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New Apple iPad 2 launch

Apple official event on March 2: Is it for the iPad...

Yesterday only, we updated you on the possible delay in the iPad 2 launch by Apple from April to June 2011. Already, there is a...

Apple iPad 2 launch delayed until June 2011

Update: Apple has released iPad 2 in its March 2 special Media event. Read more about iPad 2 at the below links: iPad 2 is...

Apple iPhone 4G announced; this time its Real

We have been reading about the leaked iPhone Prototypes and images splashed all over the internet for quite sometime now. This happened when one...



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First Post on Technolism.com

Hello all. Welcome to a brand new blog where we will be discussing about the latest trends in Web 2.0 This is my very first post...

OnLive arrives in the UK