Hitler Reacts on Google Penguin Update

As you already know, Google’s webspam algorithm code-named Penguin went live on 24th April, 2012 which affects 3% search results around the world.

Google Penguin Update - Web Spam Algorithm

The latest algorithm was not pleasant for everyone and all of those affected are complaining about it in Webmaster forums.

Briefly, the Google Penguin update penalises the websites who have done SEO over optimization on their website. As this is called the web spam algorithm update by Google, if you have done excess back linking for your website / blog and majority of them are from low authority websites, you are likely to have been a victim of Penguin update.

Starting from Panda back in Feb 2011, the Google’s algorithm updates have been spreading panic among the blogging community changing the way how SEO is done. Google’s updates have even given the big names a run for their money with some of them even losing 50-60% of the organic traffic overnight.

Finally, the Google’s latest algorithm update Penguin has affected Adolf Hitler’s websites and here is a take on his reaction to this whole fiasco.

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Why Apple Could Not Launch iPhone 5?

As we all know that Apple launched only iPhone 4S at the Apple “Let’s talk iPhone” event held on October 4, 2011 which was covered live by leading blogs including Technolism ;). There were no announcements about the much anticipated and rumoured iPhone 5 at this event, which left many Apple fans disappointed.

Below is a funny take on the reason why there was no iPhone 5.

You can check out more details about the Apple “Let’s talk iPhone” event:

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs - iPhone 5 humour

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