How to Increase the Number of Followers on Pinterest

June 1, 2012
Pinterest - How to increase followers

As an old adage goes, “People of same feather flock together” so is this new place in the virtual world of socialization. Pinterest, which is a big platform for all the people across the world who share common passion or have similar interests, and harbor the same hobbies to interact and share information. The question running in your mind now would be – How? Check Out: Everything You Wanted to Know About Pinterest Pinterest provides you […]

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Pinterest [Infographics]

February 15, 2012
what is Pinterest-infographic

If you do not know about Pinterest already, let me tell you that it is the hottest new social networking site which has emerged as the runaway hit in 2012. If you already knew that, still you might not know many things about Pinterest – information like they have got only 16 people on the team, 9 Million monthly facebook connected users and 97% of Pinterest’s facebook fans are women (which makes me think women […]

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