Everything You Wanted to Know About Pinterest [Infographics]

If you do not know about Pinterest already, let me tell you that it is the hottest new social networking site which has emerged as the runaway hit in 2012.

If you already knew that, still you might not know many things about Pinterest – information like they have got only 16 people on the team, 9 Million monthly facebook connected users and 97% of Pinterest’s facebook fans are women (which makes me think women love pinning a lot ;)).

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Pinteress is a virtual bookmarking site which allows users, or “pinners,” to collect photos and videos which link back to the products they love. As a Pinterest user, you can share all of the things you find interesting, funny, beautiful, inspirational by creating boards.

Have a look at a lot more information about Pinterest.

what is Pinterest-infographic

[via Lemon.ly]

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  1. Hi Amandeep,
    I had heard the name but really didn’t know what it was. That is amazing that they have come so far in such a short time. Looks like I better get out there and sign up. From the sound of it, we may be finding new places to shop!!

    • I am really glad that you liked this Jupiter 🙂

      I have been hearing about Pinterest a lot and finally I joined few days back.. it is quite different. How about you, have you joined Pinterest?

  2. I am totally clueless about Pinterest and am excited to learn about it and how I can use it.. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Defintely a cool, visual place to hang out. And most interesting for me was to see the referral traffic statisti–I can see how that is since every image/video links back to another site. It really is a traffic goldmine if handled with care and some nuanced nurturing.


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