being one of the biggest news is spread all over the webhosting forums and most the webmasters today are discussing on this topic. You might know that most of the leading websites today are hosted on Hostgator and to tell you the fact Technolism is also hosted on Hostgator. Amandeep Singh, the founder of Technolism moved it just a few months ago on Hostgator.

If you have already purchased Hostgator Webhosting services, below are some posts which you might find helpful.

Not much people knew about EIG (Endurance International Group) before this news. This big business group has become grand after acquiring one of the most popular domain registrar and web hosting company. EIG is a very big business group which includes some big companies like VPSLink, Bluehost, iPage, and Fatcow. After cracking this grand deal, EIG would likely get a firm hold in the webhosting market as well.

Although EIG run quite a few webhosting companies but only Bluehost is leading well in the market, rest all are just burgeoning presently. But now after acquiring Hostgator, EIG has gained worldwide publicity.

Is This Acquisition Good or Bad for Hostgator customers?

How do you think will this acquisition turn up for the Hostgator customers? I feel it might bring some good as well as some bad points for us. Good point is that being a financially strong company EIG may provide better and improved web hosting services and support. EIG is already known for its great support and facilities.

Bad news is that future of all our websites hosted on Hostgator is uncertain. What I understand by this acquisition is that all our data hosted on Hostgator will now be moved on a different location and some unlucky webmasters among us will definitely lose their websites in this migration.

I read somewhere the CEO of Hostgator Brent Oxley stated that complete acquisition including the data center migration will be executed in some 3-4 weeks. The statement by Mr. Oxley further said that Hostgator will sign a lease agreement for Texas and Houston data center.

These announcements actually show that the companies are planning to expand the infrastructure magnificently once the Hostgator is sold completely to EIG.

What I would suggest to my blogger friends is to have a daily backup of their websites as they might face any disaster during the data center migration by the companies. There are quite a few trustworthy ways to get the backup. I, myself am using the cPanel backup of Hostgator. Check out the one which suits and have your blog backed up.

Let’s see what this deal brings next for the webmasters using Hostgator for their websites. What is your take on this huge acquisition – do voice your opinion via comments below.

Broadband Hack – How to Increase the Speed of your Internet Connection

Broadband internet connection is the ideal thing for anyone accessing the internet in the modern-day. With a fast broadband internet connection, companies are able to reliably communicate with each other in a faster means and internet users find it convenient browsing from their homes.

The speed of the connection can vary greatly, so it is important to carefully select DSL service providers. And many a times, even though you have got a great Broadband provider (ISP), broadband can become slow when the user does some certain things on the computer. While this can be reversed, it takes some steps which are unknown to many internet users out there.

Increase Broadband Internet Connection Speed

We have already shared with you some effective ways to speed up wireless broadband Internet connection; in this post, we talk about your internet connection in general. If you’ve noticed that your broadband internet connection has stopped browsing as fast as it used to be, then you might need to follow the tips in this post.

Tips to Overcome the Issue of Slow Internet Connection

Remove Temp Files and Cache

Temporary internet files, otherwise known as Temp Files, are often downloaded from pages of websites you visit regularly and stored on your computer’s browser to optimize the loading speed of the said website. While this will help make certain websites load faster on your computer using the old images that were downloaded and stored to enhance its loading speed, it will not make your internet browser respond better to new websites.

Now, considering that websites today are being updated regularly, the Temp Files and cache your internet browser has downloaded will only make the loading speed of your internet become dragged, which will result in you having a slow internet connection.

Remove the temporary files that are stored on your browser by pressing “crtl+shft+del” on your keyboard and selecting “Everything” from the option.

Stop Sharing of Internet Connection

Sharing becomes an option when there are two or more computers ready to connect to the internet while there’s just a single means of internet connection, such as an internet ready modem. The user with the internet ready modem can generously allow other users to connect to the internet through his computer by broadcasting their wireless network which enables others to connect wirelessly to the internet.

The benefit of sharing is that you use a single internet ready modem to get more computers to connect to the internet, but the disadvantages are more. Below are a few of them:

  • Internet Becomes Slow
  • Host computer suffers quick battery run-down
  • Causes host computer to overheat

With the disadvantages you get from sharing, your network will always perform slowly.

Detect and Stop Background Internet Consuming Software

Finally, one good way to tackle a slow broadband internet connection is to try and detect any internet consuming program running in the background. These programs are usually designed to communicate to their server using the internet without the consent of the computer user, thereby causing the internet connection the computer is using to drag.

To detect any program running in background on your computer, just run the windows Task Manager by right clicking on the Taskbar in windows and click “Start Task Manager”. A list of programs running on your computer will be displayed in the task manager and you can choose which you want to end.

Do let us know if these simple tips help you in speeding up your internet connect. Also, do share with us tips and tricks you are using to tackle this issue of slow internet connection.

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This is a guest post by Alan Rita. Alan is a freelance writer who focuses on guest blogging to promote her site.

Google Drive and Its Comparison With DropBox, SkyDrive, Box.Net & SugarSync

After being in rumours for almost 5 years, Google officially launched Google Drive – its cloud sharing and data storage service. The service went public last week and you can now share and store documents, videos, photos, PDFs, Google docs and many other files with this new and innovative cloud sharing service from Google.

Google Drive vs Dropbox vs SkyDrive vs SugarSync vs BoxGoogle Drive offers a 5 GB data storage space and allows you to store files on Google’s servers. You can even purchase more storage space, if required. Google drive offers 25 GB for $2.50 per month and 100 GB for $5 per month and you can access Google Drive service from the Mac, PC and Android based devices.

You can sync any of your files stored on your Windows desktop, Mac based system or Android based system to the Google Servers. All you need to do is to download the Google Drive on your system and set up a specific folder where you want the files to be synchronized. When you put any doc file, photo or a video in the drive it will automatically get synchronized in your set folder.

I don’t think I need to tell you that Google Drive is not the only cloud sharing service. In fact it has many well established competitors such as SkyDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box, and many more. If you are wondering about switching your cloud service from any of these to the all new Google Drive, I can help you with that. Below is a quick comparison of Google Drive Cloud Storage / Sharing service and the other services.

Google Drive vs DropBox vs SkyDrive vs Box vs SugarSync


Dropbox Cloud Sharing Service

Dropbox is one of the most famous and commonly used cloud sharing service these days. It was launched three years ago and has been used by millions of users since its inception. Dropbox is being used both by individual users as well as the business houses. It offers 2GB free storage to the registered users. The users can access the stored files from anywhere and through any of their devices running on BlackBerry, iOS, Android, or PC/Mac/Linux platform.

The company has recently added a new feature of public link which allows you to create a public link. This link can then be shared with other users. The best part about Dropbox which makes it even more popular, is, that the developers can create applications using the great API feature. Another most liked feature of Dropbox is the PIN based security.

The upload limit for a single file in Dropbox is 2 GB. The only thing where Dropbox lacks from Google Drive is the cost of extra space. It offers 50 GB at the price of $10 per month and 100 GB at $ 240 whereas Google Drive costs pretty less at 100 GB for $5.


SkyDrive Online Storage Service

SkyDrive is the cloud storage service from Microsoft. A recent update by the company states that the users of SkyDrive can upgrade the 7GB storage to 25 GB space. SkyDrive can also be downloaded and used though any device running on iOS, Windows Phone, Mac and PC. The big advantage of this cloud sharing service is that it is integrated into Microsoft Office Suite.

One more popular feature of SkyDrive is that the users can access the files even in a linked computer. SkyDrive provides extra space storage at rates lesser than Google Drive and obviously very high storage than Dropbox. It offers 100 GB free space at $50 per year for which Google Drive charges $60. The only glitch about SkyDrive is that only the operating systems Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 can make best out of its service integration.


Box Online Storage Service

The Box actually does not stand in the competition of the Cloud Sharing services. We can call it an underdog in this aspect. The Box recently announced the 50 GB free space for the lifetime users using it on Android devices, however it provides 5 GB free storage to the regular users similar to Dropbox and Google Drive. Box is actually lagging far behind the other cloud storage services and the worst part about it the bad folder management.

The uploading interface of Box is also not impressive. Box allows just 100 MB size limit for the upload file which is too less as compared to the other services. Box is currently accessible on devices running on BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Mac, Web OS and PC.


SugarSync Online Storage Service

SugarSync also offers the starting 5GB free storage to registered users. It offers a Magic Briefcase service which is not available in other such services. This Magic Briefcase syncs all the files in the linked devices. SugarSync however not have the drag and drop option in its file manager option.

SugarSync is accessible on devices running on Symbian, BlackBerry, and iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. The major advantage of this service is the multi-platform presence. You can purchase extra free space on SugarSync. It offers 30 GB at $60 per year and 100 GB at $180 per year.

This was a quick comparison between Google Drive and some of the leading players in the cloud sharing segment; I might have missed some points but this should help you in deciding upon which is the best service for you. I would be happy if you guys add on any major difference you feel in these cloud sharing services. If you ask me, I would say that Google Drive is best in terms of pricing and also looks futuristic.

So, which service suite you better, are you going to make the switch to Google Drive?

Google Drive Finally Launched – Offers 5GB Free Online Storage

After being in rumours for almost 5 years, Google finally launched its online cloud storage service, Google Drive. The service was announced to be available to the public at the Google’s official blog. Google Drive comes with 5GB of free online storage with loads of features. Just to let you know, Google Drive is not the first of its kind and it already has competition from some majors in this field – Dropbox, iCloud, Microsoft’s Skydrive and LogMeIn’s Cubby to name a few. It comes with 5GB of free online space to start with and you can of course buy more space at an additional price.

With the launch Google Drive, Google also has jumped into the lucrative business of online cloud storage and with more and more people getting very particular about protecting their personal data, this seems to be a safe bet.

Here is a quick comparison of Google Drive with DropBox, SkyDrive, Box.Net & SugarSync which will help you decide the best option for you.

Google Drive Launched

As Google drive has been in the rumours for more than 5 years now, announcing the service on its blog, Google joked about its new product comparing it to the Loch Ness monster, and confirmed that unlike the mythical creature, Drive actually does exist. Below is an excerpt from Google blog.

Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard the rumors about Google Drive. It turns out, one of the two actually does exist.

Today, we’re introducing Google Drive—a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff. Whether you’re working with a friend on a joint research project, planning a wedding with your fiancé or tracking a budget with roommates, you can do it in Drive. You can upload and access all of your files, including videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs and beyond.

As I mentioned Drive comes with 5GB free space which is enough to store the high-resolution photos of your recent trip, scanned copies of your important documents and still you would be left with some space. Still, if 5GB is not enough for you, Drive comes with an option to upgrade to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or even 1TB for $49.99/month. When you upgrade to a paid account, your Gmail account storage will also expand to 25GB.

Check out the below video for Intro to Google Drive:

What do you think about the cloud sharing service from Google – how well is it going to compete with the other players in the market?

Are you going to make the move to Google Drive?

Google Drive Cloud Sharing Service to be Launched Next Week

[Update]Google Drive Online Cloud Storage service has been launched.

Google is going to launch its much anticipated cloud storage service, Google Drive next week. As reported by TheNextWeb, Google Drive will be available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android and will be free. It comes with 5GB free online storage and of course, you will be able to buy more space at an additional price. The 5GB free space that Google Drive comes with, is more than the 2GB free space that Dropbox comes with.

Below is what a Google Drive Screenshot tipped by TalkAndroid says:

Google Drive for Windows – Access files on your computer from anywhere

It’s free and installs in seconds

All your files – everywhere

Put files in Google Drive and you can access them on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet and drive.google.com.

Always up to date

Make changes to a file in one place and it automatically updates everywhere.

5GB of free space

You get 5GB from the start and you can upgrade to get more space at any time.

Google Drive

Online Cloud Storage is a lucrative business and the big shots are getting into this as early as possible as file storage has become a way for the web service companies to retain users – remember Facebook’s interest in buying out Instagram for a whopping $1 billion?

And, with people starting to understand  the importance of backing up and storing data, this is a niche worth investing in. I use Apple iCloud (to backup my photos via photostream) and Dropbox (for my docs) and they are a lifesaver at times making all my important docs and photos backed up and available from anywhere and on any device I use.

All these Online cloud storage companies are beginning to come out with cloud-based apps which enable me to have instant access to my online stuff.

Recently, LogMeIn launched their cloud sharing service, Cubby. With Google Drive joining the league, they will be directly competing with Amazon Cloud, Apple iCloud, Box.com, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, and other online storage services. But its main competition is going to be with Dropbox and we will have to wait and watch what Dropbox does to retain its users – maybe they increase the free storage to 5GB 😉 or something of that sort. With competition growing in this sector, users are also getting benefitted with every service trying to prove its edge over the other.

Google Drive online storage service will be hosted at drive.google.com (currently not accessible). So, do check it out once it is announced to be live. We will keep you updated when it becomes available and will also be posting details about the service.

What do you think about Online Storage services and which one do you use and why?

LogMeIn Launches Cubby Cloud Storage Service to Compete With the Likes of Dropbox and iCloud

If you have ever accessed your PC remotely, there are very good chances that you did it on LogMeIn. If  you are not aware of LogMeIn, it is a well known remote desktop access, file sharing and system management service using which you can access any of your systems’ desktop from anywhere in the world.

LogMeIn have now launched their cloud sharing service, Cubby which is still in beta mode. This is a service which will be in competition with already existing cloud sharing services like Dropbox and iCloud.

Cubby-Cloud-Sharing-Service-by-LogMeInWith Cubby, your stuff is available across all your computers, tablets, and smartphones and always accessible at Cubby.com. So, every single important file that you want to access, is available at a single place. Any folder on your hard drive  can be turned into a Cubby from right where it is and synced and shared over the Internet making it accessible everywhere. Similar to Dropbox, Cubby-created folders, and subfolders, can include public links that can be sent to others for accessing and downloading content from those folders.

Now, you may think – how is Cubby different from existing services like Dropbox?

Unlike other services where you need to copy files over to a different folder, Cubby lets you keep your existing file structure, allowing you to “cloud-enable” the folders you want synced from wherever they are on your system!

You simply need to download and install the Cubby desktop application on your PC or Mac. If you want your stuff to be the same on all of your computers, then install Cubby on each of your computers. You can install it on as many computers as you like and there are no storage limits when you’re syncing between your own computers – unlimited peer-to-peer (P2P). Storage limits only apply to cubbies that are synced to the cloud.

As Cubby is currently in the beta mode, you can go to Cubby.com and enter your email address to be sent out an invite and you will get an email from Cubby team when its your turn. Also, you can download Cubby iPhone and Android apps from the links below.

Cubby Website | Cubby iPhone App | Cubby Android App

So, direct your browsers to Cubby.com website to get into the queue and do share your feedback how you find Cubby service as compared to Dropbox or iCloud.

Role of Internet in Providing Quality Information For Technical Seminars

The internet has been a crucial and key part of communication over the last decade. It has increased its grip on the world as a means by which to socialize, work, train and entertain.

As the internet evolves, there are always moments where the possibilities run away from us and the opportunities must be grabbed before they are lost. Companies, businesses and individuals alike must therefore take advantage of what is on offer, integrate it and use it so that the benefits to work and social life can be put to best use.

The benefits of Internets for Students

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When it comes to industry training or education this is clearly important, as the effective implementation of internet solutions can open up a whole world of possibilities, from research and collaboration through to effective transfer of detailed data, presentations and interviews.

With the internet on hand, crucial data can be located, checked and clarified. Important information can be cross referenced and many different questions answered with the simple click of a button or mouse.

Head towards a search engine homepage and a whole range of options are on hand to help you find the right information as quickly as possible.

You may find information by conducting a search of books registered and accessible on the internet, medical documents available, documented research papers not to mention, illustrations and photos of objects, people, places and spaces.

Of course many will say why not simply read a book, look it up? However, with cross referencing and a faster way to access information it is hardly surprising that high quality information can be sourced via the internet.

This method of accessing information will be particularly useful to those in teaching, or for those who present technical seminars. With readily accessible information, including graphics, statistics and qualitative data from a wide range of sources, work presented can be varied, dynamic and cutting edge.

This may be critical in delivering training programmes or seminars in competitive industries. With time at a premium, delegates will expect engaging, dynamic and up to date presentations, in sharp contrast to the static presentations of the past.

In fact technical seminars can themselves become the main draw for locating and examining information. For example, with an internet connection open during presentations, there can be instant access to raw data and the chance to check up to the minute knowledge and research. With Time Warner Cable deals, the process becomes even easier and the internet becomes an open book of information to add to any existing work.

As an example, with a good internet connection via Time Warner Cable deals or alternative providers, a presentation on internet accessibility or 3D graphic environments is simplified, with information available not only for research but for live practical demonstrations.

Copy and paste a link into a presentation, click the link and be instantly transported to a virtual page of new information images and videos. Run these simultaneously and a presentation can become exciting and informative as well as interactive.

It is important to remember, when using the internet to create high quality technical presentations that all sources of newly located data, including statistics and quotations should be referenced. However, with the number of online resources now available, you can be sure that as the internet develops, so too will the quantity and the quality of information used in technical seminars.

This is a guest post by Nigella Hobbes who is an expert in internet and has an in depth knowledge about the latest features and updates in this field.