Japanese Prime Minister starts Twitter Account in English Language for Quake Updates

After the 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan on Saturday, Social Networking has played a major role in helping the people to connect with their loved ones and providing real time information about the crisis.

After creating an official PM office Twitter account in Japanese language @Kantei_Saigai, which was created on 13 March, the day of quake, the Japanese Prime Minister office has started a similar official Twitter account in English Language which also aims at proving the updates related to the Earthquake. The link is @JPN_PMO.

Japan Prime Minister Twitter Account got Quake Updates

The account @JPN_PMO, will tweet translations from the Japanese disaster information Twitter account @Kantei_Saigai. Like the Japanese account, this one also aims at providing the information about about evacuations, press conferences and the country’s overall welfare during this time of crisis.

You can start following the PM office account on twitter @JPN_PMO to stay updated about the situation in Japan.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Yesterday I left a message on ‘www.kantei.go.jp/foreign/forms/comment_ssl.html’ about a somewhat possible solution to the nuclear crisis. I would like to again draw attention towards the freezing characteristics of ‘Ammonia’, which have the tendency to freeze everything that comes its way. I, as a layman, have personal views, Ammonia can be used to cool down the nuclear materials in the reactors. Though Ammonia has various other hazards attached to it but these hazards must be quite smaller when compared to the present situation.

    I again re-iterate that these are my personal views and should be verified before considering for implementation, if deemed fit.

    I again pray the ALMIGHTY GOD to give success to the people who are working for the safety of mankind risking their own lives.



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