Improve your typing speed playing in real time – TypeRacer Online Typing Game

TypeRacer is a multiplayer browser based online typing game playing which you can improve your typing skills. The game gives you some text and asks you to type it in.

TypeRacer Online game

Multiple users compete by racing miniature cars that advance as the users type short passages of 20 to 100 words. The goal is to type the given text accurately and fast, and make your car reach the finish point ahead of the others.

Online real time typing game - TypeRacer

You can race against other folks in real time or practice on your own. Overall, it’s a useful service if want to take your typing speed to the next level or just want to take a free typing speed test.

Enter a Typing Race - TypeRacer Online browser based typing game

As you compete with multiple users in real time, it is a very challenging and addictive and in the mean time as you keep on playing, it helps you improve on your typing skills.

Below are some of the features TypeRacer has to offer:

  • Type race against real people
  • Track typing stats: skill level, average speed, races completed
  • See recent high scores
  • Install TypeRacer on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Orkut and compete with your friends
  • Type in 50 languages

I played TypeRacer a couple of times and found that my average typing speed is 49 wpm which puts me in the skill level of Pro 🙂 . What is your Score?

[Link to TypeRacer]

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  1. Playing online typing game really helps to increase typing speed. You can learn typing while enjoying the game so I thing it’s one of the best option to learn typing.


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