Broadband Hack – How to Increase the Speed of your Internet Connection

Broadband internet connection is the ideal thing for anyone accessing the internet in the modern-day. With a fast broadband internet connection, companies are able to reliably communicate with each other in a faster means and internet users find it convenient browsing from their homes.

The speed of the connection can vary greatly, so it is important to carefully select DSL service providers. And many a times, even though you have got a great Broadband provider (ISP), broadband can become slow when the user does some certain things on the computer. While this can be reversed, it takes some steps which are unknown to many internet users out there.

Increase Broadband Internet Connection Speed

We have already shared with you some effective ways to speed up wireless broadband Internet connection; in this post, we talk about your internet connection in general. If you’ve noticed that your broadband internet connection has stopped browsing as fast as it used to be, then you might need to follow the tips in this post.

Tips to Overcome the Issue of Slow Internet Connection

Remove Temp Files and Cache

Temporary internet files, otherwise known as Temp Files, are often downloaded from pages of websites you visit regularly and stored on your computer’s browser to optimize the loading speed of the said website. While this will help make certain websites load faster on your computer using the old images that were downloaded and stored to enhance its loading speed, it will not make your internet browser respond better to new websites.

Now, considering that websites today are being updated regularly, the Temp Files and cache your internet browser has downloaded will only make the loading speed of your internet become dragged, which will result in you having a slow internet connection.

Remove the temporary files that are stored on your browser by pressing “crtl+shft+del” on your keyboard and selecting “Everything” from the option.

Stop Sharing of Internet Connection

Sharing becomes an option when there are two or more computers ready to connect to the internet while there’s just a single means of internet connection, such as an internet ready modem. The user with the internet ready modem can generously allow other users to connect to the internet through his computer by broadcasting their wireless network which enables others to connect wirelessly to the internet.

The benefit of sharing is that you use a single internet ready modem to get more computers to connect to the internet, but the disadvantages are more. Below are a few of them:

  • Internet Becomes Slow
  • Host computer suffers quick battery run-down
  • Causes host computer to overheat

With the disadvantages you get from sharing, your network will always perform slowly.

Detect and Stop Background Internet Consuming Software

Finally, one good way to tackle a slow broadband internet connection is to try and detect any internet consuming program running in the background. These programs are usually designed to communicate to their server using the internet without the consent of the computer user, thereby causing the internet connection the computer is using to drag.

To detect any program running in background on your computer, just run the windows Task Manager by right clicking on the Taskbar in windows and click “Start Task Manager”. A list of programs running on your computer will be displayed in the task manager and you can choose which you want to end.

Do let us know if these simple tips help you in speeding up your internet connect. Also, do share with us tips and tricks you are using to tackle this issue of slow internet connection.

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This is a guest post by Alan Rita. Alan is a freelance writer who focuses on guest blogging to promote her site.

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