Two iPhone 5 Flaws that Show How Much we Miss Steve Jobs

Ever since Steve Jobs left his legacy at Apple, people have been asking, what would Steve Jobs do? Now that the iPhone 5 has been on the market for the past four-or-so months, people are still asking, what would Steve Jobs have done differently to fill in the gaps from missing features in iPhone 4S? … Read more

iPhone 5 is thinner, wider and has an aluminium back in leaked Cases [Pics]

There have been so many iPhone 5 rumours being going around and it has been some time that I posted about any, but this is an interesting one. Apple would not be very happy with Case Mate, one of the leading manufacturers for Mobile Phone accessories, cases and screen guards, with its unintended leaks from … Read more

iPhone 5 release expected in September; production starts in July 2011: Reuters

iPhone! Who has not heard of it and who does not want it; it is on every geeks’ wish list. A new version gets launched and soon after that rumour mills come into action and start speculating for the next generation product from the house of Apple. As soon as iPhone 4 was launched in … Read more

Top 27 rumours about the much awaited iPhone 5

After the release of the much awaited iPad 2 on March 02, the next big release expected from the house of Apple is the iPhone 5. iPhone has been the most successful and anticipated smart phone of all times; every geeks’ dream gadget. The rumour mill has been very animated in predicting the features of … Read more