Top 27 rumours about the much awaited iPhone 5

After the release of the much awaited iPad 2 on March 02, the next big release expected from the house of Apple is the iPhone 5. iPhone has been the most successful and anticipated smart phone of all times; every geeks’ dream gadget.

The rumour mill has been very animated in predicting the features of the iPhone 5 with respect to how the next-generation iPhone will look like and what treat Apple is going to bring to its fans in the form of iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 is rumoured to have a metal backing, NFC technology, the same A5 processor as iPad 2 and and expanded screen size of 4-inches. The rumours also account for its new design, brushed metal back, sliding keyboard, larger screen, contactless payments, etc.

A French blog NoWhereElse has compiled a very neat and informative poster which highlights 27 of the most discussed iPhone 5 rumours, including indicating the weightage, how likely each rumor will make its way to iPhone 5. The Infographic is named “Complete iPhone 5 Rumour Roundup.” (Click on the picture to enlarge it)


via [GottaBeMobile]

What feature(s) do you most want to see on the iPhone 5? Which feature(s) do you think will actually make it on iPhone 5 when its released? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    • Hi Eddie 🙂

      Yes.. the rumour mills always keep on cooking one thing or the other… Keeps them busy and the users guessing 🙂

      Sometimes I feel that it is Apple only who leak the news to Media 😉

  1. Hey Amandeep, yeah it makes you wonder how much ‘control’ Apple have with leaking information. It always seems to be a single report, not many. Funny about that huh!

    Looking forward to seeing exactly what the iPhone 5 actually brings to the table in september. At first it looked like it was going to come out in June / July, but it seems no longer the case 🙁

    Apple – half the fun is waiting for their products! 🙂



  2. why dont the apple has a better messenger service, just like that of Blackberry, An instant messaging service, i think I message is way behind.


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