Some interesting facts about Facebook Profile Photos [Infographic]

Facebook has the largest collection of photos compared to any other website on the internet. Flickr and Picassa, which are dedicated photo-sharing sites, are far behind in the race with facebook being expected to hit 100 billion photos this summer.

According to a recent analysis, out of the total number of photos on Facebook, around 10% are profile photos. Photo organizing Facebook app Pixable has analysed about 500,000 of its users’ profiles and come up with some interesting facts about the photos people choose to represent themselves on Facebook, in the form of an infographic.

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Below are some interesting facts based on their research:

  • Women upload more profile photos, typically every 2 weeks (ahem ahem!)
  • Men upload a new profile photo every 3 weeks
  • The average facebook user has 26 profile photos

Have a look at the infographic below for more interesting tidbits.

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