TopCashback Xmas Treats Answers 2017 – Cashback Giveaway Clues

Believe it or not, 2017 is almost over.

We’re now on the countdown to Christmas.

The new year is around the corner and so is the time to say goodbye to 2017.

Around this time of the year, TopCashback is known to run a series of treats wherein they drop a daily clue and you need to guess the merchant based on the clue teasers.

TopCashback is back with Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway for 2017 and you can win easy cash.

There’s a £17,500 up for grabs at TopCashback UK – just in time for Christmas!

There’s not much that you need to do to grab these prizes in cashback.


This is what this post is all about – helping you with the answers to TC Xmas treats Cashback 2017 clues.

I will get to that in a sec.

The winnings get credited directly to your TopCashback account which you can then withdraw in many ways – Amazon vouchers, Love2shop vouchers, wire transfer to your bank to name some.

What do you need to do to take part in TopCashback Xmas Treats 2017?

Not much.

Guess the retailer in the daily clue and then search for the retailer which is when you should see a little hummingbird with a gift. Click on it!

Look around for the little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page.

As you find out the correct retailers listed on TopCashback, you are awarded treats which you then accumulate to get prizes in cash – £0.10, £0.20, £0.50, £1, £5, £10, £20 and £100 in cash.

You need to be logged in to do this.

You can sign up now if you are not a TopCashback member (It’s free!)

If you use my link, I may get a small commission if you were to shop via TopCashback in the future (doing which you will earn cashback and I recommend you do all shopping via them!). It’s rewarding!

This comes at no extra cost to you and these commissions help me pay for the costs of running this website.

With each correct answer, you also get an additional entry into the TopCashback Mega Prize Draw of £3000.

So lookout for the cute little hummingbird and get winning!

Here’s a simple explanation by TopCashback of how this works:

Entering is simple – all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) anytime during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

To win, you’ll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching items which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them (like Christmas trees, snowmen and so on). As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Each flying hummingbird you catch will gain you one entry into the mega prize draw to win the top £3,000 prize. Some hummingbirds will also have a festive surprise in their basket simply find matching items to win the instant win prizes.

In this article, I am listing the daily clues starting from 01 Dec 2017 to 24 Dec 2017 at 23:59.

If you haven’t been collecting treats from day 1, don’t worry! You can still have a chance to win FREE money by going to the retailers in the below list and still get the little TopCashback hummingbird with the gift basket.

Answers: TopCashbach Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway 2017

01 Dec: eBay – I got 1 x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

02 Dec: Tesco Direct – I got 1 x Snowman (need 3 more to win £10 cashback into TC account)

03 Dec: Look Of The Day – I got 1 x Snowman again (need 2 more to win £10 into TopCashback account)

04 Dec: AllBeauty – I got 1 x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

05 Dec: Talk Talk – I got 1 x Christmas tree (need 1 more to win £0.20 into my TopCashback account)

06 Dec: Euroffice – I got 1 x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

07 Dec: FitFlop – I got 1 x Present (need 2 more to win £1)

08 Dec: The Works – I got 1x Christmas tree (🎉 I won £0.20 cashback!)

09 Dec: I Saw It First – I got 1 x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

10 Dec: MandMDirect – I got 1x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

11 Dec: Three Mobile SIM Contracts – I got 1 x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

12 Dec: H. Samuel – I got 1x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

13 Dec: Ralph Lauren – I got 1x Gingerbread Men (need 2 more to win £5 cash)

14 Dec: John Greed Jewellery – I got 1x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

15 Dec: Nike – I got 1x Snowflake (need 3 more to win £100 cashback)

16 Dec: Moonpig – I got 1 x Free PDE to £3000

17 Dec: Nasty Gal – I got 1 x Free PDE to £3000

18 Dec: Very – I got 1x Candycane (need 3 more to win £20 cash)

19 Dec: Disney Store – I got 1x Star (need 2 more to win £0.50 cashback)

20 Dec: Ernest Jones – I got 1x Free PDE to £3000

21 Dec: Debenhams – I got 1x Present (need 1 more to win £1 cashback)

22 Dec: Currys PC World – I got 1x Santa (🎉 I won £0.10 cashback!)

23 Dec: Red Letter Days – I got 1x Candycane (2 more needed to win £20 cash)

I update this post daily as the daily clue is updated on the TopCashback site – if you need help with tomorrow’s answer to TopCashback Xmas Treats, drop back in and I will be here!

If you want to know more about the TopCashBack giveaway, keep reading!

How much are the total prizes worth?

Xmas treats 2017 has £17,500 up for grabs!

You could win over 60,000 instant-win cash prizes worth up to £100 or, as I mentioned the mega prize draw of £3000.

How can you earn more treats?

In addition to the daily clues, you can also find the TC hummingbird on some random pages.

Here are some which I got lucky with:

Expedia – I got 1 x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

Groupon – I got 1 x Free Entry to £3000 Prize Draw

So keep looking and if you find one that is not already added to the list above, do share it in the comments below so others can win too!

You can also share your progress on Facebook or Twitter to gain 5 additional entries to the £3,000 MEGA prize.

If you are not already a TopCashback member, you can sign up for a free account now. You don’t have to be an existing member to be a part of Xmas treats by TCB and haven’t missed much since the giveaway started.

You can sign up now and go through the old clues to start collecting Christmas treats starting 01 Dec 2017.

Over to you

I hope this post about clues/answers to TopCashback Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway help you win a good cashback amount. Do share your experience in the comments section below.

Till then, keep winning!

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