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New or Outdated??

New or Outdated?

I feel this is one of the biggest questions in front of today’s consumers who want to keep them updated with new technologies. Any new technology which comes in market becomes outdated as soon as it is introduced to the market. Take the beautiful example of the Apple I-PAD, some months ago it was a new species in the world of technology. Its features were attractive, refreshing and entertaining , it was a new born baby which everyone wanted to take in hands but that baby has become old so fast, there are many clones with extra features coming in market.

Check out the recently announced Playbook, the Blackberry Tablet.

This fast paced changes in technology never lets user satisfied because there is always something better available. This is a race where technology user and technology both are running and both are not ready to give up, sometimes user wins by grabbing the latest technology while sometimes technology wins with an upgrade and leaving thousands of user behind with the old one. Infact every user has to leave this race at one point or other although new ones keep joining so next question comes where does one leave the race?

The above question is hard to answer but a satisfactory position can be reached by taking some questions into consideration:

How is the new technology going to benefit over the current technology?
Are these benefits worth the cost of technology?

So although the change is inevitable so every new technology will become outdated but the affect of these changes can be subdued by taking rational decisions.

What do you think?

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