Google PageRank Update November 2011 – Technolism is a PageRank 3 Blog Now

Google announced its latest November 2011 PageRank update yesterday and I am happy to announce that Technolism is now a PageRank 3 blog, jumping from earlier PageRank 1 (which had gone down from the even earlier PageRank 2 :))

Google-PageRank-UpdatePageRank, in recent times, has lost its importance and many have stopped caring about the PageRank updates from Google, neither do I but when it happens, it gives a sense of confidence that things are going in the right direction and it feels nice ;).

For those who are new to the webosphere and do not know what PageRank is and how it is important for a blog / website, please check this Wikipedia Link.

How has the PageRank update been for your website / blog? Do share your website / blog PageRank in the comments section below.

Article written by Amandeep Singh

Chief curator of Technolism. A software engineer by profession, an engineer by education and a web enthusiast by passion.

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  1. Android Tablets Reply

    Google blessed you, me too got a pr of ” 2 “. keep it up dude.

  2. Graham Bell Reply

    Congratulations on your PR3. On previous blogs I’ve run I know how difficult the step from PR2 to PR3 is!

  3. Graham Bell Reply

    Hi Amandeep,
    At the moment I have 2 blogs, one Joomla based (with a wordpress component) and the other WordPress. The Joomla site is PR2, but the wordpress one is yet to get a ranking. However, the WordPress one is a newer site, and I still have some SEO stuff to do.. It’s hard work ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. William Reply

    Hah, just recently found out what (Larry)PageRank is. I’m kinda new… For my site it’s zero and running strong :] Anyway, congrats to you Sir.

  5. alan Reply

    got pr3
    very happy!!!

  6. Grupo profesionalActivo Reply

    Thanks Google for appreciating the effort and dedication. Congratulations ….

  7. Narender Singh Reply

    Congrats to you for your PR update. Maybe I will have a good PR someday. I’m just a beginner yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. moka Reply

    Congratulations.I wish my blog had a PR 3 soon .Keep the good work.

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