October 04 Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” Event – Watch Full Video Stream Online

As I already mentioned in one of our last posts, where I listed more than 10 sources that covered the whole Apple “Let’s talk iPhone event via live blogging, as Apple’s earlier events, Apple did note stream its keynote online in the form of a webcast or any other live feed.

But as we know, after such keynotes, Apple release the event video for the viewers after a couple of hours and in this case as well, the Apple’s has uploaded the Let’s talk iPhone full even video at the Apple Events portal.

iPhone 5 event

Apple announced its “Let’s talk iPhone” event last week in which they gave hints about the much anticipated iPhone. The iPhone launch had been so hyped among the Apple fans that I think, Apple does not need any additional marketing to sell record number of iPhones again. Major blogs covered the event live in the form of live-blogging giving blow-by-blow updates.

We also got into posting major updates from the iPhone event for our readers which we hope, would have helped you stay updated about your dream gadget. However, I can understand the disappointment with the launch of just iPhone 4S and no iPhone 5. 🙁 Anyways, I would better wait for the iPhone 5. Anyways, for now iPhone 4S is the next iPhone and the features demoed at the iPhone event today look awesome 🙂 Check out all the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 features here.

If you missed the Apple iPhone event for some reason, you can check the live announcements here, or direct your browsers to the below link to watch the full 97 minutes video stream now.

Video Stream for Apple “Let’s talk iPhone” October 04 event

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