3 Poorly Used Social Media Avenues For Improving Your Blog

As soon as you hear the phrase ‘social media‘ or ‘social network’ the first thing that comes to your mind is most probably Facebook or Twitter, or both. I have seen many bloggers who effectively use social media to promote their blogs. However there are few other social media avenues which are scarcely used. This post is all about those social media avenues that are under rated.

Social Media Avenues and related mistakes

First and foremost, people need to change their perception about social media. More than two-thirds of the bloggers consider that social media is only for promoting the blog however, this perception is so untrue.

The remaining one-third bloggers are the ones who utilize social media for more than just promoting and interestingly these one-thirds bloggers happen to be successful and ace bloggers. With these facts one thing is sure – if you use social media avenues for more than just blogging then your success rate may increase strikingly.

What are the social media avenues that benefit you? It depends on your need but in this post I have selected the 3 most underrated social media that are useful to all bloggers.


A few of you might not even know that this social media avenue exists however, on the contrary, many of you might be hard-core users. Whatever may be the case, I feel not many are using this social media effectively.

Delicious is too good in providing statistics, infographics and quotes. Many people will trust your blog only if you write some trustworthy statistics. I have seen comment pages of many blogs filled with comments like ‘Can u prove this?’ ,’How do you know?’,’Can u give precise details?’. Well to avoid such comments and also to improve your blogs you have to definitely go in for statistics. In such a case, Delicious gives the kick start you need about statistics.

Same way infographics are really interesting and tempts the users to like your blog and even share it. This is most useful when you are about to compare and contrast two things but you lack resource about it.

Quotes on the other hand are the top grosser. All you got to do is type the keywords or event name and you will be flooded with the quotes that were quoted in that event or by that person.


This is another social media albeit am not a hard-core user of this; I use this to keep track of events and its attendees. Similar to facebook events here too you can find the event and know about who is attending. This is very accurate and easy to search. All you got to do is type the event name or event topic and you will be listed with relevant results.


At least, this social media is not as underrated as the above two. The major usage of LinkedIn (according to me) is Experts’ opinion. We can be “Jack of all” but the King is always one. If you are about to blog about something which is too complex or too much involved in some field then you will obviously expect an expert to advice or aid you.

This is where LinkedIn comes into play. Unlike other social media wherein bots generate the event list or statistics, here you can interact with humans and get their expertise.

Hope you will be benefited in deploying the above quoted social media avenues. Do you use the above three for even more purposes? Or do you think there are other social media that are poorly used? Share them through comments.

This is a guest post written by Jane Sheeba. If you are also interested in writing for Technolism, you may contact us for details.

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Jane Sheeba
Jane Sheeba
Jane writes about Blogging Tips, Relationships and Self Improvement in her blog Find All Answers.


  1. plancast is a complete new thing for me, i have learned that linkedin is valuable resource for driving traffic to the websites, have scheduled to work on linkedin integration for my blog this weekend.. hope it goes well…

  2. Among the mentioned, I have found and tried LinkedIn as one of the “must have” avenue. The other two may not be that saturated as Twitter and Facebook does. With this,i will gonna check it out as this may yield more productive and effective results.

  3. I’ve used linked in to drive some traffic. Business week is another good one. Digg can send you a lot of traffic, but only if you make it to the hotlist then the front page.

  4. That’s a very informative article, you bring out a reality that every one accept. Some people or bloggers don’t use these type of social media for promotion of their blogs. I think after read your article every blogger should aware of these type of social media.


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