Free Summarizer to Shorten Any Text Online in a Few Seconds

How many times does it happen; you find an informative article online and because it is quite lengthy, you end up not reading it, just because you were running out of time? It happens to me a lot of times, and in situations like this, I make use of the ‘reading list’ on my Mac, and later continue reading the article on iPhone or iPad.

If you don’t have an iPhone or iPad, you can make use of the sync feature in Firefox and Chrome using which you can continue reading on your Smartphone.

There is yet another option using which you actually don’t need to read the whole article, instead read a summary of it!


There are some great web apps available out there, which make your life easy – simply copy the whole article which you plan to read and copy the content into the summarizer app. The auto summarizer app will shorten the content for you in the number of lines you desire to read it in.

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Summarizer apps are really useful for bloggers as most of the times all we need is a glimpse into a particular news piece to get an idea of what is being talked about in the article. And, if you are a student preparing a thesis and need a summary quickly on a topic, summarizers act as real life-savers!

Here is a free summarizer web app which makes the things easy for you!

It is called Free Summarizer

Free Summarizer

Using this free web app, you can shorten any text online, and that too in a few seconds. And, it is very easy to use.

Here is how it looks like…

Free Summarizer - Shorten Text Online

So, simply copy the content from your favourite article, and paste it into the text area in Free Summarizer. Then specify the number of lines you want the article to be summarized in. You can also enter your email address to have the article summary emailed to any email address.

Try it now!

[How To] submit your blog to Technorati

We have already shared with you the process to submit your blog to Yahoo Search Engine. In addition to Search engines, there are some leading blog directories which can bring a lot of traffic to your site / blog. Technorati is one of the leading Search Engines to search blogs and listing your blog to Technorati can prove beneficial for you.

In this article, I have explained the process to claim your blog in Technorati.

Technorati - Search Engine for blogs

Below are the simple steps you need to claim your blog on Technorati:

Step 1: Register / Login to Technorati Account

To start with the process of submitting your blog to Technorati, you need to login to your Technorati account. If you are not already registered, register a free account with Technorati which will take only a couple of minutes. Once you are done with the registration, go to Your Account page.

Step 2: Claim your Blog

In your account page, go to the My claimed blogs section and enter the URL of your blog and click on “Claim” button.

Claim your blog on Technorati

Step 3: Add Blog Description

After clicking on Claim button, you will be taken to the next page where you need to enter the details about your blog like Blog title and description, blog category, tags and feed details. Make sure you select  the blog category and enter the tags very carefully.

Add Blog Details on Technorati

Once you are done with adding all the details on this page, Click on “Proceed to next step.” You will be shown the below confirmation message after which the next step is to wait for an email from Technorati which contains the claim token.

Technorati Blog Claim status

Step 4: Claim your Blog

After you have submitted your blog details, you will receive an email from Technorati having the Claim Token which you need to include in one of your future blog posts. Once you have published the post containing the Claim Token, click on the “Verify Claim Token” button to trigger the claim of your blog.

Verify Claim Token in blog post - Technorati

Once you click on the Verify Claim Token button above, you will get the below screen with the message: “We are evaluating your claim. It may take quite some time for evaluation.”

Blog Claim status - Technorati

It will take a couple of days after which your blog will be successfully claimed and added to the Technorati directory.

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Do let us know if you have already submitted your blog to Technorati and if it is benefitting you in any way. If you have not already done so, it is worth spending some time and getting your blog indexed in the leading Search Engine for blogs.


First Post on

Hello all.

Welcome to a brand new blog where we will be discussing about the latest trends in Web 2.0

This is my very first post on this blog and I am very excited to start a new journey with Technolism. It has been a long time that I wanted to start a blog which was oriented towards the latest happenings in the blogging world, social networking and web related stuff.


Something about me

I am Amandeep Singh, a Mechanical Enginner by education, a Software Tester by profession and a Blogger by passion and interest.

I started my first blog (on blogger) in Nov 2007 which I no longer update :P. Then in Feb 2009, I started a blog in the personal finance niche. Later in June, I moved to custom domain and during the same time I came across many blogs that were self-hosted and were contributing a lot to the community. It took me some 6 months to get motivated enough to move to WordPress. So, finally in Dec 2009 we moved Equitipz to wordpress.

Since then, I wanted to have a blog of my own in the Blogging niche where I can share all that I have learnt in the last couple of years of my blogging. This is where Technolism is born. With TL, we take a step forward to make a name in the blogging world too.

What is Technolism?

Technolism is a platform, where you can find interesting articles on latest Gadgets, Internet, Blogging, Technology & related Tips & Tricks. We will be updating technolism with Blogging tutorials as well, both for blogger and wordpress, with main focus on Wordpess (because we love it). Also, we will discuss about the latest development in the social networking and other areas of the web. You can find various resources and tutorials you need to follow while starting your Blogging Career.

Technolism Logo

The technolism Logo has been designed by our design team. I have tried to keep it simple and clean.

Please provide feedback and suggestion on the logo design. We are always open to change 🙂

Technolism Theme

We wanted to keep the theme of the blog to be simple yet cool. We narrowed down to two themes which matched our requirement – Thesis and Swift.

Currently, we are using Swift theme (by Satish Gandham) on technolism and soon will be making the move to Thesis. In the meantime, Swift is the best alternative to Thesis, in my views. [Update: Technolism is now powered by Thesis Premium Theme.]

A few Words

With the launch of technolism, I would also like to thanks all the bloggers who have contributed great content to the web community and also for inspiring me enough to start my own blog in the niche. Harsh Agrawal deserves a special mention here.

The success of technolism will not be possible without the help of fellow bloggers and readers. We need your good wishes and blessings to make an impression in the community.

As technolism is a brand new blog, you will notice some random updations and changes happening all over the blog over the coming weeks. Kindly bear with us and please keep providing us feedback on the blog design and theme. Your suggestions are what will help us in becoming the talk of the town.

Please keep visiting and commenting on the great content coming your way.

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