[Spam Alert]Beware of the latest Worldcup Video Spam on Facebook

Minutes back I got a post from one of my old school friends. This is fine but you feel surprised when that happens today, after meeting for some 8 years. Below is the post that I got from my friend:

Facebook Spam football video
Spam URL post on my wall

I clicked on the link and I understood that it is not my friend who posted this link on my wall but again those good-for-nothing spammers who keep on trying one way or the other to SPAM. This time they are trying to make use of the FIFA Football fever.

When I clicked on this link which boasts of taking me to a world cup video, I am forwarded to a webpage that demands me to login again using my FB account while I am already logged in. If you manage to Check out your address bar, this is the URL that you are pointed to which is nothing but a spam site:

facebook fake login page
Facebook Fake Login Page

I am known to such spams happening on the internet, so I entered some junk details just like that, to check if I am correct that this is something fishy. And guess what I was proved right, when this so-called facebook login page accepted the above as my login details and took me to a blank page.

So, all of you please beware and do not enter your credentials. They will take in your login details and spam your Facebook account with whatever crap they want. When you get such a message simply delete it from your wall, so that your friends who are football fanatics are surely gonna click on this link and fall prey to these spammers.

Have you got such a post on your wall from any of your friends?

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