8 Options for Bloggers Who Do Not Have Google Adsense

For a blogger making money is important. Moreover, making quick money by targeting Google Adsense is probably the most widely used and accepted form for Bloggers around the world. Though Google Adsense is lucrative and helpful for bloggers, it is prudent to also be aware of the other modes that a Blogger can use to generate money without resorting to the age old Google Adsense.


CHITIKA: This is again a famous keyword oriented advertisement server. The function of this server is to serve advertisements to visitors who zero on to blogs by looking for them from search options available on Google and other similar search platforms.

ADBRITE: Google Adsense is known to be popular as it allows a blogger to add the important html code that helps them to attract more advertisements to their business. Similarly, Adbrite is known to help you attract more advertisements to their business by allowing you to give full page advertisements between your web pages. The full page advertisement is a great platform for anyone to advertise their product. As a result it attracts many people.

KONTERA: Thanks to Kontera, one can use code in their blogs to attract attention. A visitor visiting your blog will come across underlined keywords on placing the cursor on the underlined word; one can gather access to the information. The links can be used for a number of reasons like Joomla, Drupal Modules, widgets or even Word press Plug in. Whichever format suits you the most, you can opt for it.

TEXT LINK ADS: TLA as it is commonly known as is a great platform for a blogger to attract your blog. The problem faced by most bloggers, is that they are good in blogging but not in selling advertisements, in such cases the TLA comes into handy. TLA offers a flat rate per link that you post on your site or blog. TLA is known not to discriminate amongst sites depending on their stature.

INFOLINKS: Infolinks is supposed to be quite similar to Kontera. The fact that just like kontera, infolinks also offers one the opportunity to include text links, WordPress or Blogger codes makes it attractive and easy to use.

CLICKSOR: Clicks or is known to be a boon in disguise for small bloggers or sites. They give one the chance to showcase their advertisements and the revenue earned per click is also quite high as compared to others.

WIKINUT: This is a great site for those who want to earn their pocket money by blogging. If you are good in writing small articles then they would pay up to 50% of your revenue to your paypal account it’s that simple. Also their minimum payout is as low as 5 pounds.

Experts Column: This is another great platform where one can advertise their revenues earned. Also, they are known to transfer immediately to paypal account making it trouble free.

Helium: Helium is another platform where one can write to earn quick bucks. However, payouts are only made to those who have a good ranking.

The above names are the most important ones along with Google Adsense which you can use as a blogger to generate some extra income through your blog.

This is a guest post by Rajkumar Jonnala.

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  1. None of the above networks are good other than infolinks… My favorite networks are BuySellAds, InfoLinks, Contextweb…

  2. None of the above ad services make payment to Indian blogger. They all are bogus. Google is the only network which makes prompt payment. Please don’t recommend any of the above ad networks to any body.

  3. Hi Raj,
    What a comprehensive list with excellent explanations for the new or for that matter, the seasoned blogger. Some times, we do need that little extra to put into our sites and these seem like a good source to try.

  4. have tried Google Adense several times with different websites, blogs and changing contents. All the time they have rejected without a reason. Looking at Google search I have tried alternatives which was mentioned in this post. No use, from Infolinks I just earned 6 cents after one month. Unless the ads displayed are very attractive and good, no body will click, Most of the times, infolinks popup ad, people cut them as it is disturbing.
    So finally it is very difficult to earn single cent through internet. All are cheating and bogus.

  5. I do believe that getting approval from the Adsense is getting really easy in comparison of the early days but thats no same the bloggers from the Asia origin. There are number of terms and conditions to be followed for the Asian origin bloggers. You did marvelous job and these tips are to be followed to get approved. At last, Congratulations for the approval from the Adsense, Happy Earning Dude !


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