Common Mistakes Made In Website Designing

Nowadays, it has become quite easy for one and all to grab expertise in any field. One needs to make just few searches and watch some ‘How-to’ videos to do anything.

However, it is not that simple. One of the most common breed of people growing by reading self-help eBooks are those claiming themselves to be web designers. Web developers think that a domain, web space and knowledge on HTML are what one would require to develop a website. They are bound to make mistakes. Following is a list of few mistakes that these developers tend to make when they work on web design.

Common Mistakes Made by Web Designers

#1. Missing Search Box - Visitors find a search box placed on the top of the page to be user friendly. They immediately rush for help to find the exact information they are looking on the website. A search box adds interactivity to the site and lets the user stay on the page rather than getting annoyed not getting the data he or she is looking for.

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#2. Missing dates on articles - One of the other important factors that convince the visitors about fresh content is placing date along with all your blogs and articles. That makes sure that everyone finds your text and website up to date. Dates play a very crucial role and make the visitor compel to visit the site again daily or at least in next few days.

#3. Never have “Coming Soon” pages - Mark this as a golden rule. Never try to add pages that have ‘under construction” label or are displaying “coming soon” text. This is the most irritating thing on the part of user. He or she clicks on a page expecting some valuable information and what they get is ‘nothing’. It creates a very negative impression. It is better not to have that page altogether than having such incomplete pages.

#4. Do not try mix and match of fonts: Make the site legible by using 2 or 3 fonts at the most. Use simple and universal fonts. Use those that are expected to be present in all the types of computers, be it Mac or Windows. It is never recommended to use both Sans serif types of fonts with Serif series of fonts on the same page.

#5. Avoid bulky Flash introductions: There is no doubt that Flash animation is fantastic. However, try to avoid that in the welcome or introduction part. Nobody has that much of time to sit and see animation to get loaded. User wants the information as quickly as they can. Statistics say that Flash introduction have lower results in retaining first time visitors. An alternative is to keep animations in inner pages where users take interest to see the animated story line.

Web design mistakes

Therefore, it is a well-understood fact that web designing is not just a task that needs to be done in a hurry. Take enough time to design the layout, plan well and try to use all the important elements that make an appealing website.

A little extra time is sure to pay off by increased number of footfall on the web pages. After all, that is why all the effort is being done. Try to implement the above-mentioned points, and you are sure to get a classy website with good result.

This is not an exhaustive list of common mistakes web designers make and should try avoiding them. There are a lot more which could be added to the list – do share with us if you know of one 🙂

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Shiwangi Peswani
Shiwangi Peswani
Shiwangi is a freelance writer for Technolism.


  1. nice observation admin …………….u have compiled each and every common mistakes of blog designing ………i have seen many of blogger who dont use search widget ……….so these small small things matters a lot

  2. One thing I hate about a certain blog is the absence of dates on articles. I cannot see whether the post is new or old. A blogger should really avoid committing this mistake


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