Have Some Fun With Google Easter Egg “Zerg Rush”

Google, the search engine giant has come up with another Easter Egg “Zerg Rush” which is a treat for all the StarCraft fans. Go to the Google Search Engine and type ‘Zerg Rush’ (without the quotes) and hit enter to watch the ‘O’s appear and eat up all your search results.


If you haven’t heard of Google Easter eggs, they are the hidden treats left by the Google coders to make searching a little more interesting. This is not the first time we have seen one – you might have tried some of the well known Easter eggs like “Tilt,” “Binary” or “Do a Barrel Roll” before. (If you have not, you can still point your browsers to Google and try them now by simply typing this in the Search bar.)

The Zerg Rush easter egg from Google is based on the famous game StarCraft, in which a Zerg player uses the Zergling rush.  As soon as you type the string in the Google SE search bar, O’s will start crawling on the screen which will start eating your search results. You can fight back to stop the evil O’s by clicking on them for which you get points. When you are finished with the same, you are presented with G.G. which means Good Game. You can also share your results to Google Plus.

Zerg Rush - Google Easter Egg

What do you think about the Easter eggs from Google. Do try the Zerg Rush Easter Egg if you haven’t tried it already – it is something which you would expect in your search results. 🙂

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