5 Excellent Tips – How To Keep Your “Kindle Fire” Safe

Developed by Amazon.com, Kindle Fire is a multi-purpose device which is manufactured by Quanta Computers and it is considered as the ‘tablet computer’ version of Amazon’s Kindle e-book.

It has a 7- inch multi- touch Gorilla Glass display with IPS technology, 600 X 1024 pixel resolution and capacitive touch sensitivity. Released by Amazon on the 15th November 2011, it was wholeheartedly welcomed by the e-book users’ community all over the world.

Amazon Kindle Fire - Full Color 7" Multi-Touch Display

Today, it is a serious competitor of Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android and is set on the track of becoming one of the best hand carrying sophisticated gadgets in use worldwide.

Available in the market at the price tag of $199, Kindle Fire is very handy as it provides the user with many facilities such as streaming movies, music, games, e- books and various other entertaining apps in such a handy device weighing approximately 413 grams.

However, it also shares the same vulnerabilities as any other gadgets; it is prone to hacking. The user must keep in mind that this device is very sensitive hence, it is important to protect it.

In order to protect Kindle Fire from hacking and misuse, the user must take certain precautionary measures which I have tried to list below.

#1. Keep Your Account and Profile Password Protected

The worst possible thing that can happen to the owner of the device if it gets lost or stolen is that the thief can abuse the actual owner by misusing his or her account to do undesirable things. Keeping everything password-protect can prevent the thief from taking advantage of the device in any manner.

Kindle Fire Safety - Keep it Password Protected

#2. Keep Your Account Closed While Not Operating on Kindle Fire

The user must never forget to log out from the device. It is imperative the user gives special attention to this matter because most of the online harassment originates from gadget hacking.

This is because gadgets such as Kindle Fire can provide only limited protection to hacking hence making it highly vulnerable for misuse. The user is also advised to disable all features that keeps him or her logged in such as the ‘remember your password’ for an account.

#3. Always Lock your Wi- Fi

Wi- Fi is another medium for hacking. However, it has a straightforward method of prevention. It is very well understood that it is not physically possible for the owner to carry this device everywhere he or she goes. Therefore, the owner might forget to disable the Wi-Fi before leaving the device.

This gives misusers a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the Wi-Fi facility at your expense. Certainly, no one wants that to happen. Therefore, the user must always remember to switch off their Wi- Fi before parting with their device.

#4. Avoid Downloading External Apps

Kindle Fire, by default, contains Amazon apps but the user is free to download and install other external apps onto their device. Installing external apps on your device can be a very risky business because it allows infected apps to enter and damage the device.

For this reason, the user is advised not to change the settings to “Allow Installation for Applications” from unknown resources. If it becomes extremely necessary, it is advised to download known apps from trustworthy sources.

#5. Clean Your Browser Regularly

Last but not the least, the user should clean out their cache, cookies and browsing history from the tabs and delete all saved passwords for obvious reasons. If the owner ever loses the device, then he or she can be rest assured that his personal information and accounts are safe.

Although, the makers provide a warranty for the Kindle Fire Device which includes the defect in workmanship and material used (If your Kindle fire faces any such defect you may get it replaced or repaired free of cost). Following the above mentioned tips, you can keep your gadget safe and functional.

What do you think about the above listed 5 ways to keep your Kindle Fire safe. Which one do you like the most? If you have some more tips to enhance the security of your Kindle device, do share it with us in the comments section below.

15 Tips To Get The Most From Your Apple iPad

iPad has been the most famous tablet of all times and as always, Apple has been the game changer even in the tablet segment in this post-PC world. Simply anyone can use an iPad – even your 5 year old. However, as with all devices, there are certain tricks of the trade to get an optimized performance. Here are 15 ways to tune your iPad’s performance.

Tips to Make the Most out of iPad


Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your iPad

1. Automatically Enter A Period
Don’t waste time looking for the period on the virtual keyboard, to insert after every sentence. When you finish a sentence, tap the space bar twice. iPad will enter a period and a space after it, so you can go on typing uninterrupted.

2. Take Screenshots Anytime
If you’re checking out a product and want to take a quick screenshot, just push the Power and Home buttons together for a half second, not more. Hold them down and you’ll restart the system. A quick half second’s push gets you a screenshot of whatever you’re browsing, in a 768×1024 resolution. Also Read: How to capture screenshots of your iPhone screen?

3. How To Pause App Install
If you want to install a different app first while one is already being installed, here’s how you can stop the install. All you do is push the icon of the app that’s installing – the install will stop. Now install something else. This way you can install what’s on priority.

4. How To Restart
Put your fingers on the Power button and the Home buttons and hold them down for a few seconds. This is how you hard restart your system if it freezes on you.

5. How To Cut Paste Paragraphs
To highlight a word, you tap it once. If you want to highlight an entire paragraph for copying, tap it four times.

6. How To Mute Your iPad Quickly
Hold down the volume down button for a couple of seconds if you want to quickly mute your device. A very handy trick especially at the church, movies or at the hospital!

7. Turn Your iPad Into A Digital Frame
If you want to run a slideshow on your iPad of all the pictures you have in it, click the Flower button to the right side of Slide to Unlock. You can toggle the speed settings and have your iPad run your slideshow for as long as you want.

8. Scroll Webpage Superfast
If you’re at the end of an article and want to quickly go to the top of the page, just tap the title bar once. You’re back at the top of the page immediately. You don’t have to move the screen six times to get back to the top!

9. Set A Larger Email Preview
By default, your iPad allows 2 lines of email message preview. If you want to see more of an email in preview mode, navigate to the Settings menu, open the Mail, Contacts and Calendars sub menu and under Preview, select the 5 Lines option. 5 lines of preview is the maximum preview length you can choose.

10. Use Both Virtual And Actual Keyboard At The Same Time
When you connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad, you won’t see the virtual keyboard anymore. However, if you do need the virtual keyboard as well, here’s what you do. Hit the eject key on your Bluetooth keyboard and the iPad’s virtual one will come up.

11. Increase The Number Of Apps In Your Dock
Your iPad can hold 4 icons or apps in the bottom tray. You can add two more. Click any app’s icon and hold on to unlock its position. Then drag and drop two more apps to the bottom tray.

12. Maximize Battery Life

  • Heat kills batteries – don’t leave your iPad in your hot car, or exposed to the sun
  • Reduce your screen’s brightness to 30%
  • Turn on screen auto lock to turn display off when you’re not using
  • Turn off internet access and use Airplane Mode
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of 3G; you can save 1 hour of battery life
  • Reduce the number of times your iPad checks your email and calendar sync-ups

13. Stream Video from Your Desktop to Your iPad Over Wi-Fi
Install the free Air Video Server from Apple software. After server is launched, click on Add Disk Folder under the Shared Folders tab, browse and add your video locations. You can also add an iTunes playlist from your computer if you like.

14. How to multitask on iPad
Double click the Home button. You will see your screen display a list of open apps. Tap the app to which you want to switch and it will open. If your iPad is running too many apps and you are not able to see them all on the bottom bar, swipe your finger across the bar and all the apps will be displayed.

15. Display The Bookmarks Bar In Safari
Safari doesn’t display Bookmarks by default on the iPad. Click Settings on your home screen, select Safari, and then slide the Always Show Bookmarks Bar switch to ON.

I hope that these quick tips will help you get the most out of your iPad. Direct your browsers to our dedicated Apple Gadgets and iOS News blog.

This is a guest post written by Dean.

Three Ways I Promote My Technology Blog without Spending a Dime

Over the years, many people have entered into blogging in a rush and after some time jump out of it as a result of frustration. The reason why they are frustrated may be because of lack of traffic or some other things such as the end result which is money – since many of them started blogging for the purpose of making money faster.

When I got started with blogging on my technology blog, techatlast, I never thought of making money neither did I have any plan of promoting the site to get daily visitors coming to view my blog. But one thing I can remember then was that, I would make proper use of blog commenting by leveraging much on dropping my website links on different websites every day without getting tired of doing it.

Free Website Promotion

I have given in this article, three steps I used to promote my blog without spending a dime. And you can use that same technique too. Before you jump on to read those, do have a look at the below articles which have helped other readers in promoting their blogs:

I comment on other blogs very effectively

One of the powerful techniques I used when promoting my website was to submit more comments on other websites in my niche. I made sure that I visit more than ten websites per day and commented on each one of them before leaving for another – I do read the posts before submitting my comments because this is where many failed it.

This technique, after some weeks, made it rank higher on Google on countless of keywords even without a targeted keyword. If you can use this method, I’m very sure that you can get good result as fast as possible.

However, one thing you must have in your mind is that, spamming other blogs in your niche with irregular comments can hurt your reputation. So, don’t attempt to do it that way, read all articles before you submit your comments on them and it will surely work for you as well.

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I share my website offline with my friends and other people

Another method I used to promote my website without spending a dime while also protecting my reputation is by telling my friends and family members to visit my blog. They visited the blog and from the information that most of them got from my site, they kept on sharing the information with their friends and loved ones. That action from my friend’s friends helped me triple my traffic overnight.

It is not every time the internet. You can use offline techniques in generating traffic for your website instead of focusing only on the internet because the internet is already filled with many options. And you need to be smart enough in order to get the best of results.

I use social media site consistently

Social media networking sites have proved to be a perfect place for getting quality traffic for years. It is because millions of people visits those websites on daily basis, and the tendency of making money from such a medium is very certain – that is why many big companies spend lot of money to advertise there because of the result they get on their investment. I also made use of that medium by engaging my readers and followers on Facebook and Twitter with coupon and freebies offers which helps me in driving some percentages of them to my blog. And you can do likewise on your blog to drive more visitors to your website.

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Techatlast was officially promoted virally by taking advantage of the coupon reign then, by offering people free discounts on products and giveaways on social networking sites like facebook. And they can access those coupons from anywhere they are worldwide – and mind me, it worked for me.

Following these three steps, you can promote your website without spending a single dime, except little time you will use. Website promotion is very simple if you know how to do the right things at the right time.

Do share your experiences and challenges that you’ve encountered when you did promotion for your website so that others can learn from them and I shall surely reply to some of your requests and comments as well.

This is a guest post by Olawale Daniel. Olawale is the author and founder Techatlast.

Five Typical SEO Misconceptions

myths about search engine optimizationSEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most effective methods to ensure your website will get indexed and found by your target audience. However, there are lots of misconceptions about what seriously goes at the rear of search engine optimization “curtains.”

We have already shared some search engine tips with you from different categories. You can check them out below.

I’m going to take a little time, so as to de-bunk a few of the typical myths and misconceptions that I’ve come across previously.

1. SEO is a Black Art

Search engine optimization is often considered “black magic” or “complete tosh”. I read an article in a local magazine journal that was alleged by SEO specialist. According to them, there weren’t lots of people in the IT industry who specialized in SEO and because of the nature of their work what they do is shrouded in puzzle.

SEO isn’t a black art and just as alchemists couldn’t make gold from combining other elements, so an SEO expert can’t make a junk website storm into the search engines top ten.

There’s no black art to search engine optimization, just hard work!

2. SEO is a Subset of Social Media

There are many intersections among SEO along with social media, but search engine optimization is no more a subset of social media than it is of advertising, customer support or media relationships.

Working collectively, powerful SEO can increase social network progress and social networking can help link building.

3. SEO Sacrifices Design

A developer I worked with used to joke with me that if you SEOs had your way, the websites that he designed would look something like Jakob Nielsen’s homepage lots of text, headings and links with minimal design.

This is another misconception. “Good design” considers both construction and delivery of data along with the graphic element. Provided the distinction between HTML structural markup and also the CSS markup that handles the feel and look – there’s truly no reason. The only restriction is from a front end developer who isn’t well worth his chops.

As long as the website construction is correct and also the page employs a relevant structure, you will find a variety of ways to include design elements along with features. Simply don’t develop your site in Flash and then expect it to own the search results.

4. Google Analytics is Spying on you

One more common misconception that I’ve encountered is that Google Analytics are spying on you plus your search marketing initiatives. I met a developer who had taken out Google Analytics monitoring on pages with high bounce rates to ensure that Google don’t: “Drop the Internet pages”

Think about why people are bouncing on these pages and improve them, Analytics information that’s filled with holes is no use to any person.

Analytics is an application for focusing on how your website is carrying out, not an application for Google to Spy on your SEO efforts or say goodbye to the pages that don’t cut it.

5. The number of links is all that counts

I believe every company that has a website has received some type of spam e-mail guaranteeing top item listings by submitting it to thousands of web directories.

The number of hyperlinks to your website does indeed make a difference but as search engines like Google have developed and processed their ranking elements, nowadays it’s more about a mix of quality along with quantity of links from a variety of different websites.

Not every hyperlink is equal. A hyperlink from a recognized domain or web page that is similar in subject matter to your website is far more useful than a link from the website listing that has only been known for some months. Don’t depend upon any automatic strategy to build quality links.

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Do you have any favorite SEO misconceptions that you care to talk about with us? Make use of the comments below.

This is a guest post by Mohd Aktar who is a writer and a professional blogger.

[How To] Create an Ecommerce Website with Joomla

There are many people who invest in ecommerce because they have seen the potential of this business strategy. Many people can provide you proofs that you’ll surely generate good income if you establish an online shop. Yes, there are many advantages of having online store but there are still challenges that one must overcome to become totally successful in this field. One challenge is your website must be functional and contain informative information. Creating an ecommerce website with Joomla is a way to have a functional and manageable website.

Joomla-EcommerceJoomla software is used to build, manage, or create a website. Others think that Joomla is used to create an ecommerce site but it is not.

The website you build with Joomla is a true online store website that is equipped with all the features you need to completely and effectively manage your website thus increasing your sales. It is not just any ordinary website that is modified a little to have the basic feature an online store should have.

The software is an award-winning CMS (content management system). This type of system keeps track of the content you have in your website. Also, even if you have no advanced technical skills, its easy-to-use feature allows you to easily manage your website.

With Joomla, you can power up web portals or sites of different corporates, online magazines and publications, ecommerce sites, government sites, and other online applications.

A skilled developer can also take advantage of Joomla’s capability to build application bridges, reservation systems, customize product catalogs, reporting tools of data, communication tools, control systems for the inventory, business directories, and many others.

When you are ready to use Joomla to build your website, just download the software for free. When creating an ecommerce website with Joomla, you need to read the basic details and check the basic requirements before you install Joomla. You can also refer to their test demo to give you detailed instruction on the installation process. Before you can view the demo, you need to create an account, activate it, and sign in using the account.

If you are new to this software, ask for help. There are lots of available documentations you can find on the internet. You can also visit related forums to ask advice or to gather strategies and information. Joomla also provides a quick start guide to help you quickly set your website running.

If you use your own host, you’ll need a web server with MySQL and PHP before you install Joomla. After installation, you can start making and uploading text content, images, documents, and any of the extensions that Joomla provides for your usage. Add your products and their respective descriptions.

Joomla also allows you to manage orders of customers and customize the overall feel of your website. Joomla also provides templates that you can modify and develop to help you enhance the appeal of the site. Configure the settings of your website such that you provide more options for shipping and to support more currencies.

Maintenance of your website must be regular. Stay updated by visiting forums about Joomla and share techniques and your own discoveries about Joomla.

This is a guest post by Ajeet Khurana. Suppose you want to gain insights regarding ecommerce make sure to visit ecommerce.about.com where Ajeet composes fresh and authentic articles on a regular basis.

How to Add Your Blog to Windows LiveWriter

If you are a serious blogger, you would already know about this great blog publishing tool called Windows Live Writer. It is a very easy to useful tool which makes your life easy as a blogger. Well, it makes mine at least! 😉

Check out more WLW features at the Windows Live Writer Official page.

Windows Live Writer Desktop Blog Client

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add your existing or a brand new blog to WLW which would ease the publishing process for your. I love wordpress and I use it for all my blogs and in this post as well, I am going to show you the process to configure a wordpress blog. I am using the WLW version 2011 and even if you are using an older version, the process is almost similar to this one.

Step 1 – Options

Click on the Main Menu icon in the top left corner and click on Options.

Windows Live Writer 2011 Options

Step 2 – Add a New Blog Account

Click on Accounts option in the left and then the ‘Add…’ button on the right.

Add a Blog to Windows Live Writer 2011

Step 3 – Select Your Blog Service

Make a selection as desired from the below screen. In this example, as I am setting up a wordpress blog, I selected WordPress. Then, click on ‘Next’ button.

Setup WordPress Blog WLW

Step 4 – Add Your Blog Details

Enter the details of your blog on the next screen and click on ‘Next’ button.

WLW - Setup Blog Account

Step 5 – Blog Settings Detection

Clicking on ‘Next’ above will set up your blog account by detecting your blog settings, blog categories and other details into WLW.

Blog Account Setup in Windows LiveWriter

Step 6 – Detect Blog Layout

In the next step, WLW would show you a dialog seeking permission to publish a temporary post on your blog and remove it immediately. This is to pull the layout of your blog into WLW which allows you to see how your posts will look like online when you are editing your post in Windows Live Writer.

Temporary Post in WLW

Note: If yours is an established blog and you do not want to disturb your readers with this temporary post, I suggest you should use Feed Pauser plugin which would stop publishing the temporary post to the feed.

Step 7 – Blog Setup Success

Enter a nickname for your blog and you are done. You may start publishing and editing posts in Windows Live Writer and make your life easy as a blogger.

Blog Setup Successful in WLW

I hope you like this simple tutorial on Setting up Your WordPress Blog in WLW. If you face any issues while setting up your blog in WLW, feel free to contact us via the comments section below.

Do share with us how shifting to WLW saves your time as a blogger as personally, I find the WordPress dashboard quite uninteresting to post from and use only WLW. 😉

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Website or Blog with Discount Offers

twitter to promote blog with discount offersTwitter is a social networking site that many know as the social site that allows people to share free website links without much restriction as how it was on facebook and other social sites on the internet. The main useful usage of twitter is to share latest informative and interesting links on the internet.

Many people use twitter every day to share link of their latest blog post in order to get people that can come to the site to read the article. The large percentages of people that are on twitter are mostly bloggers because they have a lot of useful information to share with the world.

As a blogger, getting your website in front of as many people as possible should be your main concern. Therefore, that is why it is very much of imperative to know what to do to make sure that people get to know your website every day, every second and every minute of the day. You must do all you can do to make sure that your website become popular because that is one of the assurance that you can get more traffic to your blog in the future to come.

If traffic is your greatest challenges as a blogger, moving out of your comfort zone to drive traffic to your blog is the next available escape route for you because without traffic, your site cannot succeed online.

You might have been wondering how you are going to use twitter to promote your website with discount offers! You don’t have to worry much about this because getting traffic depends mostly on one term, which is to add value to people’s lives. The moment you start to add more value to other people’s lives, you will start to enjoy your success because it will pay you in the long run.

Check Out: A Simple Tactic to Write Blog Posts that Go Viral

The first time when I first started my coupon and discount promotion blog, YouLoveCoupon, I was unable to promote my website offers to people effectively because of the lack of knowledge of doing the job. My site became a barren in terms of visitors for months. Nevertheless, the moment I started to share discount and coupon offers like gravity defyer and 48hourprint to my followers on twitter, everything began to change for the better and the site started to experience traffic spikes on regular basis with the use of Twitter marketing technique.

Driving traffic to blog from twitter profile timeline is not an easy task though, you need the required skills like using the right marketing word and some other things to raise people’s curiosity to learn more about the free offer you are sharing with them on the site.

I have carefully outlined below three steps to use twitter to promote your blog or website with discount and coupon offers without spending much money on search engine promotion.

Follow the trend

The first secret that I found useful when I first started using the technique I am sharing with you is that, I make sure that I follow all the trends about the world and make proper use of it to promote my coupon and discount offers to make people come to my blog.

I followed many people on twitter in order to attract them to read my blog by signing up for my offers.

Following the trend in this sense means, that, to know what people want and then try to share a link to a resource post on my site that shows them how to get it at a discounted price.

Share your message with the right word

Another thing you need to take proper care of is the use of words. When it comes to marketing on twitter, there are different types of words you have to ignore and there are words that are supposed to be included in your tweets to make people to consider checking your offers. By understanding this word, you can be very much sure of impelling more people to your blog.

Do not spoil your timeline with bamboozle offers

Any offer that you know does not mean that it is worth promoting – you had better avoid writing anything about such because people that will come to your blog from twitter will have to click out of your site if they later get to know that the offer is not genuine. By following this, you can retain your website integrity and that will increase your traffic from twitter.

This is a guest post by Daniel, a lazy writer with a diverse interest in sharing technology tips.

5 Tips for Using Printable Content To Market Your Website

In a world with printable media at your beck and call, it makes sense that at some point, you might consider the idea that someone wants to see your work in a more permanent way. Whether it is an important tips list for a topic, or a list of instructions that is going to be more accessible away from the computer, you are going to want to give your readers a way of putting your webpage to paper in the most convenient way possible.

Image Source: juhansonin

The following are a list of tips that you can use when you are trying to move your content from the virtual world of the monitor into the physical one of actual paper.

1. Using CSS!

If you know your way around CSS, then it shouldn’t be very hard to create a stylesheet that is specifically made for printing. The standard that people tend to use is print.css, and it includes none of the bells and whistles that your webpage normally has. Remove the header, the footer, any advertising, and make the font nice and large so it is easily read by anybody who is going to want to print your content. This concept alone will make it tons easier, and your clients will thank you for it.

2. Link To A New Page!

Place a link at the bottom of each blog article, so that your users know what to click. Something as simple as an icon of a printer is going to go a long way in making your work easier to move around. A lot of the popular blogging softwares already have this as an option, and if they don’t, then somebody has probably created a plug-in that will do the very same thing.

3. Simple Is Better

Remember that you may like to use that special font for your posts, but it might make it harder to read on the written page. Strip away all of the color and strange fonts, and keep it with a straight and easy to read serif font. Also, take note of any of the graphics you have on the page. Ask yourself if they are necessary, and get rid of any piece of pretty fluff that paints your website properly, but is going to look bad on the printed page.

4. Brand Yourself

Just because you want to keep it simple, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be recognized for your work. Make sure to keep your byline at the very least, but don’t hesitate in keeping a logo graphic or watermark of some sort to make sure people know where your piece came from. Sometimes items like this get passed around an office or friends, so it is good to make sure they are exposed to the source of the information as well as the blog post itself.

5. The Way Back

Assuming your user is going to want to hit the BACK button every time they go and print something is assuming a lot. The key to good web design is making everything simple for them. This includes being able to leave the printed page and get back to your fully functional site. Make the button an obvious left facing arrow, or a simple button that says ‘BACK’ on it to guarantee that they continue perusing the information you have put together for them.

From the computer screen to the printed page and back again, you have created something that resonates with your readers, and they want to love it forever. Now is the time to get back and write some more, so you can hold onto them for even longer.

Employed by a leading printer cartridge shop in the UK, James is currently occupied with a number of writing and reviewing tasks that involve HP printer cartridges.