How to Delete/Update all Custom Fields at once: Mass Custom Fields Manager WordPress Plugin

I have recently purchased Thesis, one of the most powerful WordPress themes which is rich in features, very easy to customize and also sports an SEO rich framework. I have started the process of upgrading my Finance related blog, to this great theme; during which I came across an issue in which in every post the first image of the post is displayed in the sidebar.


I started analysing the issue in Thesis, checking the widgets, disabling the Multimedia box (I thought that could be the issue) and also searched a lot on the internet. After trying a lot of things too, I could not remove this.

At last I started to check the individual posts to further dig down into the issue and finally nailed down the issue. The reason for this problem was that my earlier theme was creating a Custom field ‘image’ for every post to create the thumbnail for each post on the Home page. I made sure that this was the reason behind this by deleting this custom field from the post and check the post again. Voila! It did the magic.


Now, this means I had to do this for every post. Phew! 180 odd posts. I started to search on the internet for some way to run this same thing for all my posts and I came across this very useful wordpress plugin. Check this out below.

Mass Custom Fields Manager (MCFM) is a plugin to manage your post’s custom fields with ease.
If you don’t want to spend your time editing each and every single post’s custom fields to the same value or you want to delete/update specific posts. Just to let you know, you don’t have any other tool that let’s you do that and with that much ease.

You can choose posts by category, ID, custom field value, tags manage their custom fields with a click of a button. You can also choose tags that if a post is saved having that tag, it will automatically get a specific custom field with a specific value.

Have a look at some of the screens from the plugin:

Mass Custom Fields Manager Screenshot-2

Mass Custom Fields Manager Screenshot.png

For further support for using this plugin, comment below or visit the Plugin author’s blog at Oren Yomtov.

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    • Yes… but even after disabling that, it was putting the default image into that box which were labelled as Custom field ‘image’… that is the reason, I had to use this plugin to remove those custom field values.. 🙂

      • You are actually right. I didn’t notice that before. I had put custom code for a subscription form in the multimedia box. But on pages where there is a value for the custom field “images”, the default image is shown and not the custom code.


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