Google Drive and Its Comparison With DropBox, SkyDrive, Box.Net & SugarSync

April 30, 2012
Google Drive vs Dropbox vs SkyDrive vs SugarSync vs Box

After being in rumours for almost 5 years, Google officially launched Google Drive – its cloud sharing and data storage service. The service went public last week and you can now share and store documents, videos, photos, PDFs, Google docs and many other files with this new and innovative cloud sharing service from Google. Google Drive offers a 5 GB data storage space and allows you to store files on Google’s servers. You can even […]

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Google Drive Finally Launched – Offers 5GB Free Online Storage

April 26, 2012
Google Drive Launched

After being in rumours for almost 5 years, Google finally launched its online cloud storage service, Google Drive. The service was announced to be available to the public at the Google’s official blog. Google Drive comes with 5GB of free online storage with loads of features. Just to let you know, Google Drive is not the first of its kind and it already has competition from some majors in this field – Dropbox, iCloud, Microsoft’s […]

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Google Drive Cloud Sharing Service to be Launched Next Week

April 17, 2012
Google Drive

[Update] – Google Drive Online Cloud Storage service has been launched. Google is going to launch its much anticipated cloud storage service, Google Drive next week. As reported by TheNextWeb, Google Drive will be available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android and will be free. It comes with 5GB free online storage and of course, you will be able to buy more space at an additional price. The 5GB free space that Google Drive comes […]

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LogMeIn Launches Cubby Cloud Storage Service to Compete With the Likes of Dropbox and iCloud

April 16, 2012

If you have ever accessed your PC remotely, there are very good chances that you did it on LogMeIn. If  you are not aware of LogMeIn, it is a well known remote desktop access, file sharing and system management service using which you can access any of your systems’ desktop from anywhere in the world. LogMeIn have now launched their cloud sharing service, Cubby which is still in beta mode. This is a service which […]

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[How To] Create an Ecommerce Website with Joomla

February 21, 2012

There are many people who invest in ecommerce because they have seen the potential of this business strategy. Many people can provide you proofs that you’ll surely generate good income if you establish an online shop. Yes, there are many advantages of having online store but there are still challenges that one must overcome to become totally successful in this field. One challenge is your website must be functional and contain informative information. Creating an […]

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5 Useful Linux Open Source Audio Players

February 20, 2012

Windows and other Operating Systems have lots and lots of application for running songs on various audio players. But what about Linux? Yes, we have found a solution for it and brought you some of the most useful Open Source Audio Players designed for Linux Platform. Here’s a list of 5 most useful Open Source Audio Players for Linux. Rythmbox Rythmbox is a fully featured audio player and embedded into Linux and it is motivated by […]

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Take the news with you – Times of India News Reader Desktop Application Review

November 16, 2010

Gone are the days when people used to wait daily for the morning newspaper. Technology is on its innovative spree and everything is getting digitalised, then why not your newspapers. Till 1999, everyone used to learn about the latest news majorly through two medias, Newspaper and Television. As time passed by, Evolution in Digital World started, which made the access to the internet even cheaper and easier with the days passing by. With such a […]

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