Technolism Monthly Traffic Report July 2011

Another month passed by and July 2011 was another good month in terms of traffic for Technolism. August is almost over and I know that the report for July is being published a bit late, in fact, very late :P. Actually, I was very busy in planning my first vacation to India after 18 long months (quite long, phew!) from London, UK.

I am currently in India now for 3 weeks out of which 2 weeks are already gone 🙁 and I have extremely busy these days which is the reason for this delay and still I did not want to miss this report. Now, while writing this, I realized that this is interestingly Technolism’s first post from India. 🙂 Till now, I have been updating Technolism whenever I got time from my full time job in London.

With  the 165 odd articles in the last 14 months of Technolism’s inception, we have been getting decent traffic in the last few months with more than 80% coming from organic sources – Search Engines. Lets have a look at the detailed numbers for the month of July.

Traffic Stats Overview:

Technolism Monthly traffic overview - July 2011Visits: 27,733 (+44% over last month)

Page Views: 36,077 (+25% over last month)

Traffic Sources:

Traffic sources Technolism July 2011

The Organic traffic is, like earlier months the main source of traffic for Technolism with the range now close to 80% coming from Google Search engine alone.

How has your traffic for the month been? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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  1. still the traffic looks awesome, i wish i could achieve half of it for some of my sites! anyways good luck with your target, hope you achieve them pretty fast

  2. It is a very promising report for a 1-year-old blog, though bounce rate is on a little higher side. However, there is no information about how you attain such a good result.

  3. Hi Amandeep,
    I am planning to start a blog next week. I had a question. Can we expect to earn around 3$ per 1000 impressions from a finance blog that includes adsense, buy sell ads, allowing a company to write an article to advertise him etc. Kindly give realistic viewpoint only

  4. Its quite a good traffic for a site which is 1 1/2 year old. Great effort of the webmaster. All the best.


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