10+ Online sources to get Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event Live Coverage [Oct 4, 2011]

We have already updated you about the October 04 iPhone event invites sent out by Apple, where Apple is expected to unveil the much awaited next generation iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S (or both ;))

With less than 24 hours left now for the event and all the Apple fans holding their breath to know what Apple is going to announce at the its Cupertino campus event. Is it going to be the high end iPhone 5 or the mid range iPhone 4S or even both?

iPhone 5 event

Well, we have to wait for what Apple has on its mind, for now, I have put across a list of blogs / websites that will be covering the whole Apple iPhone event live with all the news and announcements made by Apple.

If you don’t know this already, this is Apple’s first iPhone even after June 2010, when they launched the iPhone 4. If you are confused whether you should upgrade to iPhone 5 or not, check out this infographic.

Live Blogging:

ZDnet – This blog will have a minute-by-minute commentary and analysis of Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” event as it happens. You can go to the link and sign up now to get a reminder sent to you before the event kicks off.

Engadget – Engadget, one of the leading tech blogs is going to cover the entire Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” event live with blow-by-blow coverage from Cupertino. Just go to the URL and select the Auto-refresh option as ‘On’ and do not miss any update. You can also sort the updates by ‘Newest First’ or ‘Oldest First’.

Arstechnica – Arstechnica is also going to liveblog Apple’s iPhone event for live updates on Apple announcements. Senior Apple Editor Jacqui Cheng will be on the scene to bring you the updates as they happen. You can go to this URL and check out when the countdown hits 0 seconds remaining 😉 (Still 19 hours to go!!)

MacWorld – You can read the blow-by-blow updates, and see the pictures, of what’s going on in Cupertino by directing your browsers to this link. Jason Snell and Dan Moren will be live from the Town Hall theater on the Apple campus in Cupertino, to cover Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event.

Gizmodo – Gizmodo, the leading Gadget news blog will also be covering the whole event via live-blogging. Point to this link for the live coverage when Apple talks iPhone.

CNET – CNET will be on the scene at the Apple Cupertino Campus to bring you the news as it happens. You’ll be able to follow their live-blog using this link, where you can simply enter your e-mail address to get a reminder to come back.

TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Blog (TUAW) will be covering the Apple iPhone even live as well. You can point your browsers to this link but the page does not auto refresh, so you would have to use Command+R on your Mac or F5 on your PC.

iSmashPhone – iSmashPhone is holding a liveblog during the Apple event where they will be talking and chatting it up while delivering commentary on the event.

MacLife – MacLife will also be live blogging the updates about iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S straight from Apple Town Hall. They are going to have an interactive live blog about whatever Apple will reveal on this much anticipated event. 🙂

Below are some additional sources where you can get the full live blog coverage of the iPad Apple event.

Apart from the websites / blogs I have listed above, we at Technolism will also be covering the news about the event as it comes. So, stay tuned as we have been waiting for this for a while now 😉

Video Live Streaming:

As I have listed above, there are a plenty of sources to get blow-by-blow coverage of the Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone”, but unfortunately as confirmed by the Apple PR, there will be no live streaming / webcast available for tomorrow’s iPhone 5 event, as reported by reported by 9to5 Mac.

But as you might know, Apple itself does have a page to showcase events where they live streamed the September 2010 event. So, there is a slim chance that that Apple may live stream this event owing to the hype and curiosity this event has among the media and the people. If that happens, below is the page where you can check the live streaming on the D-day.

Apple’s Events Page

If Apple does not live stream this event, you will definitely find the recording of the launch event on the above page uploaded after few hours of the iPhone 5 event.

The event is set to take place at 10AM PST on October 04, 2011. So, bookmark this page for the list of your favourite websites / blogs to easily follow the live coverage of the much awaited iPhone 5 event :).

Check out the timings below to see when the special event begins at your place:

08:00AM – Hawaii
10:00AM – Pacific
11:00AM – Mountain
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern
10:30PM – New Delhi
06:00PM – London
07:00PM – Paris
09:00PM – Moscow
03:00AM – Tokyo (October 5th)

If your city is not listed above, you can see it in your timezone here.

So, be ready for the much awaited Apple iPhone event when Apple talks iPhone and releases iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S or both ;). Stay tuned for the exciting and interesting updates to follow. You can enter your email address here to Subscribe to our free newsletter not to miss any updates from the iPhone event.

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