50 Quick Social Media Marketing Strategies

When Friendster and MySpace first came out, many entrepreneurs and professionals considered networking a mere fad for teens. But they changed their notion on creating connections online when other sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, emerged and became popular.

Social Media UseNowadays, they see these channels as great means of conversing with a global audience and promoting their businesses.

So, whether you are a retailer or marketer looking for innovative and creative ways of advertising to your customer base and sending out your sales pitch, you can use social media. Have a look at the ones I have personally tried and found effective, so you will an idea on what to do.


1. Optimise your Fan page


Fill out all the necessary fields with correct and complete details. These usually include your company name, your services or products (brief description), and your trade location. You can even insert localised keywords.

2. Create interesting albums

One way to attract fans is to entice them with entertaining and fascinating photos. Of course, these should stay relevant to your niche. Also Read: Some Interesting Facts about Facebook Photos

3. Advertise subtly

Social networking sites generally start conversations. Therefore, you must not see these as your major marketing mediums. This means that you need to steer clear from giving in-your-face promotions through call to actions on your posts.

4. Use Keywords

Put your targeted terms in strategic places such as the “About” section or business description in your profile. You can also integrate these in your Wall updates, short messages (whenever you embed a video), or image captions.

5. Be consistent

Avoid changing your profile picture and display name constantly; otherwise, your fans will have a hard time recognising your brand.

6. Aim for fans

Invite people to Like your Fan page or become a Fan so you will have an extensive audience for your campaigns.

7. Come up with posts about current events and issues

Tackle the hottest and trendiest topics in your niche. However, avoid those issues that may be damaging to your company or to your competitors. Remember, your main goal in doing this trick is to create a buzz and not controversy.

8. Ask questions

Obtain feedback or comments from your fans using the feature “Ask a Question. This way, you can get useful suggestions regarding the improvement of your products and services.


9. Balance your number of tweets


Tweeting is not as easy as writing messages every time you feel like telling your followers what you are doing. It actually requires careful planning and strategizing especially if you have a business profile.

With that said, you have to avoid being overly noisy or stagnant. As a rule of thumb, three compelling tweets (excluding replies or retweets) per day will suffice.

10. Follow back

As long as the person is not suspicious, why not add him or her to your network.

11. Post links to your site

Add your tweets with a link that directs your followers to an important webpage or blog article. And since Twitter only allows 140-character messages and some links are lengthy, you can shorten the latter using URL shorteners (e.g. goo.gl tinyurl.com).

12. Upload interesting images

If you want your followers to take a second look at your tweets, include photos that are relevant to your enterprise.

13. Converse with “famous” people in your industry

Follow “reputable” individuals in your particular field and interact with them. By doing so, you can widen your connections and, hopefully, become a credible figure on the Web too.

14. Retweet

If you find some tweets interesting, entertaining, or useful, do not hesitate to Retweet them. It does not cost anything. On the contrary, it helps you gain more followers.

15. Interact

Reply to your followers if they send you messages. You should communicate with your potential customers and be accessible to them at the same time.


16. Post photos from your online pinboard to your blog


This social media platform is mostly about creative images. So if you want to add your website a personal touch, never go without this strategy.

17. Follow notable Pinners in your niche

Much like the other networking sites, take time to interact with reputable members in your field.

18. Pin videos

Other than pictures, you can also post videos on your pinboard.

19. Stir interest via competition

Follow the steps of other marketers by holding a contest for your followers. This is a great way to encourage engagement among your target users as well as promote your brand.

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20. Optimise your channel


Doing this increases the likelihood of ranking in SERPs. Additionally, it makes your page informative for your viewers.

21. Aim for the “Most Viewed” list

You will know that your promotions are successful when your videos go viral. Put your creations on the top using these insights.

22. Subscribe to other channels

Gain subscribers by becoming one. Once you have a wider network, the chances of your videos going viral are high.

23. Embed videos into your website

This strategy helps boost the number of viewers for your video. It also drives quality traffic to your site.

24. Encourage feedback

Invite viewers to post their comments, suggestions, and reactions. Their feedback allows you to enhance your YouTube techniques.

25. Plan your next action through essential statistics

The number of views, likes, dislikes, and remarks measure your videos’ popularity with the users. You can use these aspects to come up with better ideas.


26. Stick to one topic


Although it is tempting to focus on several themes, what with the plethora of hot topics these days, it is best to specialise on a subject matter related to your business niche.

27. Embed photos and videos from your other accounts

Make your articles visually appearing by getting content from your YouTube channel and Pinterest page. This way, you can drive traffic and generate backlinks.

28. Follow other blogs

Subscribe to the posts of your fellow writers, especially those who tackle similar topics as you, to stay updated on the latest issues or trends in the blogosphere. Doing this also helps you gain insights from them.

29. Interact

Perhaps the best way of doing this, as a blogger, is responding to comments. Even just a simple “thanks for reading my posts” will go a long way towards building your reputation.

30. Prioritise compelling posts

Do not just publish blogs for the sake of having fresh posts. Take time to come up with engaging, insightful, and witty content. Of course, do not forget to keep it relevant to your niche.

31. Include social media wedges in your pages

Never fail to integrate your pages with buttons to make it easier for the readers to share or suggest your entries.

32. Market on various channels

Promote your posts on all your social media accounts to widen your readership.


33. Expand your circles


Create a bigger network and then, group them appropriately. Separate your professional connections (e.g. affiliates, marketers, suppliers, etc.) from your clients, and personal contacts. This way, your campaigns or posts reach the people you intended to inform.

34. Insert keywords to your Profile page

Use targeted terms like locations, modifiers, and tags in the bio and description fields.

35. Claim authorship

Take advantage of Google’s position top position on the World Wide Web by linking your content to your Google Plus profile. You can learn further about this technique by going over this page.

36. Join your social page, official website, and blog

Incorporate a Google+ badge or icon on your webpages to boost your ranking in SERPs, manage your online reputation, and help the users share your entries on their accounts.

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Social Bookmarking

37. Stay active

Social Bookmarking

Read other people’s posts (especially the content related to your niche), give comments, and rate their work. Doing these things allow you to boost your credibility.

38. Use witty and catchy headlines

Go ahead and capture the interest of your target audience by writing fascinating or captivating titles and descriptions.

39. Create tags

Use your targeted keywords to maintain relevancy.

40. Keep track of your posts

Monitor the content you have uploaded. Moreover, interact with the users who give you comments. This way, you will have an idea on the effectiveness of your articles. You can also come up with ways to improve.

41. Place social bookmarking buttons

Add your blog or website pages with icons or widgets to encourage sharing.

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For All Social Media

42. Avoid hard selling

Social Media Buzz

Many online consumers hate persuasive adverts. So if you use social media to market your goods or services, engage in conversation rather than direct promotion.

43. Stick to your business niche

Never digress from your main field. If you are going to post updates about your company’s merchandise, avoid talking about other matters.

44. Set a goal

What do you want to achieve? Do you wish to boost your sales, generate more traffic, or get more backlinks? Figure out your objectives and your methods of accomplishing these before executing your plans through social media channels.

45. Do not be annoying

Keep from bombarding your followers or fans with senseless posts, questions, or messages. If you want to update your pages several times in a day, there has to be an interval of at least 2-3 hours.

46. Provide useful information

Always make sure that the insights you share over the Web are relevant, informative, and valuable. On top of all these, do not forget humour to retain the readers’ interest.

47. Use a single voice or perspective

Just like brand consistency, it is important to maintain the same viewpoint throughout your social profiles as well as your website and/or blog. Doing this makes it easier for the users to familiarise with your brand and interact with you on a more personal level.

48. Present a consistent image

Use the same photo, logo, font style, and colour scheme for all your online platforms.

49. Maintain constant communication

Interact with your fans or followers and avoid talking incessantly about yourself (through your posts). Instead, engage them to a conversation through questions or polls. This way, you will find out what makes them tick, what they are interested in, and what issues they want to know more about.

50. Be updated

Log in to all your social media accounts daily or several times in a day (if possible). Check your NewsFeed, look into the other users’ comments, and respond to enquiries or feedback.

Final Words

These are just some of the strategies I have practised, which may be useful to you. Of course, there are more ideas other than these. So if you have your own techniques, feel free to share them with the other readers.

About the Author:

This is a guest post by Emma Tomlinson.

Three Ways I Promote My Technology Blog without Spending a Dime

Over the years, many people have entered into blogging in a rush and after some time jump out of it as a result of frustration. The reason why they are frustrated may be because of lack of traffic or some other things such as the end result which is money – since many of them started blogging for the purpose of making money faster.

When I got started with blogging on my technology blog, techatlast, I never thought of making money neither did I have any plan of promoting the site to get daily visitors coming to view my blog. But one thing I can remember then was that, I would make proper use of blog commenting by leveraging much on dropping my website links on different websites every day without getting tired of doing it.

Free Website Promotion

I have given in this article, three steps I used to promote my blog without spending a dime. And you can use that same technique too. Before you jump on to read those, do have a look at the below articles which have helped other readers in promoting their blogs:

I comment on other blogs very effectively

One of the powerful techniques I used when promoting my website was to submit more comments on other websites in my niche. I made sure that I visit more than ten websites per day and commented on each one of them before leaving for another – I do read the posts before submitting my comments because this is where many failed it.

This technique, after some weeks, made it rank higher on Google on countless of keywords even without a targeted keyword. If you can use this method, I’m very sure that you can get good result as fast as possible.

However, one thing you must have in your mind is that, spamming other blogs in your niche with irregular comments can hurt your reputation. So, don’t attempt to do it that way, read all articles before you submit your comments on them and it will surely work for you as well.

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I share my website offline with my friends and other people

Another method I used to promote my website without spending a dime while also protecting my reputation is by telling my friends and family members to visit my blog. They visited the blog and from the information that most of them got from my site, they kept on sharing the information with their friends and loved ones. That action from my friend’s friends helped me triple my traffic overnight.

It is not every time the internet. You can use offline techniques in generating traffic for your website instead of focusing only on the internet because the internet is already filled with many options. And you need to be smart enough in order to get the best of results.

I use social media site consistently

Social media networking sites have proved to be a perfect place for getting quality traffic for years. It is because millions of people visits those websites on daily basis, and the tendency of making money from such a medium is very certain – that is why many big companies spend lot of money to advertise there because of the result they get on their investment. I also made use of that medium by engaging my readers and followers on Facebook and Twitter with coupon and freebies offers which helps me in driving some percentages of them to my blog. And you can do likewise on your blog to drive more visitors to your website.

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Techatlast was officially promoted virally by taking advantage of the coupon reign then, by offering people free discounts on products and giveaways on social networking sites like facebook. And they can access those coupons from anywhere they are worldwide – and mind me, it worked for me.

Following these three steps, you can promote your website without spending a single dime, except little time you will use. Website promotion is very simple if you know how to do the right things at the right time.

Do share your experiences and challenges that you’ve encountered when you did promotion for your website so that others can learn from them and I shall surely reply to some of your requests and comments as well.

This is a guest post by Olawale Daniel. Olawale is the author and founder Techatlast.

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Website or Blog with Discount Offers

twitter to promote blog with discount offersTwitter is a social networking site that many know as the social site that allows people to share free website links without much restriction as how it was on facebook and other social sites on the internet. The main useful usage of twitter is to share latest informative and interesting links on the internet.

Many people use twitter every day to share link of their latest blog post in order to get people that can come to the site to read the article. The large percentages of people that are on twitter are mostly bloggers because they have a lot of useful information to share with the world.

As a blogger, getting your website in front of as many people as possible should be your main concern. Therefore, that is why it is very much of imperative to know what to do to make sure that people get to know your website every day, every second and every minute of the day. You must do all you can do to make sure that your website become popular because that is one of the assurance that you can get more traffic to your blog in the future to come.

If traffic is your greatest challenges as a blogger, moving out of your comfort zone to drive traffic to your blog is the next available escape route for you because without traffic, your site cannot succeed online.

You might have been wondering how you are going to use twitter to promote your website with discount offers! You don’t have to worry much about this because getting traffic depends mostly on one term, which is to add value to people’s lives. The moment you start to add more value to other people’s lives, you will start to enjoy your success because it will pay you in the long run.

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The first time when I first started my coupon and discount promotion blog, YouLoveCoupon, I was unable to promote my website offers to people effectively because of the lack of knowledge of doing the job. My site became a barren in terms of visitors for months. Nevertheless, the moment I started to share discount and coupon offers like gravity defyer and 48hourprint to my followers on twitter, everything began to change for the better and the site started to experience traffic spikes on regular basis with the use of Twitter marketing technique.

Driving traffic to blog from twitter profile timeline is not an easy task though, you need the required skills like using the right marketing word and some other things to raise people’s curiosity to learn more about the free offer you are sharing with them on the site.

I have carefully outlined below three steps to use twitter to promote your blog or website with discount and coupon offers without spending much money on search engine promotion.

Follow the trend

The first secret that I found useful when I first started using the technique I am sharing with you is that, I make sure that I follow all the trends about the world and make proper use of it to promote my coupon and discount offers to make people come to my blog.

I followed many people on twitter in order to attract them to read my blog by signing up for my offers.

Following the trend in this sense means, that, to know what people want and then try to share a link to a resource post on my site that shows them how to get it at a discounted price.

Share your message with the right word

Another thing you need to take proper care of is the use of words. When it comes to marketing on twitter, there are different types of words you have to ignore and there are words that are supposed to be included in your tweets to make people to consider checking your offers. By understanding this word, you can be very much sure of impelling more people to your blog.

Do not spoil your timeline with bamboozle offers

Any offer that you know does not mean that it is worth promoting – you had better avoid writing anything about such because people that will come to your blog from twitter will have to click out of your site if they later get to know that the offer is not genuine. By following this, you can retain your website integrity and that will increase your traffic from twitter.

This is a guest post by Daniel, a lazy writer with a diverse interest in sharing technology tips.

5 Essential Benefits Of Social Media Marketing You Should Know

Social media is a powerful platform that enhances the growth of your business. Whether you’re a small business owner or a multi-faceted entrepreneur, social media marketing should be incorporated into your advertising campaigns.

When properly done, it can be the difference between a successful business, that meet customer’s need, and a company that went bankrupt in her first 5 years.

Social Networking Sites

I want to share with you the 5 essential elements of social media marketing. These are not just benefits, but they act as a starting point to harnessing the great potential in your business. Whatever your niche may be, there is a place for you in the social environment.

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1. Well Defined Channels

One crucial aspect of every business lies in planning. The clearer your goals and objectives are, the easier you attain them. That is why you need well defined channels for your business expansion. Businesses don’t grow until a clear direction is mapped out.

Social media marketing helps to initiate a clear view of the future. This is because, you get to understand individual customers and what their preferences are. In this way, you would be able to meet their needs and elevate your business in an interesting way.

2. Marketing Redefined

Doing business on the internet has never been this simple and rewarding. When I flash my mind back to the recent developments in the technology age, I’m glad that social media emerged. Popular web 2.0 sites like Facebook and Twitter have made marketing easier.

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Instead of constantly running after the latest technology fad, looking for a loophole to drive targeted traffic, social media sites helps you by-pass these rhetoric sequence and give you instant results. Although the results may not be overnight, but it’s pretty fast.

You choose your niche, set your campaigns in order and allow technology to deliver results. Whatever your niche may be, gardening, health, boat making, coaching, martial arts, etc, the channel to market your expertise have been redefined using social media sites.

This was the exact method I used while building my review blog that shares free sittercity coupons and 6pm discounts deals.

I was able to deliver my products to the right people, basically online shoppers who want to save. Marketing is all about targeting the right people – social media sites help you achieve this feat.

3. User Friendly & Human Edited

I haven’t seen any marketing platform that allows so much interactivity. When you promote your blog or website via Twitter for example, you would be able to network with several like minds. It doesn’t get easier than this when you begin to see a significant growth your traffic stats.

Everything that makes doing business online, a fun and interesting adventure, is present with social media. You can upload, share and bookmark your favourite content.

There is no waiting for admins’ approval before your content, advertising campaigns reach your target audience. It’s instant, human edited and user friendly.

4. Safe Business Transactions

Contrary to what so many social media users believe, these sites are actually safe to use. As a wise marketer, I have been transacting business across the world with friends, colleagues and family using twitter.

Of course you don’t have to display your public profile, but you can control who sees you and what they do in your walls, as in Facebook marketing.

You can give access to business-oriented minds, allow them to add you as friends and transact business safely. However, be keen in doing this, there are so many unscrupulous people who are somewhat cunning. But don’t close your mind to the great benefit of doing fabulous businesses using social media sites.

5. Social Networking System

We all cherish multinational companies today. But have you asked yourself why these companies are making success, despite the economic meltdown. The reason is simple, they have got a firm chain of networks that powers them.

Take for instance, Apple Inc., the famous companies that manufactures iPad and the most famous iPhone, they are unique, multi-faceted and have a lot of networks across the social media sites. That is why their products sell like hot cakes even within the first few weeks.

They have built huge followers, fans and likes. That is what social media helps you achieve. But your products and services have to prove to your world (customers), that you’ve all it takes to make their lives better.

Don’t neglect the social networking system, and how it can lift your business up the success ladder. With the above benefits, your business would experience a timely break-through into the economic world. Think about this, take action and meet me at the top. 😉

This is a guest post written by Michael Chibuzorn.

Image credit: fred