Apple iOS 4 Software update Released

Apple has finally released the iOS 4 update minutes back for its iPhone and iPod Touch owners. The iPhone will be available for the customers in the 5 countries from Thursday, the 24th June, 2010 but the existing owners of Apple iPhone and iPod Touch can try their hand-on on the latest software features on their devices.

APPLE/ <YONHAP NO-0305> (REUTERS)This is a free update from Apple and if we talk of the iPhone models, iOS 4 is compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G and third generation iPod touch. You can use iTunes to update the software.


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The software release from Apple is one of the major releases and comes with some 1500 changes and additions to the API. This change is going to be a advantage to the developers who will come up with more advanced and awesome applications on the Apple devices.

We will cover more detailed features of the Apple iOS 4, but for now, below is the list of main features that come in this package:

  • Multitasking – This update allows you to do multitasking which means now you can now use many applications with the others working in the background.
  • Folders — You can organise your iPhone Home Screen by creating folders by classifying similar applications in one folder decreasing the mess that you had on your screen 🙂 This will also help in organising your stuff in a better way.
  • iBooks — This first appeared on iPad and is now made available to the iPhone users also.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard Support – Using this feature, you can pair your iPhone with a Bluetooth keyboard and can use your phone as a computer 🙂
  • iAd – This gives the Apple application developers the advantage of putting their ads in the applications and generate revenue.

Apart from these features, there are several enhancements to the built-in mail program, including the ability to keep related messages connected in “threads.” We willl come up with a detailed post on the features of iOS 4 soon.

The new software will come standard on the iPhone 4, which will arrive on Thursday to consumers.

So, when are you planning to update your device to this remarkable iOS 4? If you have done already, which feature do you like the most in this update?

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    • Hey Aditya,

      Thanks for dropping in 🙂

      I also totally agree with you, I have seen this multi tasking on 3GS and it is just fab.. And, with the iPhone 4 with a more powerful processor, this is surely gonna rock the Apple users 🙂


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