Are Asus Transformer Pads Good for Gaming?

Any tablet device looking to make a splash needs to offer users something special, as the mobile device market is a very competitive one, and people have got ample amount of choices available. The particular area where manufacturers want their devices to stand out is in gaming, which remains one of the most popular usages of mobile devices, and it can be argued that the Transformer Pad devices produced by Asus do offer plenty to recommend them to gamers.

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Asus Transformer Pad


A frequent complaint amongst those gaming on a tablet – even hugely successful ones like the iPad – is the absence of a physical keyboard. Thus, the option of using a docking keyboard with all Asus Transformer Pad models makes the gaming experience a bit easier. The users have the luxury to get connected through the docking keyboard and enjoy unlimited gaming all day long.


This varies depending on the model you choose, but the more expensive Transformer Pads – like the Infinity, boast a screen size and image resolution that will have even Apple getting nervous :P. The all new stunning 10.1 inch of screen size is something amazing for the gamers.

Enabling Online Games

Bigger screen size and a powerful processor are the key factors in bringing good quality to the games. Many modern games utilize increasingly sophisticated and immersive graphics; meaning the quality of screen size and resolution very important to the overall experience.

Striking Attraction

The all new TF700 comes with a striking amethyst gray finish color. The metallic back with the silver color embossed on it gives a stunning look to the device. The tablet also comes in Champagne gold color. If you think colors will intrigue and will capture your interests apart from the gaming intentions, then TF700 can be the best pick for you.


The upgrades to the original Asus Transformer (the Prime and the Infinity) both feature quad core Nvidia processors which provide gamers with virtually unbeatable graphics and processing power, making them ideal for playing 3D games – whether it is online casino ones or any other type. This processor is available with all models of the Transformer Pad now, including the budget price 300 model. Infact, this is the only product to boast a 1.7 GHz CPU and has the capability to support the PS3 and Xbox controllers.


The Micro HDMI port of TF700 and some of its other Asus versions helps the users to connect the device to monitors or big screens. It helps them to play the games and enjoy a unique experience. You can get them connected through the wired PS3 or Xbox controllers. USB compatible games can also be played. It even supports gaming through dongle devices. So, what more is awaited and it’s time for the gamers to jump into action!!!


This has been a key area where all Android devices have always been lagged behind by Apple, but more of the popular iOS games than ever are now available for Android as well. In addition, really good games are starting to be designed for Android devices like the Infinity in particular, such as Zen Pinball THD.

Google store is stuffed with brand new games that are nascent when compared with the popularity of its Apple counterpart. However, the Android games are all set to give a tough challenge to the Apple games.

The transformer pads come with amazingly sharp and clear images even on big screens when connected. It is the perfect device for the full time gamers and the money you spend on this device is rightly justified.

Do let us know what do you feel about the Transformer Pad tablet range by Asus!

This is a guest post by Raj Kumar.

Cube – Explore Your World With A Game About Google Maps

Here comes another interesting game, once again from Google. This time in the form of a cube, which is a game about Google Maps. Seems like Google is getting quite interested in the gaming segment lately. Yesterday, we wrote about the Zerg Rush Easter Egg from Google which allows you to show your gaming skills within the Google Search Engine window and today, Google revealed a fun and time killing game – Cube.

Gamified Google Maps - Cube

Google released a teaser video about this game back in January which promised that the game is going to be launched in February 2012. Feb passed by and there was no news about Cube being launched. It was launched only yesterday rather silently at

Cube is basically exactly like a classic game of Labyrinth – instead of guiding a ball through a wooden maze, you guide the blue ball (the blue marker in Google Maps) through a small section of Google maps using your cursor. And, unlike Labyrinth, its surprisingly addictive and you get a chance to roll a marble through the greatest cities on earth.

The game is quite addictive and could be your favourite way to pass time when your boss is not around. I have played it quite a few times today and I must say, it is quite interesting which you can play from anywhere as long as you have got internet connection. Cube game about Google Maps does not need you install anything on your computer.

In total, there are eight levels in Cube, which covers different cities and locations around the world. Each of these levels encourages you to take advantage of Google Map’s features to find the most optimal route.

The Cube Game for Google Maps starts with a basic level and then becomes a bit complex as you proceed. My favourite levels are level 7 and level 8. In Level 7, you can go indoors and need to find your way through the Mall of America and collect all of the Google Offers on each of the four floors.

On Level 8, the difficulty level increases where your knowledge of the previous levels helps to find your fastest route to your objective in the ever changing cubic city. Level 8 mashes the cities together, Rubik’s Cube-style.

Levels for Cube - Game about Google Maps

Your progress is also timed, giving you a totally valid excuse to play it again and again as you challenge your friends. I have played it a couple of times since morning and my best score has been timed at 05:54 minutes whereas the best score for Cube at the time of writing this is 02:45 minutes .

Cube Score - Game about Google Maps

Have you tried the gamified Google maps? If you haven’t point your browsers now to Google Maps Cube and have fun!

[Cube, via Mashable]