7 Best Flash Gaming Sites you are gonna love!

Games are one of the most widely used and loved softwares today. There are many popular games like Counter Strike, Need For Speed, Call Of Duty, etc. but mini online flash games have their own importance in our lives. So, here we introduce to you the top online sites that offer online flash games.

#1. Miniclip

MiniClip.com - Play Flash Online Games

This site is one of my personal favourite. The website was one of the earliest players in this field and thus, this website has a number of titles that has made it highly popular amongst the gaming fraternity. Titles such as “Clone War Adventures” has managed to maintain a loyal army of followers. The Club Penguins, Free Realms, RuneScape, and Webosaurs are some of the titles that are responsible for the success of the company. Miniclip also offers the developer APIs so that they can be utilized by developers to make more interactive and powerful games. Miniclip has also launched games for Android and iPhone platforms.

#2. Kongregate

Kongregate - Free Online Games

Kongregate offers more than 45,000 games. It also offers various badges on achieving good scores in various games. You can share your score on facebook and show your badges to your friends. Zombotron and ‘Learn to fly’ are 2 of the most popular games on the site.

#3. Armor Games

Armor Games - Free Flash Games Online

“Armor Games” was earlier known as Games of Gondor. This flash based website was founded in California by Daniel McNeely. The site has games across a variety of genres like puzzle, shooting, strategy, racing, etc. The company rose to fame due to its Lord of Rings themed games such as “Hob the Hobbit”, “Battle for Gondor” and “Orc Slayer”.

#4. GameGape

GameGape - Free New Games Everyday

GameGape is another premier flash based gaming site that has more than 10,000 flash games to offer. Besides a gaming site, GameGape is a social media network also where people can interact, socialize, relax and make new friends every day. The website has its own gaming studios in addition to its partnerships with reputed gaming companies and publishers. This company has published games for many multinationals like Coca Cola, Sony Ericson and much more. The company has its own distribution channel through which it shares its content with the users.

#5. Bestflashgames

BestFlashGames - Play Free Games Online

BestFlashGames is a directory of free flash games. Site claims to add new flash games each and every day. Games are listed in various categories which make navigation quite simple. Truck Loader and Battlefield are 2 of the most popular games on the site.

#6. NewGrounds

NewGrounds - Free Flash Games Online

Newgrounds is an American based website which was founded by Tom Fulp in 1996. The website is the oldest Flash portal website and has an indigenously built user rating system. This website has a number of games across a variety of genres like action, puzzle, casino, adventure and much more. Besides this, the website has a number of movies and audio that is offered for the visitors.

#7. Games.co.id

Games.co.id - Free Flash Games Online

This is another excellent website that offers good flash based games. There are a variety of games are offered for free and are across a variety of genre like sport, adventure, action, puzzle, multiplayer, etc. The website is offered in the Indonesian language but you can translate it anytime using Google translate.

I hope you liked the above listed flash based gaming websites. If you also know a good gaming website that is a house to flash games, do let us know via the comments section and we would add it to the list above.

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Search, Copy Special Characters missing on your Keyboard: CopyPasteCharacter

Sometimes you may encounter a need for some special characters, which are not there on your keyboard by default. For developers and designers, this sometimes gets very annoying to search google for keyboard shortcuts or html code for special characters. There is a simple site using which you can easily get rid of such problems.

The site is called CopyPasteCharacter which is a very simple and a useful website. It’s basically a list of special characters that you can copy as text or html on to your clipboard and then use wherever you want to.

You simply need to click on any character that you want, and it will be copied to your clipboard. You also have the choice to copy the character as HTML or as Text. To copy more than 1 character, you can press ALT key and then copy the multiple characters you need.

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You can use Copy Paste Character to insert proper typographic characters, such as “quotation marks” and the interrobang ‽, or simply use it to spice up your e-mail messages, tweets, or text messages with h☺ppy faces, sn☃wmen or → arrows ←.

Go check out CopyPasteCharacter now and do bookmark it as it is a very useful resource and you may need it in future, if not now. 😉

The Copy Paste Character iPhone app is also available which you can download from here.

What are your views about this simple and useful website? Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

20 Ways to watch FIFA 2010 World Cup Online for free

The biggest sporting event of the year is just around the corner, the FIFA World Cup 2010. The international Football tournament kicks off from 11th June 2010 and will go on until 11th July 2010, a full month filled with excitement and thrill. In total 32 teams are competing in the tournament.

2010FIFAworldCup_South Africa Soccer fanatics all over the world are eagerly anticipating the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup which takes place in South Africa this year. The internet is all filled up with the content based on the theme of the world event. There are many offers on digital media, Televisions and DTHs coming out with the punch line related to the FIFA world Cup 2010.

ESPN and ABC have teamed up to bring every single match live on television in US while BBC and ITV in UK, CBC in Canada, ESPN-Star Sports and Doordarshan in India are official broadcasters of FIFA World Cup 2010. But what if you do not have a television?

Or, you are a die hard football fan but cannot make it to watch your favourite team on the TV because your Boss wants you to work :P. For that matter, what if you are home but your cable is not working. This is where technology and internet come into picture.

This is the first world cup happening with social networks buzzing around. As already hyped as “the first social media world cup”, soccer loving web geeks will be using every way possible to stay in touch with what’s happening with their favourite team.

So, we have come up with a list of websites that are offering full coverage of the world cup telecasting every single match at the click of a mouse.

1. ESPN3.com

Got no TV? Don’t worry. ESPN3 will be live streaming all the matches online (except 10). Individual match streams can be accessed via the sports drop-down on the website.

In addition to this, ESPNradio and ESPN Mobile will be providing coverage and stat updates for the matches.

espn3-fifa 2010 live

2. MyP2P.eu

This is another link which lists multiple sources for watching world cup 2010 live. You would need to download few harmless software though through this site.

myp2p live football streaming online

3. UnivisionFutbol.com

Univision will also be streaming every match of FIFA 2010 WC live at UnivisionFutbol.com.

In addition to this, univision will be making use of social media to provide real-time game stats, commentary and exclusive player interviews.

Note: This site is by default in Spanish. Click on the link “World Cup 2010 coverage in English” on the Top navigation bar to change to the English version.

univision futbol live football streaming online

4. Justin.tv

Another source for free online streaming of entire Football World Cup saga. It contains multiple live streaming links, but hard to expect high quality streaming over here.

justintv live football streaming online

5. Ustream.tv

ustreamtv live football streaming online

6. TVBunch.com

This source has multiple streams available for each match.

tv bunch live football streaming online

7. fromSport.com

fromsport live football streaming online

8. IraqGoals.net

This is another popular link for live football streams well-known with Soccer fanatics.

iraqgoals live football streaming online

9. LiveSport1.us

livesports live football streaming online

10. Free-Football.tv

This site will also provide live telecast for all matches. You can also click on major games to see their match previews or look below for more upcoming live football fixtures.

free football tv live football streaming online

11. FirstRow.net

On this site you can see a section having the name of the match and clicking on that reveals several links for the live streaming of match.

firstrow live football streaming online

12. LiveFooty

The aim of this site can be seen in the below screen grab of the site. 🙂

livefooty live football streaming online

13. AsiaplateTV.com

asiam plate tv live football streaming online

14. LiveSoccerTV.com

On this site, you can find all resources related to the WC. This site also provides, previews before all the matches.

livesoccertv live football streaming online

15. Streamick.com

This site provides the streaming for various channels that are airing the world cup tournament. In the screen grab below, see the Opening of the WC that I watched on this site.

streamick live football streaming online

16. ChannelSurfing.net

This site provides awesome quality streaming of Live Channels and events.

channelsurfing live football streaming online

17. Atdhe.net

This site provide live streaming of various sports channels like ESPN, that are broadcasting the FIFA world cup. However, this site may prompt you to install a plugin for their TV.

atdhe live football streaming online

18. Live-Foot.com

This site is not in English but you can browse it using Google Translate to start watching the live matches here.

live-foot live football streaming online

19. Rojadirecta.org

On this site, you can click on the match name, and then click on one of the links in the list that is displayed to watch live streaming of the matches.

rojadirecta live football streaming online

Update: Added one more link

20. Livestreamz.com

Livestreamz is another source which is added to our list. This site provides 3 different links to watch the live streams of the FIFA World cup matches.

Livestreamz.com live football streaming online

This is a long list to enjoy the FIFA Football World Cup all through the season. I have spent more than 2 hours in finding these resources all over the internet. Some of these might not give good results.

On the contrary, many of these resources provide other live channels and events also. So, this list can be really useful to the geeks who spend most of their time in front of PCs and Laptops. Subscribe to our email updates to stay updated more useful stuff

Shoot your comments in the below section about the source that you liked the most which can help the fellow readers. Also, please let me know if we missed any source, though I do not think so!!