How Green is the iPhone? [Infographic]

Did you know that Apple pulls in close to 50% of the world’s total cellphone profits by selling only 4% of the cellphones worldwide, with that kind of profit and over 100 million iPhones sold Apple is an undisputed giant. So just how green is the giant’s smartphone?

Some days back I shared with you an interesting funny video which shows the condition of the iWorld when Apple iPhone 44G takes over the world in the year 2041. Keeping that in mind lets have a look at some interesting unknown facts about the Apple iPhone and check out “How Green is the iPhone.”

Geekaphone has compiled all this interesting information in the form of a tasty infographic. Have a look. Some of the interesting facts shared in this infographic are:

  • 300,000 workers in China earn less than $10 a day assembling iPhones.
  • If all the iPhones sold in 2010 were charged once it would be equal to leaving a normal light bulb on for over 357 years.
  • The original iPhone contained the hazardous chemicals PVC and bromine.
  • 49 workers in Taiwan were poisoned assembling the iPhones’ touchscreens.

how green is the iphonevia Geekaphone

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