Traffic sources Technolism July 2011

Another month passed by and July 2011 was another good month in terms of traffic for Technolism. August is almost over and I know that the report for July is being published a bit late, in fact, very late :P. Actually, I was very busy in planning my first vacation to India after 18 long months (quite long, phew!) from London, UK.

I am currently in India now for 3 weeks out of which 2 weeks are already gone ๐Ÿ™ and I have extremely busy these days which is the reason for this delay and still I did not want to miss this report. Now, while writing this, I realized that this is interestingly Technolismโ€™s first post from India. ๐Ÿ™‚ Till now, I have been updating Technolism whenever I got time from my full time job in London.

Withย  the 165 odd articles in the last 14 months of Technolismโ€™s inception, we have been getting decent traffic in the last few months with more than 80% coming from organic sources โ€“ Search Engines. Lets have a look at the detailed numbers for the month of July.

Traffic Stats Overview:

Technolism Monthly traffic overview - July 2011Visits: 27,733 (+44% over last month)

Page Views: 36,077 (+25% over last month)

Traffic Sources:

Traffic sources Technolism July 2011

The Organic traffic is, like earlier months the main source of traffic for Technolism with the range now close to 80% coming from Google Search engine alone.

How has your traffic for the month been? Do share with us in the comments section below.


  1. still the traffic looks awesome, i wish i could achieve half of it for some of my sites! anyways good luck with your target, hope you achieve them pretty fast

  2. Hi Amandeep,
    I am planning to start a blog next week. I had a question. Can we expect to earn around 3$ per 1000 impressions from a finance blog that includes adsense, buy sell ads, allowing a company to write an article to advertise him etc. Kindly give realistic viewpoint only


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