10 Most Useful Android Apps For Business Owners

The popularity of Android phones is creating new dimensions day by day and is topping over all the corners of the globe with various latest innovations in device applications. Android has become one of the most preferred choices for mobile enthusiasts and business people worldwide.

We have already shared with you the best Android Apps from different categories. You can check them out below.

In this post, we have listed some of the best Android Apps for Business owners. Business Android Applications enable you to track the major business happenings all round the world right from the click of your smart phone. Today, Android market is growing at a  faster speed and a number of exclusive paid as well as free apps are available to suit the needs of business users and to increase the business productivity.

Android Apps for Business Owners

The highly advanced Android Apps accommodate high-end technology that expands your business to new heights and make your life a lot easier. Hereby I have documented the best 10 free Android apps for your business.

1. Dropbox: It is a great Android app that enables you to manage your files in synced folders. This mobile application allows you to have an easy access to all your files and data from any desktop or mobile device having Dropbox running in it. With 2 GB of free storage, Dropbox is undoubtedly an excellent Android application to run your business smartly.

2. Camcard Lite : It works as an address book app for Android and allows you to take a quick snap of your business card with your built-in camera. The app automatically imports all the contact information including name, address, phone number and emails into your address book for future use.

3. DroidAnalytics : It is an excellent Android app to visualize your analytical data and statistics in a faster way. You can see daily or weekly or yearly stats for viewing your pages by visitors.

4. Springpad : It is one of the latest business apps in the world of Android cell phones. This app enables you to save data in a virtual notebook and pulls in important data from other websites also. Thus, you can take immediate action on your list with the help of this app.

5. Jorte : It is a personal organizer app that dispels calendar into weekly or monthly view. Jorte app holds some of the great features such as import and export of to-do data, Google maps interaction and Google voice controller. It is also a great tool to see all the important schedules at a glance.

6. Remember the Milk : It is a wonderful free Android app to perform mobile task management. You can add or check tasks, organize future tasks and also get alerts when you are near a location where the task is scheduled to get completed. The web interface of the app integrates it with Gmail, Twitter and others.

7. Voice Recorder : This easy to use free Android app is quite beneficial to record voice or songs or talks on the go. You can send the generated MP3 file directly to your Gmail account as attachments. Moreover, you can also search for recordings according to name and date and can set your recordings as your Android ringtones also.

8. Expense Manager : This is a wonderful free Android app to manage all your business expenses on the go. You can keep a track of your weekly, monthly or annual incomes and expenditures and can also schedule and recur payments with Android Expense Manager.

9. Evernote : This is an Android notebook app that allows you save your ideas, text, images and sound. Now capture ideas, take notes, click photos, record sounds or create to-do-lists; everything is so simple with this free Android Evernote application. In short, itís a good alternative for a good memory.

10. Dolphin Browser : This is really a great browser app that comes with the features of multi-tab browsing, bookmarking, multi-touch commanding and syncing. This free of cost Android app supports multiple of add-ons and is a wonderful app to promote your business productivity.

This is a guest post by Ilya Elbert.

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