iPhone 4S Unboxing & Initial Setup [Video]

Apple announced the iPhone 4S at its “Let’s Talk iPhone” event earlier this month and since then Apple fans have been waiting to get their hands on to the iPhone 4S and its most advanced voice assistant feature called Siri, well, including me 😉

Finally, after waiting for more  than a week, I have got my brand new iPhone 4S and I have to say – I am Sirified 😀


Although, you can get all the iPhone 4S features in your existing iPhone 4 by upgrading to the iOS 5, which was released some time back, except for the faster processor – if you are a gaming freak, 8MP camera and Siri, of course; or you can even get Siri on your iPhone 4 like this guy did.

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After getting my bran new iPhone 4S, I thought of doing an unboxing and initial setup video for our readers. So, have a look and do share it with your friends 🙂

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So, have you upgraded to the latest iPhone? When are you planning to do so?

Article written by Amandeep Singh

Chief curator of Technolism. A software engineer by profession, an engineer by education and a web enthusiast by passion.

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  1. Jonathan Reply

    Cool video. Nice post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anna Reply

    Nice, I am just about to buy at now this was the great help in the perfect moment:) Thanks:)

  3. Sonal Kalra Reply

    Really nice video. Thanx for sharing this.

  4. KBharath @ HDBloggers Reply

    Great iPhone 4S and thanks for sharing this video and i like this iPhone because of the SIRI App and do we have any App similar to this for Android Devices.

    • Amandeep Singh Reply

      Hi KBharath,

      I have got an iPhone 4S and yes it is good. The look and make is exactly same as iPhone 4 but it is quite fast and camera is really good.

      SIRI has an Android counterpart called IRIS 🙂 I have used it and although it is not that intelligent, it has quite a good room for improvement.

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