Back To Basics – John’s Phone; World’s simplest Mobile Phone!

If you are confused about the phones’ configuration, various applications, here is a new Avatar for you that is “John’s Phone.”altFrom the name, it seems the name of the person who owns this phone but the reality is that it is the World’s Simplest Phone which enables you to only make calls and nothing else. It has a very small LCD screen on the top which helps to know the number you are dialling and the Phone number from which you are receiving the call.

It does not have a in-built phone-book to store the contacts but provides an Address book and a Pen on the back side of the Phone so that you can write the phone number and able to find the contacts even if the Phone Switched off.


A very Easy to use Phone, as you do not need to update any software, no worries about the virus that destroy the phone, and the USP of this phone is the battery life that lasts for more than 3 weeks.

John’s Phone also allows you to have 10 Numbers Phone book. You can allocate 10 speed dial numbers, each under one of the ten digits. You can allocate a telephone number (in this case, 25485678) to a speed-dial number (in this case 1) by entering: **1*25485678#.

Subsequently, hold down the ‘1’ button for two seconds to automatically call the telephone number entered. To delete the speed-dial number in the above example, enter **1*#. If you wish to alter a telephone number allocated to a speed-dial number, simply write over it with the new number.

This phone is good one but cost is more than expected and it is available around £70 (INR 5000) and is available in 5 colours; white, black, pink, brown and grass.

Check out the marvellous, yet simple John’s Phone on its official website now:

Link to John’s Phone

What do you think about this simple, but a bit expensive mobile phone which does the task what it is intended to do – make phone calls. So, are you going to do away with that smart phone of yours and give it a try. I would never do that. What about you? 😉

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  1. NIce .. post dear .. Phone is also gOOD .. BUt yaar it the world of WIFI where you get a phone with WiFi in just 5000 rs .. why would somebody buy your phone …

    • Yes gurpreet i completely agreee with you, but some people will like to use only the calling function of mobile phones, like the old one for whom the mobile phone is a very complex machine they are going to find this device very handy…
      and the battery life is great.. 3 weeks…

      • buddy for just the purpose of making calls a phone worh rs 1000 will do the job.. y wud anybody pay 5 times the price of a nokia made phone against ur john’s phone??

  2. Hm, I got a john’s phone and i don’t have that problem. A few things are true. Of course the plastic feels a bit off but that has to do with the weight of the phone. It’s slightly too light.


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