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Six Effective Ways to Speed up Your Wireless Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband internet connection can be in different forms: cable network, wireless, and USB dongle. The three forms are well utilized by broadband internet users. The wireless network is majorly used in public places such as cafes, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and so on.

However, few people use it at their homes with the hope of making it easy and cheaper to share the network to other computers in the family without the need to get an individual broadband internet connection for each computer.

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Broadband Connection Speed

Many people who use the wireless broadband internet connection are often faced with problems like slow internet speed and the problems known to be attributed to wireless network. If you are experiencing slow speed in your wireless broadband internet connection, I advise you to consider the six tips below to help improve the performance of your wireless broadband internet connection.

Protect your system with an antivirus

Using a computer that is unprotected is very dangerous to your wireless broadband internet connection. A virus can cause the general performance of your computer to slow down and affect your internet connection negatively.

If you want your wireless broadband internet connection to perform fast, you need to secure your computer with a strong antivirus program. While looking for an antivirus program on the internet, you need to be careful so that you don’t download a fake antivirus on your computer.  You can download a free antivirus from avast.

Avoid multiple sharing

Sharing your wireless broadband network to many computers can greatly affect the speed of your internet connection. Avoid sharing your wireless broadband internet connection to many computers. If at all you should share it, you should not share it to computers outside your apartment.

Make sure your password is strong

It is very important that you take great look into the security measures of your wireless broadband. If hackers can have access to your wireless broadband internet connection, your wireless broadband internet will not perform well in terms of speed. You should make sure your password is a strong one that cannot be meddled with.

Routers have administrator’s password that came with it, it is very important that you change this password to some password of your choice. Also make sure the password you are changing to is a strong one that cannot be guessed easily.

Limit your broadcast signal

Broadcasting your wireless router signal to a very extensive length can expose your wireless broadband internet to unsolicited usage from outsiders. This will drastically drain the strength of your wireless broadband and cause the speed of your internet connection to become slow.

Disable SSID

Many people make the mistake of enabling the SSID of their wireless broadband internet connection. The SSID is the identity of your wireless broadband which automatically transfers the name of the wireless network to open users. When people have access to your wireless broadband internet, it will reduce in speed performance. You have to disable SSID on your wireless broadband internet connection to quicken the speed of your wireless internet connection.

Change your router’s position

The position of your wireless router can also affect the performance of your wireless broadband internet. If your router is set at the far end of the wall, you can bring it closer to the centre of the room. Positioning your router in the centre of the room will strengthen the signal strength of your router and increase the speed of your wireless broadband connection.

If the router is behind a wall, remove it from the wall because thick objects like walls block your router from sending strong signals.

This guest article is written by Paul.

Article written by Paul

I’m Paul, a tech and broadband writer who was able to find the best high speed internet providers in my area, and who is ready to help others do the same.

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    Great tips seriously…

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    Nice info. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Nice post. Although I think these are tips to protect your wireless connection rather than increasing the speed.

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    Good tips. I have seen changing the router position makes a difference at times.

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