Tablet Wars: Which is the best tablet for you? [Infographic]

Apple started it all with the launch of its long awaited tablet device, the Apple iPad and then, others follow suite. Looks like, all the technology giants were waiting the market to be set on fire by Apple and now, everyone is stepping in to the market with its own Tablet.

Literally, looks like the era has begun where the machine made by man is at War, this time the Tablet War.

Some days back, we informed you about the latest device introduced by RIM: Playbook, the Blackberry Tablet. There are many others who have sent their soldiers in the war field and the remaining are following fashion. With so many options in the market, the consumer is surely to get confused 😉

The below infographic illustrates the comparison between the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, ViewSonic G Tablet, Malata PC A1001 and the Dell Streak 5.

Right out of the box, each of these tablet computers are facing competition from the Apple’s highly touted iPad, which was released amid a flurry of hype and excitement some time back.

The various things covered in the below picture are Weight, Dimensions, Screen, Features, Release Dates and Price.



So, out of the above listed Tablets, which is your personal choice? And, which among them is going to win the Tablet War? Do share your views in the Comments section below.

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