How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Website or Blog with Discount Offers

twitter to promote blog with discount offersTwitter is a social networking site that many know as the social site that allows people to share free website links without much restriction as how it was on facebook and other social sites on the internet. The main useful usage of twitter is to share latest informative and interesting links on the internet.

Many people use twitter every day to share link of their latest blog post in order to get people that can come to the site to read the article. The large percentages of people that are on twitter are mostly bloggers because they have a lot of useful information to share with the world.

As a blogger, getting your website in front of as many people as possible should be your main concern. Therefore, that is why it is very much of imperative to know what to do to make sure that people get to know your website every day, every second and every minute of the day. You must do all you can do to make sure that your website become popular because that is one of the assurance that you can get more traffic to your blog in the future to come.

If traffic is your greatest challenges as a blogger, moving out of your comfort zone to drive traffic to your blog is the next available escape route for you because without traffic, your site cannot succeed online.

You might have been wondering how you are going to use twitter to promote your website with discount offers! You don’t have to worry much about this because getting traffic depends mostly on one term, which is to add value to people’s lives. The moment you start to add more value to other people’s lives, you will start to enjoy your success because it will pay you in the long run.

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The first time when I first started my coupon and discount promotion blog, YouLoveCoupon, I was unable to promote my website offers to people effectively because of the lack of knowledge of doing the job. My site became a barren in terms of visitors for months. Nevertheless, the moment I started to share discount and coupon offers like gravity defyer and 48hourprint to my followers on twitter, everything began to change for the better and the site started to experience traffic spikes on regular basis with the use of Twitter marketing technique.

Driving traffic to blog from twitter profile timeline is not an easy task though, you need the required skills like using the right marketing word and some other things to raise people’s curiosity to learn more about the free offer you are sharing with them on the site.

I have carefully outlined below three steps to use twitter to promote your blog or website with discount and coupon offers without spending much money on search engine promotion.

Follow the trend

The first secret that I found useful when I first started using the technique I am sharing with you is that, I make sure that I follow all the trends about the world and make proper use of it to promote my coupon and discount offers to make people come to my blog.

I followed many people on twitter in order to attract them to read my blog by signing up for my offers.

Following the trend in this sense means, that, to know what people want and then try to share a link to a resource post on my site that shows them how to get it at a discounted price.

Share your message with the right word

Another thing you need to take proper care of is the use of words. When it comes to marketing on twitter, there are different types of words you have to ignore and there are words that are supposed to be included in your tweets to make people to consider checking your offers. By understanding this word, you can be very much sure of impelling more people to your blog.

Do not spoil your timeline with bamboozle offers

Any offer that you know does not mean that it is worth promoting – you had better avoid writing anything about such because people that will come to your blog from twitter will have to click out of your site if they later get to know that the offer is not genuine. By following this, you can retain your website integrity and that will increase your traffic from twitter.

This is a guest post by Daniel, a lazy writer with a diverse interest in sharing technology tips.

Japanese Prime Minister starts Twitter Account in English Language for Quake Updates

After the 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan on Saturday, Social Networking has played a major role in helping the people to connect with their loved ones and providing real time information about the crisis.

After creating an official PM office Twitter account in Japanese language @Kantei_Saigai, which was created on 13 March, the day of quake, the Japanese Prime Minister office has started a similar official Twitter account in English Language which also aims at proving the updates related to the Earthquake. The link is @JPN_PMO.

Japan Prime Minister Twitter Account got Quake Updates

The account @JPN_PMO, will tweet translations from the Japanese disaster information Twitter account @Kantei_Saigai. Like the Japanese account, this one also aims at providing the information about about evacuations, press conferences and the country’s overall welfare during this time of crisis.

You can start following the PM office account on twitter @JPN_PMO to stay updated about the situation in Japan.

Twitter rolls out its new Analytics Product

After being in the rumours for some time now, Twitter has finally rolled out its Analytics product. Twitter has started inviting some of the selected users to test its new Product.

Twitter Analytics will give users the ability to see a plethora of data about their account; for example, information about which tweets have been most successful, which tweets caused people to unfollow them, and who are the most influential users, that reply and retweet their messages.

The below images show some of the data recorded by Twitter Analytics product. A bar graph is produced which shows you mentions, follows and unfollows. It also provides the feature to filter tweets by categories that are categorised as “best,” “good,” and “all.”

Twitter Analytics to know details about your tweets

Twitter Analytics - Tweets DashboardThe Analytics product from Twitter comes as a serious blow to the third-party vendors who provide similar tools, as what we have come to know till now is that this product will be free and Twitter has no plans to charge for this. What do you think; will this be a threat to the already existing vendors providing this feature?

Images Courtesy: @mongoosemetrics via [Mashable]

Aamir Khan joins the Tweet Race; gets 38k fans in 13 hours

All the Aamir Khan fans, who are not on twitter till now, will get a reason to register for the 140-characters of social networking. The Bollywood’s fraternity on twitter got bigger by many folds when the Mr. Perfectionist joined the tweet race. After Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh and Salman Khan, it is now Aamir Khan’s turn to join the micro-blogging site.

It is by the fame through big hits like 3 idiots that this star has managed to get a whopping 38,000 followers in a matter of some 13 hours. That is close to 3000 fans per hour, which is mind blowing 😉

Below is the first tweet by Aamir which said ‘Testing.Aamir.’ His twitter page shows that he has some 38k fans but he is following only one person, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

aamir khan first tweet

Filmmaker Karan Johar was one of the first people to welcome the actor to the community and tweeted “@aamir_khan on twitterverse people!!!”. Amitabh Bachchan, who reportedly convinced Aamir to join twitter, was also quick to extend greetings. “You have been tried and tested! Welcome, and thank you for agreeing to twitter! Now handle it brother! There will be MADNESS!!” read Big B’s tweet.

The This is really amazing, getting 38,512 fans (at 03:42 am on 1st July, 2010 IST) in a matter of hours. I won’t get these many fans in a lifetime lest I become the next Bill Gates blogging my way 😛 As a matter of fact I had to change the title and content of this post two time in the 10 mins. that it took me to write this post 🙂

All the Aamir Khan fans can follow him @aamir_khan

So, have you joined the Mr. Perfectionist on the micro-blogging site, Twitter?