3 ways to download entire Facebook Photo Albums to your computer in a few clicks

Facebook is a great way to share photos with your friends and family members. There has been a huge rise in the number of photos shared on Facebook with more than 60 billion photos shared by its members already. Read some interesting facts about Facebook Photos here.

Everyday we see our nears and dears sharing pictures on Facebook as albums and there are times when you want to download and store them on your machine. This is quite cumbersome a task, if you have to download each picture by right-clicking and then doing “Save Image As…” for each photo. The biggest disadvantage in this is that the photograph saved is not of the same quality as the image.

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Below are a few ways using which you can download the whole album to your local machine in a few clicks.

Pick N Zip:

Pick&Zip is a totally free online tool that will allow you to download photos from Facebook in a single zip or pdf file. You do not have to download any software on your computer to use Pick n Zip.

Pick N Zip Facebook Photo Album Downloader

To start using this service, you just have to log in with Facebook. Pick n Zip allows you to download tagged photos of you and also, the albums of your friends. When you login with your Facebook login credentials, you get a list of all  your friends on the left side as a list. When you click on any of your friend’s name, all the albums of that person are listed. You can download a particular photo or the entire album.

Using this site, you can even download the photos from Groups or Pages. I really liked the very interactive and user friendly interface and design of this website. Give it a try (Link to Pick n Zip).


If you are more of a desktop application kinds, then FotoBounce is a nice alternative for you. It is a tool to organize photos for Windows and Mac OS X which helps you to view and download photo albums from Facebook. It also has a great feature of face recognition. It is compatible to both Facebook and Flickr. Download FotoBounce from here.

FotoBounce Facebook Photo Album Downloader


PhotoGrabber is another simple desktop application which allows you to download Facebook Photo albums to your computer.

PhotoGrabber Facebook Photos downloader

Download PhotoGrabber for Windows

Download PhotoGrabber for Mac

I hope that this information helps in downloading facebook albums in an easy and efficient way. How do you save your friend’s photo albums from facebook? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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      • I can’t figure out how to use the pick n zip for photos that are on my photo albums not my friends. I want to try to copy all my pictures kind of like a sync not one by one. Any advice would greatly help.

      • I have tried Pick n Zip and I don’t like it. I wanted to download an liked page albums (there was 140 albums with in total about 5000k+ photos) and it downloaded only 100 albums. When I go to page link I can access all albums without problems.

  1. Here is a new way to download your tagged photos & albums. It also downloads comments and tags with a nice user interface to your pictures.

  2. photograbber works amazing with OS X lion!! i will be recommending it!!!

    Macbook Pro
    RAM: 8GB

    umm beast mode 🙂

  3. Why doesn’t my friends pop-up on the left side of picknzip? Even if I’m not tagged on their albums am I still allowed to download them? Help. 🙁

  4. Pick n Zip didn’t work as you describe it. “When you login with your Facebook login credentials, you get a list of all your friends on the left side as a list. ” I didn’t get that list of my Friends. I think they may have changed something since you wrote the article.

  5. I used photograbber before , but now is not working with windows 7.
    Is really nice programm and you can download easy and fast pictures from Facebook.
    Any help would be appreciated or suggestion to use another programm.

  6. I am not that much into Facebook, but there are times when I need to download albums from facebook especially after a tour. These tools will come in handy. Can you imagine of downloading over 200 photos manually? I had done that before. Now, it’s a huge pain relief. Thanks a lot.

  7. Photograbber has a lot unique features and you can surely rely on it when it comes to your photography needs.

    • I don’t think that’s possible if that person does not share the album with everyone. It’s only possible if that person has allowed to share it with non-friends.

  8. I need to download an album from my business page, not my personal page. None of these methods seem to work. They apps force me to log on and “use facebook as myself” rather than as my business before they will let me download the albums. Is there anything that will help me? thanks

  9. Hello Amandeep, I have found your blog while touring in the blog land. I would like to tell all the readers – I have personally used the PicknZip website for downloading the Facebook Albums. The website is truly good and easy to use for all the people. Thanks for sharing such a nice article with the readers – I hope they will find it useful. Love to see more from you. This time I have tweeted your article to all my followers. best of luck. 🙂

  10. Hey Amandeep, I recently lost all my photos on my macbook due to some problems but thankfully I still had them on my website. I thought I had to manually download the 900++ photos and almost cried. After finding this, I was done with my photos in 30minutes! Thank you so much for your help~

  11. Very helpful!
    But how do I download the pictures from certain groups? If it is a “secret” group, and I’m a member, why cant I see any albums in the download programs?

    • Pick and Zip is good for downloading from groups but I don’t think they allow from Secret Closed Groups. Let me check what are the ways to download from such closed or if at all there are, I will write a post about it…

  12. Yea, I downloaded PhotoGrabber and I regret it.

    They were /forcing/ me to allow them to give them my personal information in order to use it. They literally gave me an “ERROR” code when I denied them permission to have personal information. Not only that but they hid their file on my “add or remove programs” list to make it that much harder for me to uninstall their program (I couldn’t even find the uninstall program).

  13. Photograbber just freezes and gives error. I think pick n zip is easy to use and i just downloaded a bunch of pictures

  14. Great article! Another way is through the iphone app called Photojacker

    This allows you to click on the albums you want to download off of facebook and saves them into your own personal dropbox folders. It’s very easy to use.

    Buy the app Photojacker in the app store
    Log on, and it links to your facebook
    select albums you want to save
    and it quickly and easily syncs to your dropbox so all the pictures are there. Very easy and fun thing to do when you’re bored and playing with your iphone 🙂 i always backup my photos.

  15. Hello!
    thanx Amandeep Singh for posting this!
    but i need your help i want to download a photo album from a fan page of a singer but in Pick In Zip only allows our friends and our pics or albums to download plz help me as soon as u can plz reply me or email me the solution plz 🙂

  16. I wasn’t able to several of them to work (Windows 7/Chrome with latest update). Pick2Zip worked like a dream! Thanks so much for the article and suggestions. Now my 300 photos (mostly graphical quotes) are downloaded and ready for my next step.

  17. I’v tried Pic n Zip and it is great, but it won’t work with photos of secret groups. So how can I perform a bulk download of photos from a secret group (yes, I am a member of the group.)?


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