How to Create and Setup a Brand Page in Google+

Google+ was launched a few months back when it was a limited invite-only service. Later in September, it was open to the public. Unlike Facebook, Google+ did not allow businesses to have a Brand Page till now, and a few businesses who had created a profile as a personal account were banned by the Google+ team.

Finally, Google launched Brand Pages on Google+ which gives a go ahead to brands and businesses to create their own brand / product pages. We created one for Technolism, do check out Technolism Google+ Brand page here.

In this post, I am going to show you how to create a Google+ Brand Page for your business.

Step 1: Create Your Google+ Brand Page

Log in to your Google Plus account and go to and click on “Create Your Google+ Page” button.

How to create a Google+ Brand page

Step 2: Select Your Brand Category

When you click on Create Your Google Plus Page button in Step 1, you will be taken to the second screen where you can choose the category of your brand / product / website / blog.


You can choose from the below options:

Local Businesses or Place

Hotels, restaurants, places, stores, any other local services

Product or Brand

Cars, Electronics, Financial Services that are not local

Company, Institution or Organisation

Companies, organisations, non-profits, institutions, etc.

Arts, Entertainment or Sports

This category is for books, bands, movies, TV shows


You may list your business here if you can’t fit in any of the categories above.

We entered the information for Technolism as below. If you also have a blog or website, select the Product or Brand Tab and fill in the details like below.

Select your category for Google+ Page

Step 3: Add a Tagline and Profile photo for your Brand

Now, you simply need to add a short and simple, yet catchy Tagline for your business and a Profile photo.

Add a Tagline and Photo to Google+ Page

Step 4: Spread the word

On the next screen, you get the option to let people in your Circles know about your new Brand Page for your business. Click on Finish button. Do a small other tweaks on the Brand Profile Page and you are done!!

Let your Circles know about your Brand Page

Step 5: And, You have got a Google+ Brand Page now

Once you click on Finish in the above step, your G+ Brand Page will created with a URL which looks something like:

Below is how the Technolism Google+ Page looks like:


I hope you liked this simple tutorial which would help you create the Google+ Brand page for your product / brand / website or blog. Do share this with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ friends. Stay tuned for more news and tips on Google+.

In the meantime do not forget to add us to your circle on Google+. We are also on twitter now; do follow us @technolism.

Google’s Answer to Facebook Pages – Brand Pages Launched on Google+

Google has finally launched Brand Pages on Google Plus, its answer to the Facebook Pages. Currently limited to “businesses and brands,” dedicated pages for brands has been a much awaited and talked about feature for Google+ which was launched around 4 months ago, back in July when it was launched as an invitation-only service. Later in September, Google+ was opened to the public.

Create Google Plus Page

Like people, Brand Pages have their own Google+ page which can be added to a person’s circle. As reported on Google’s official blog,

So far Google+ has focused on connecting people with other people. But we want to make sure you can build relationships with all the things you care about—from local businesses to global brands—so today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide.

What do you think about the Google+ Brand Pages and have you created one already for your Brand? Do let us know in the comments.

Google Plus is open to public now

Google+ was launched 3 months back as an answer to the social media behemoth Facebook. Since the time of its launch, Google+ had been invite-only which meant that you could be able to access it only if you got an invite from a friend.

Now, after being invite-only for nearly 3 long months, today onwards, Google+ is open to all.


This announcement was made via Google’s official blog where they mentioned about the 99 improvements that have been made to the search engine giant’s social media attempt since Google+ was released on invitations-only basis less than 90 days back. In the same announcement, they have listed the latest feature as “+Everyone” which means Google+ is now open to public and does not need any invitations to access it.

Below is an excerpt from the Google’s official announcement where they revealed the 100th Google+ feature since its launch:

Anyone can sign up for Google+—no invitation required.
For the past 12 weeks we’ve been in field trial, and during that time we’ve listened and learned a great deal. We’re nowhere near done, but with the improvements we’ve made so far we’re ready to move from field trial to beta, and introduce our 100th feature: open signups. This way anyone can visit, join the project and connect with the people they care about.

One more amazing feature that is being released along with “Open to All” is the Google+ Search, which is a hybrid of content shared on Google+ and results from around the web. An excerpt from the announcement says, “Just type what you’re looking for into the Google+ search box, and we’ll return relevant people and posts, as well as popular content from around the web.”

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The Google+ invites were in high demand when the Google+ service was launched back in July and even there were news that the initial curiosity among the internet users for Google+ features also led to a drop in traffic on facebook but later on people lost the interest and instead Googl+ traffic dropped 😉

Now, what would be quite interesting to see is that with Google+ becoming accessible to all, and having a large user base in terms of Gmail users, Google Reader users, YouTube users, will Google+ be able to get back interest in internet users and get back the lost traffic? We will keep you posted on the updates; till then, stay tuned 🙂

Google Minus – Check who kicked you out from their Circles on Google Plus

Google Plus has already become a big hit among the masses with 20 million people already using it. Google+ is the latest attempt Social Networking space by the search engine giant, Google.

Google Plus

I get multiple notifications from Google+ daily about random people adding me to their circles on G+, which works more like twitter where anyone can follow anyone and you have the option of following back the user by adding him / her to your Circles. But, when someone removes you from his/her circle, Google+ does not send you any notification. They do not want to make you feel bad about some one kicking you out of their social life 😉

If you are still interested in knowing that who removed you from the circle, so that you can take revenge if you follow them by change, I found this nice Google Chrome extension which can help you out :). It is called Google Minus.

After you install it, you will automatically get an alert pop up in top right corner of your Google Chrome browser with the information about who removed you from their circle. So, the name Google Minus is very apt and self explanatory ;). To get Google Minus tool, you simply need to install this simple extension from the link I have shared below.

Google Minus

Note: This extension can access your important data like data on all websites, your physical location, browsing history, browsing activity, list of installed apps and extensions etc.

Google Minus - Kynetx for Google Chrome

If you are fine with the warning shown above and want to know who unfriends  you on Google Plus, go ahead and install this nice extension and whenever someone removes you from their circle, it will show you a notification :).

Download Google Minus Now

However, if you are still not on Google Plus and need an invite, grab a Google+ invite from here now. If you do not know much about Google+, you would like to read the below articles:

First Encounter with the so-called Facebook Killer – Google Plus
Google+ app available for iPhone; Download now!
Google Plus invitations for Technolism readers

Install Google Minus now and do share your feedback about the Google Minus extension for Chrome.

Google+ app available for iPhone; Download now!

And it is finally here! In the past few weeks, I visited the Google+ Mobile device page quite a few times, since the launch of Google Plus, when it first became available to a limited number of users and also came with an app for its own mobile operating system, Android. Since then, the G+ project for mobile page said that the iPhone app is coming soon and now it has finally arrived and available to download on your iOs device.

The iOS app for Google+ has all the features as the web app, except for Hangouts. It also has the huddles feature which was open to only Android OS till now.

Google Plus iOS App for iPhone

Google+ iOS UI – Look and Feel

I have downloaded the app on my iPhone 4 from the Apple’s UK app store and have come to know from a few friends that it is still not available in the Apple India app store. I have been playing with the app for around an hour now and the experience is good till now.

Google Plus iOS App

According to my personal views, the app does not have a very coulourful look with more of greys and whites all over, unlike facebook or Google+’s own web app itself which looks quite colourful, yet simple and unique. Google could have made more use of the Retina Display.

Google Plus iOS App - Stream

Google+ App – Features

The Google+ iOS app has got all the features that the web application has, except for the Hangouts. The Hangouts group video chat feature has not been made available to iOS devices as of now and I feel that Google would consider using the potential the iOS devices have because of the front facing camera and would give a deep thought on using it well in future. But for now, you can access Your stream, Huddles, Circles, Photos and your profile from the iPhone app. You can read details features of Google+ here.

Google Plus iOS App - Features

What’s different?

Nothing very exciting that I observed on the look and feel side of things but the only feature that I am a bit excited about is Huddles which till now, was open to only Android users. Huddles is a feature is a group chat feature in Google Plus which allows you to chat with many friends at once, like iMessages and Blackberry Messenger. I will be looking for some friends to try this feature and share my experience with you soon.

Rest, direct your browsers to the App store to Download the Google+ iOS app now. The app requires iOS 4.0 or above and is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. iPod Touch and iPad users will have to wait for the official app to come out.

Google Plus invitations for Technolism readers

I got my hands on to Google+, Google’s latest attempt to explore the social networking space, last week which many are posing as the next Facebook. Well, I have been using Google+ for quite a while now and I must say, Google has finally got it right. It surely has got the potential and would not end up being another Buzz or Wave, I am sure.

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The Google+ features are making wave in the leading social network feeds, Facebook and Twitter, however, thanks to all those who have been lucky enough to have access to Google Plus as it is still in test having limited users and Google has not made it available to all.

Access to Google+ is available on invitation basis which also Google had closed some time back and has now opened it today. As I said, I had been lucky enough to get an invite and have been using it for over a week now. Now, that Google has opened  the invitation portal again; if  you want to have a Google+ invitation from my side, keep on reading.

How to get a Google+ invite instantly?

Getting Google+ invite is very easy – you simply need to follow the below steps to get an invitation instantly.

  • Share this article on your Facebook wall or retweet about this
  • Comment below with link to your Facebook status or Tweet. We will verify and send you an invite instantly, provided Google still allows to send the invitations. As long as they are open, you will get it in no time.

Note – As Google has earlier also opened the invitations for some time and  then again closed them, I am not sure till when they are open this time. So, please hurry and get one for yourself now.

If for some reason, Google closes the invites again, you can still share this article and mention the details below. As soon as they open again, I will be sending out an invite to the email address you mention below.

Check out Google Plus Features and Review here

[How To] apply New Google+ Cool theme to your Gmail Inbox

The last few days have been really hectic for all those obsessed with Google with the launch of its new social networking Project – Google Plus and a series of improvements in terms of the user interface to all its products. The launch of Google+ has also inspired a lot of changes in the main Google Search Interface (red and white theme with black top bar) which you would have noticed by now.Gmail Inbox - Google Plus ThemeIf you have got your hands on to the new social networking site, Google+ and you have liked the appearance, you would like to apply it for your Gmail Inbox as well. Below, I have listed a simple way of doing it. However, if you haven’t been able to use Google+ because of the limited access right now, you would like to read my previous article on the first impression I had after using Google+ as I have been lucky enough to use it.

To activate the new theme, click the Gear icon button in the top right corner of Gmail and go to Mail Settings. Then, click the Themes tab and look at the bottom to find “Preview (dense)” and “Preview,” – the two new themes. These are the 2 new Gmail themes that resemble the Google+ interface. Check which one of the 2 fits your screen resolution and you are done.

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Once you make the changes, here is how your redesigned Gmail inbox is supposed to look like:

Apply Gmail Google Plus Theme

As quoted on the Gmail blog,

We’re embarking on a series of interface updates to help strip out unnecessary clutter and make Gmail as beautiful as it is powerful. This is part of a Google-wide effort to bring you an experience that’s more focused, elastic, and effortless across all of our products. The changes are not going to happen all at once.

So, stay tuned for more changes in the coming days in the entire Google’s estate of applications. For now, have fun using Google+ and if you do not have the access to Google+ right now, have a feel of its clean and much praised user interface in you Gmail Inbox. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

First Encounter with the so-called Facebook Killer – Google Plus

There is already a lot of buzz going on about the latest project from Google which they have named as Google Plus and I do not think that I need to really tell you about it; as you might already know it through your Facebook and Twitter feeds, as that is what everyone is talking about. I recently got my hands on to Google+ and thought of sharing with you, the first impression that I got after using this new Facebook.

What is Google Plus Project?

For those, who have been living in the caves in the past few weeks, Google Plus Project is the latest attempt by the internet giant to have some presence in the social networking phenomenon which is currently dominated by Facebook. We have already share with you an infographic on “The Battle of the Giants – Facebook vs Google” and the launch of Google Plus further intensifies it. 😉

What is Google Plus

Some people are quoting it as the Facebook Killer as it has got all the features that Facebook has and on top of that it gives you more advanced features that Facebook itself does not, but lets’ not forget Google’s previous attempts towards the social networking in the form of Buzz, Wave and Orkut which failed badly. 😉

Look and Feel – It is beautiful!

This is the feature which everybody is praising about Google+. It is very neat and clean; many users are praising the sleekness of its User Interface. It is very easy to use and not at all cluttered; I personally feel that Google has finally got it right this time and the credit goes to Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original designers of the Apple Macintosh GUI. The UI is not only tidy and easy to understand but has got a flavour and character of its own.

Unlike Facebook, it does not have any ads anywhere on the pages. But we do not know, if Google also starts loading G+ with Adsense ads. 😛

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Google Plus Profile - Bloggers Stream

Integration with the rest of Google

The Google Plus integrates really well with the rest of the Google products like Gmail, where you can see the Google Plus notification right on the Gmail top right corner which even allows you to update your Google+ plus status right from Gmail window. The same is applicable to all other Google products like Google docs, Picassa and, Google Reader. This gives Google another advantage over Facebook as Google has a far bigger user base than Facebook, which in the lines of more that 1 billion against Facebook’s 700 million.

Google Plus Notifications in Gmail

Google+ itself has the various products like Google chat, Buzz, +1, Picassa albums integrated at the same place reinforcing that Google intends to be social. 🙂

+1 and Buzz tabs in Google Plus

Selective Sharing

Google Plus provides you with the selective sharing option which Facebook currently doesn’t. When you want to share a photo or link or a text on Google+, you have an option to share the post with the public or specific Circles only. There can be situation where you want to share information with only your co-workers and nobody else. In that case, you can simply select the specific Circle while posting that update and only the members of that circle will be able to see your update. This is one of the features I liked the most.

Selective sharing in Google Plus

Circles are awesome

Google has changed the way how you group your friends and loved ones by introducing Circles which is a far more innovative way to organise your social media friends. And it is fun too. You can group your friends in different circles which is as easy as drag-and-drop, far more user friendly that Facebook and Twitter lists.

Google Plus Circles

Sparks – Follow your interests the easy way

Sparks is another interesting feature of Google+ using which you can simply search your interest and Google+ will look out for videos and articles that it thinks you’ll like, so that when you’re free there’s always something to watch, read and share. Simply go to the Sparks link in your profile (Left hand side).

When you first arrive in Sparks, you’ll see a collection of featured interests. If nothing strikes your fancy, search for an interest in the Search bar and simply “Add Interest”

Google Plus Sparks - Add your Interest

Hangouts – Video Chat Feature in Google+

imageHangouts is a group video chat feature that allows one user to start a video chat session, called a Hangout – and other users from their Circles can pop in and video chat. A user can start a hangout open to specific Circles, all Circles or even specific people.

You simply need to click on “Start a Hangout” which is located in the right side of the homepage. This opens a pop up where you need to check your webcam and mic are working and add some people from different circles or if you want, you may go Public as well. Once done, simply start the hangout by clicking on “Hangout” button. Below is how the Hangout – Google Plus Video Chat feature looks like.

Google Hangout - Video Chat with your Circles

Instant Upload makes sharing Photos and Videos easy

If you are a very much into social networking, you would be sharing a lot of photos and videos with your loved ones. But when you have to take them and upload every time, it sometimes gets very irritating. This problem has been taken care of by Google.

With Instant Upload feature in Google+, your photos and videos upload themselves automatically, to a private album on Google+. All you have to do is decide who to share them with. Once you change the sharing settings, your particular Circles will be able to see your photos and videos. [This feature is open to Android devices only.]

Instant upload your Videos and Photos to Google+

Huddle – Group Chat Feature

Huddle is a group chat feature in Google Plus which allows you to chat with many friends at once. There’s no limit to the number of people you can chat with, and any participant can invite others to join.

Google+ Huddle - Group chat feature

Above are some interesting features that I likes in the Google Plus Project, the latest attempt by Google to reinforce its ground in the Social networking world. It is nice and fun to use and puts forward some new features which have an edge over Facebook.

People are discussing – Does Google Plus kill Facebook / Twitter? Well, who cares? I am going to use all 3 ;), but more importantly, I’ll be using some Google products which I never thought of using before like +1 and Buzz, but because they are integrated into Google Plus now, I have got a reason to explore them more.

How do you like the latest attempt to battle Facebook? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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