15+ Facebook facts you would like to know! [Infographic]

Facebook has become a phenomenon among each one of us. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you already belong to Facebook. There’s a good chance everyone you know is on Facebook, too. Even better if you login to facebook at least once a day. Indeed, there’s further a good chance you’re no longer reading this article because you just switched over to check Facebook. 🙂

We know about you FB addicts and hence, have covered some articles at Technolism 🙂

There is no longer any good reason to avoid Facebook. The site has crossed a threshold of 500 million subscribers recently — it is now so heavily trafficked that it’s fast becoming a routine aid to social interaction, like e-mail became long time back. It’s only the most recent of many new technologies that have crossed over this stage. Everybody today, young, old, housewives, children, working people, students; is on facebook.

Still, do we really know much about facebook? Facebook – on which we spend so much time each day. I came across this infographic on the internet (via Mashable) and thought of sharing it with you. Did you know that the second most popular Facebook Page is that of Homer Simpson, right behind Michael Jackson? Or that the overall amount of time spent on Facebook each month is 8.3 billion hours? (You tend to ignore the time you spend on those useless Mafia and Farmville :P) There is a lot more below. Have a look!!

FACEBOOK facts you did not knowvia [Mashable]

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