[How To] Create an Ecommerce Website with Joomla

There are many people who invest in ecommerce because they have seen the potential of this business strategy. Many people can provide you proofs that you’ll surely generate good income if you establish an online shop. Yes, there are many advantages of having online store but there are still challenges that one must overcome to become totally successful in this field. One challenge is your website must be functional and contain informative information. Creating an ecommerce website with Joomla is a way to have a functional and manageable website.

Joomla-EcommerceJoomla software is used to build, manage, or create a website. Others think that Joomla is used to create an ecommerce site but it is not.

The website you build with Joomla is a true online store website that is equipped with all the features you need to completely and effectively manage your website thus increasing your sales. It is not just any ordinary website that is modified a little to have the basic feature an online store should have.

The software is an award-winning CMS (content management system). This type of system keeps track of the content you have in your website. Also, even if you have no advanced technical skills, its easy-to-use feature allows you to easily manage your website.

With Joomla, you can power up web portals or sites of different corporates, online magazines and publications, ecommerce sites, government sites, and other online applications.

A skilled developer can also take advantage of Joomla’s capability to build application bridges, reservation systems, customize product catalogs, reporting tools of data, communication tools, control systems for the inventory, business directories, and many others.

When you are ready to use Joomla to build your website, just download the software for free. When creating an ecommerce website with Joomla, you need to read the basic details and check the basic requirements before you install Joomla. You can also refer to their test demo to give you detailed instruction on the installation process. Before you can view the demo, you need to create an account, activate it, and sign in using the account.

If you are new to this software, ask for help. There are lots of available documentations you can find on the internet. You can also visit related forums to ask advice or to gather strategies and information. Joomla also provides a quick start guide to help you quickly set your website running.

If you use your own host, you’ll need a web server with MySQL and PHP before you install Joomla. After installation, you can start making and uploading text content, images, documents, and any of the extensions that Joomla provides for your usage. Add your products and their respective descriptions.

Joomla also allows you to manage orders of customers and customize the overall feel of your website. Joomla also provides templates that you can modify and develop to help you enhance the appeal of the site. Configure the settings of your website such that you provide more options for shipping and to support more currencies.

Maintenance of your website must be regular. Stay updated by visiting forums about Joomla and share techniques and your own discoveries about Joomla.

This is a guest post by Ajeet Khurana. Suppose you want to gain insights regarding ecommerce make sure to visit ecommerce.about.com where Ajeet composes fresh and authentic articles on a regular basis.

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  1. Thanks for the information.I want to create an website for an shopping store & I was wondering from where should I start, this article is really helpful.But still I am not clear about something.Basically I work on mobile technologies so I don’t have much knowledge about PHP frameworks and when I googled I found so many options (Frameworks) for creating an ecommerce website, that was really confusing.I have worked on small website which was created using plain PHP .About framework I am really confused.So it will be great if you can give me some suggestions.



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