Two iPhone 5 Flaws that Show How Much we Miss Steve Jobs

Ever since Steve Jobs left his legacy at Apple, people have been asking, what would Steve Jobs do?

Now that the iPhone 5 has been on the market for the past four-or-so months, people are still asking, what would Steve Jobs have done differently to fill in the gaps from missing features in iPhone 4S?

Steve Jobs

Samsung launched a marketing campaign jabbing at Apple’s newest phone, belittling its new design by pointing out its “biggest” achievements – like moving the headphone jack from the top of the phone to the bottom.

Samsung may have had some valid points, since this iPhone release was met with more disappointment than any previous releases. People take their phones seriously, whether it’s a smartphone or a home phone service. The reputation of the iPhone is so important that an Apple exec was even let go after the iPhone 5 release.

So how did this Apple fall so far from the iPhone tree?

Apple Maps

One of the biggest benefits of owning a smartphone is getting real-time directions and up-to-date maps. One of the biggest benefits of owning an iPhone is to get the best directions and the best maps. While no one expects perfection 100% of the time, what iPhone 5 customers got was below everyone’s standards. How below? So subpar that Richard Williamson, former VP of iOS Platform Services, was let go from the company has the overseer of Apple Maps.

Apple Maps replaced the popular Google Maps on the iOS platform, much to the dismay of millions of people who went out and stood in line to buy the iPhone 5. Why?

Blurry pictures – Is this real life? An image on your iPhone screen isn’t in beautiful, HD quality? When first released, Apple Maps images showed up as distorted, even warped.  Blurry pictures are not something that has previously been associated with iPhones, so the fact that the new 5 had taken a step back in quality was a big point of frustration for consumers.

Missing locations – Everyone knows the iconic Statue of Liberty. Everyone also knows that it should be standing proudly on Ellis Island. However, viral images went around of our Lady Liberty as nothing but a mere shadow.

Other reported mistakes were mislabeled locations, out-of-date locations, missing cities and towns, and misspelled cities (even the capital of Ukraine was spelled incorrectly).  Apple is quick and has made adjustments since these missteps were first reported back in the fall, but the fact that these mistakes were even made put a bad taste in consumers’ mouths.

NFC – Near Field Communication

One of the biggest wins for the iPhone 5 is Passbook. With this App, you can store boarding passes, concert tickets, coupons, rewards cards, etc. Something as convenient as this led many to believe that a Near Field Communication feature (or NFC) would be included as well.

NFC basically enables you to either touch or swipe your phone at a checkout, instead of using your debit or credit card.

As opposed to Apple Maps, this is considered a missed opportunity because it isn’t even included in the iPhone. However, word on the street is that the next iPhone adaptation will adopt NFC technology.

This is a guest post by Jesse Clark. Jesse is an experienced blogger with extensive knowledge in the field of smartphone technology.

Is the iPhone 5 Worth Waiting For?

If you are a die-hard Apple fan, one question which would be making you craze is “Should I buy an iPhone 4S or wait for iPhone 5?”

The iPhone 5’s release date has been pencilled in as Autumn 2012, which could mean anything from September through to November. Most ‘experts’ are of the belief that the handset will be released sometime this October.

iPhone 5 Release

The Anticipation around iPhone 5

The anticipation surrounding the iPhone 5 is – unsurprisingly – intense, with iFans eagerly waiting to see which features will appear on the new phone. October is the same month in which the iPhone 4S was released last year, so it makes sense that the next model in the popular iPhone series reaches the shops around a year later.

However, this arrival date is still pretty late in comparison to the annual release dates favoured by most other handset manufacturers. Of course, Apple’s rivals are offering phones on other platforms – Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry – which makes it hard to apply a like-for-like comparison. We did a comparison among the 3 most advanced smartphones in the market – Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and iPhone 4S. You can read the comparison here.

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Apple have always done things their own way, with scant regard for the rest of the industry’s practices. In the gadgetry race, releasing their new handset in October puts Apple in kind of a tricky position; many people ‘hold off’ from buying other phones in order to see what Apple offers up. Only once the iPhone 5’s details have been confirmed will they be able to make an informed decision as to whether Apple’s latest offering is the must-have piece of kit they were hoping for.

iPhone Outdated – Really?

Previous iPhones – including the current 4S – are now somewhat, well, ‘out-dated’. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out a couple of months ago, featuring quad-core technology, a huge display and the latest version of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich. The iPhone 4S is now just a measly dual-core handset, whose speed and power pales in comparison to giants like the S3.

The iPhone 5 will no doubt offer up some tough competition for the S3, but nearly half a year later – shouldn’t we all be waiting for the next big wave of technology in 2013 by then? We might not be seeing octo-core handsets in the near future, but something equally magnificent will surely come along to tempt our wallets and make our shiny smartphones of 2012 seem not so shiny after all.

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The fact is, Apple are making a late entrance, as they did last year. It might be seen as ‘fashionably late’ by most of their fans, but it’s a policy that will leave some buyers in the dilemma of not knowing whether to buy Android now, and get their new gadget sooner, or wait for the iPhone 5 and risk being disappointed by the raft of mooted improvements that have yet to be confirmed. (Apple always keep famously schtum about the details of their new handsets until around a week before the new phone’s release date. It’s doubtful that we’ll know many concrete facts about the iPhone 5 until October.)

Furthermore, what about all those people who wondered about the wisdom of buying the iPhone 4S when it first came out. You know how it goes: The iPhone 4S comes out; everyone wants it. You spend a month agonising over whether to buy it; the price drops, making you hopeful of further price drops and so you allow yourself to be put off buying it just a little longer. Soon enough, everyone’s talking about the iPhone 5, and now you’re left horribly confused as to whether it’s too late.

New iPhone 4S Owners

There are plenty of people who have bought the iPhone 4S within the last month or so, and mostly they are not bothered by the imminent arrival of a new model. These people are not techies, geeks, or gamers; they’re just ordinary people who wanted a phone, and decided on the iPhone perhaps on the recommendation of a friend. They don’t care that it’s likely going to drop in price in four or five months, because they wanted a phone now, and they don’t care about possessing a handset that can claim bragging rights in terms of the number of cores packed into its processor. They just want something pretty, simple, and efficient, and with an iPhone 4S, they know that’s what they’re getting.

The truth is, iPhones are always good, well-designed phones. Few people genuinely believe that the iPhone 5 will be a disappointment; in fact, we can be assured that it will go down a storm, based on Apple’s track record. Apple really do know how to make good phones, and perhaps their late release dates indicate that they want to spend all the time they have into putting together something truly beautiful. When you consider that Apple spend one year making one handset, while companies like Samsung and HTC put out multitudes of handsets – five to ten every year – you’ve got to wonder where all the time goes.

Rumours about the iPhone 5

The rumours about the iPhone 5 (check here) – and, for the most part, rumours is all they are – are equally promising. We’ve heard tales of a bigger 4-inch display, which should help Apple to keep up with the rising trend for spacious displays, like the near-5-inchers found on phones like the Samsung S3 and the HTC One X. It is, almost without a doubt, going to feature four cores, as that’s the only way Apple have any chance of keeping up with the competition. (Samsung aren’t the only major manufacturer to release a quad-core phone in 2012; in fact, bar Sony and Nokia, the vast majority have done so.)

We’re likely going to see lots of new features, including a redesigned dock connector and repositioned headphone socket, and an improved camera, while the Apple operating system – iOS – is seeing an upgrade, too. This means better Siri, better interface, better apps, and better options. More choice, less hassle. More than Android, Apple are slowly making their way towards a streamlined OS which makes using your smartphone as simple as breathing in.

What am I trying to say?

Apple put us in a difficult position; I resent having to wait half a year – which is a long time in the busy, ever-improving smartphone industry – for the latest iPhone. I resent not knowing what’s at stake, and what we’re actually going to be rewarded with at the end of our long wait. I resent having to resist the temptations of the S3 and the One X purely because Apple are taking their time. But, this doesn’t mean I’m not going to. I am. Why? Because it’s Apple. And at the end of the day, Apple can do whatever the hell they like; that’s just how they roll. If they need a year, they can take it.

What do you think?

10+ Online sources to get Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event Live Coverage [Oct 4, 2011]

We have already updated you about the October 04 iPhone event invites sent out by Apple, where Apple is expected to unveil the much awaited next generation iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S (or both ;))

With less than 24 hours left now for the event and all the Apple fans holding their breath to know what Apple is going to announce at the its Cupertino campus event. Is it going to be the high end iPhone 5 or the mid range iPhone 4S or even both?

iPhone 5 event

Well, we have to wait for what Apple has on its mind, for now, I have put across a list of blogs / websites that will be covering the whole Apple iPhone event live with all the news and announcements made by Apple.

If you don’t know this already, this is Apple’s first iPhone even after June 2010, when they launched the iPhone 4. If you are confused whether you should upgrade to iPhone 5 or not, check out this infographic.

Live Blogging:

ZDnet – This blog will have a minute-by-minute commentary and analysis of Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” event as it happens. You can go to the link and sign up now to get a reminder sent to you before the event kicks off.

Engadget – Engadget, one of the leading tech blogs is going to cover the entire Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” event live with blow-by-blow coverage from Cupertino. Just go to the URL and select the Auto-refresh option as ‘On’ and do not miss any update. You can also sort the updates by ‘Newest First’ or ‘Oldest First’.

Arstechnica – Arstechnica is also going to liveblog Apple’s iPhone event for live updates on Apple announcements. Senior Apple Editor Jacqui Cheng will be on the scene to bring you the updates as they happen. You can go to this URL and check out when the countdown hits 0 seconds remaining 😉 (Still 19 hours to go!!)

MacWorld – You can read the blow-by-blow updates, and see the pictures, of what’s going on in Cupertino by directing your browsers to this link. Jason Snell and Dan Moren will be live from the Town Hall theater on the Apple campus in Cupertino, to cover Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event.

Gizmodo – Gizmodo, the leading Gadget news blog will also be covering the whole event via live-blogging. Point to this link for the live coverage when Apple talks iPhone.

CNET – CNET will be on the scene at the Apple Cupertino Campus to bring you the news as it happens. You’ll be able to follow their live-blog using this link, where you can simply enter your e-mail address to get a reminder to come back.

TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Blog (TUAW) will be covering the Apple iPhone even live as well. You can point your browsers to this link but the page does not auto refresh, so you would have to use Command+R on your Mac or F5 on your PC.

iSmashPhone – iSmashPhone is holding a liveblog during the Apple event where they will be talking and chatting it up while delivering commentary on the event.

MacLife – MacLife will also be live blogging the updates about iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S straight from Apple Town Hall. They are going to have an interactive live blog about whatever Apple will reveal on this much anticipated event. 🙂

Below are some additional sources where you can get the full live blog coverage of the iPad Apple event.

Apart from the websites / blogs I have listed above, we at Technolism will also be covering the news about the event as it comes. So, stay tuned as we have been waiting for this for a while now 😉

Video Live Streaming:

As I have listed above, there are a plenty of sources to get blow-by-blow coverage of the Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone”, but unfortunately as confirmed by the Apple PR, there will be no live streaming / webcast available for tomorrow’s iPhone 5 event, as reported by reported by 9to5 Mac.

But as you might know, Apple itself does have a page to showcase events where they live streamed the September 2010 event. So, there is a slim chance that that Apple may live stream this event owing to the hype and curiosity this event has among the media and the people. If that happens, below is the page where you can check the live streaming on the D-day.

Apple’s Events Page

If Apple does not live stream this event, you will definitely find the recording of the launch event on the above page uploaded after few hours of the iPhone 5 event.

The event is set to take place at 10AM PST on October 04, 2011. So, bookmark this page for the list of your favourite websites / blogs to easily follow the live coverage of the much awaited iPhone 5 event :).

Check out the timings below to see when the special event begins at your place:

08:00AM – Hawaii
10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern
10:30PM – New Delhi
06:00PM – London
07:00PM – Paris
09:00PM – Moscow
03:00AM – Tokyo (October 5th)

If your city is not listed above, you can see it in your timezone here.

So, be ready for the much awaited Apple iPhone event when Apple talks iPhone and releases iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S or both ;). Stay tuned for the exciting and interesting updates to follow. You can enter your email address here to Subscribe to our free newsletter not to miss any updates from the iPhone event.

Finally, Apple announces iPhone event for Oct 04 – iPhone 5 launch expected

Apple has finally started sending out invites for its iPhone event on October 04, 2011, where Apple is expected to unveil the much awaited iPhone 5. This event is going to be held at Apple’s Cupertino Campus.

iPhone 5 Event - Oct04

The tech giants’ next iPhone in the series is rumoured to sport an 8MP camera, more RAM (1GB) A5 – Apple’s latest processor with an aluminium back, bigger screen, thinner and wider body than the iPhone 4 with a bundle of other upgrades.

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This is Apple’s first iPhone even after June 2010, when iPhone 4 was launched and iOS 4 was revealed to public. With iPhone 5 launch just days away, if you are confused whether you should upgrade to iPhone 5 or not, check out this infographic.

Last time, when Apple announced iPhone 4, it was made available to the public in around 2 weeks time, so we will have to wait and watch if this time, it is going to be even sooner.

Well, I am dying to get my hands on to this awesome device which is expected to “Change Everything – Again” 😉 What about you – are you planning to upgrade?

Should you upgrade to iPhone 5 or not? – Part 1 [Infographic]

iPhone 5 upgradeiPhone 5 is on its way and every single Apple fan is looking forward to it; thanks to the rumour mills who have been actively contributing to the curiosity of people by coming up with their speculations time and again. We have already informed you about the top rumours about the much awaited iPhone 5.

With so much news going on about this amazing device, millions of people have a major concern – is it the time to upgrade? Below is an interesting infographic which provides information collected from users of iPhone 4 and its predecessors, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone – as to how many apps have been installed by them, how many people are on network-locked devices and how many people have got their iPhones jail-broken.

One of the interesting facts in this infographic is regarding the usage of the iPhone – the number 1 use for the iPhone is texting and not talking, quite surprising isn’t it? 😉 It also brings forward the new features that the users want to see in iPhone 5.

This detailed infographic is part 1 of a 3-part series which would help you out in making the final decision whether to upgrade or stick to your existing iPhone; till the launch of the latest Apple Phone – the iPhone 5, which is likely to be announced on October 04. This infographic has been developed by AYTM and PaidViewpoint along with Mashable, based on an extensive series of questions asked to 1,000 U.S. iPhone owners aged 18 years and older.


As I mentioned, this is Part 1 of a 3-part series of information about who is most likely to upgrade to iPhone 5. So, stay tuned to get the remaining 2 parts as well and subscribe to our newsletter to get free email updates.

iPhone 5 is thinner, wider and has an aluminium back in leaked Cases [Pics]

There have been so many iPhone 5 rumours being going around and it has been some time that I posted about any, but this is an interesting one. Apple would not be very happy with Case Mate, one of the leading manufacturers for Mobile Phone accessories, cases and screen guards, with its unintended leaks from of some telltale iPhone 5 / 4S cases.

As you can see in the picture below, which got posted on Case Mate’s page for iPhone 4S / 5 Cases, the iPhone shown within the cases has got an aluminium back instead of the glass back as in iPhone 4. You can also see in the picture that this iPhone is wider, thinner than the iPhone 4 (is this the iPhone 5?).iphone-5-4s-case

Below is what Case Mate has to say about the leaked iPhone cases on their page. The image (shown above) was removed from the page some time after they were leaked.

The wait is almost over as the next generation iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S will be released in the coming weeks. The new iPhone promises more technology than ever, all in the palm of your hand. The guessing game continues whether Apple will unveil the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S. Case-Mate will be ready with a collection of iPhone 5 cases / iPhone 4S cases to protect your new iPhone in your own personal style.

There is not much that I would like to comment on this as there have already been so many speculations and predictions about the launch of new iPhone – nobody knows whether it would be called as iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. But, this one seemed interesting to me as the leak has come from a reputable brand and even matches most of the rumours we have heard so far regarding iPhone 5.

Some rumour mills have even predicted that there are going to be both 4S and 5 being launched on October 7 this year. And, I really wish that it turns out to be true 🙂

I would simply add this information as well to the pile of rumours we have been updating you about and would continue to inform you when the real product is revealed to the public, maybe on 07 October ;).

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