Stop using Internet Explorer 6 – Microsoft requests the users!

The software giant has launched a new website, The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown, that bears the slogan: “Moving the world off Internet Explorer 6.” On its new website,, Microsoft is making a great effort to get users to move away from the decade-old browser.

The motto given on the site goes like “10 years ago a browser was born. Its name was Internet Explorer 6. Now that we’re in 2011, in an era of modern web standards, it’s time to say goodbye.”

The goal of the website from Microsoft is to get Internet Explorer 6 usage to drop to less than 1% worldwide. Current IE 6 usage on a global level is 12%. Net Application’s most recent numbers indicate that in India, 12.3% of web users are still using IE 6, a decade old browser. For UK and US, the figures are 3.5% and 2.9% respectively.


So, if you are one of those who is still living in the past by using a 10 year old browser, quit now and download and install the latest version of the browser instead.

Check out the IE 6 countdown site link here.

If are a blog owner, you can support the cause by putting a banner on your site which will be displayed to Internet Explorer 6 users only. Check more details here.


Are you or any of your friends still using IE 6? If you are, better quit now and move ahead. 😉

Article written by Amandeep Singh

Chief curator of Technolism. A software engineer by profession, an engineer by education and a web enthusiast by passion.

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    It is a good article mate.

  2. Yogesh Patel Reply

    I dont know why Microsoft only want to stop the IE 6 usage !!!

    • Amandeep Singh Reply

      Hi Yogesh,

      This because many business are at a security risk because of this 10 year old browser and it has led to many malware security attacks on IE in the past. So, microsoft is pushing its extinction… 🙂

  3. robertpowell Reply

    Actually, internet explorer are already gone in my pc. They are almost intage and ancient for me. I am now using opera and Google.

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