How to Create and Setup a Brand Page in Google+

Google+ was launched a few months back when it was a limited invite-only service. Later in September, it was open to the public. Unlike Facebook, Google+ did not allow businesses to have a Brand Page till now, and a few businesses who had created a profile as a personal account were banned by the Google+ team.

Finally, Google launched Brand Pages on Google+ which gives a go ahead to brands and businesses to create their own brand / product pages. We created one for Technolism, do check out Technolism Google+ Brand page here.

In this post, I am going to show you how to create a Google+ Brand Page for your business.

Step 1: Create Your Google+ Brand Page

Log in to your Google Plus account and go to and click on “Create Your Google+ Page” button.

How to create a Google+ Brand page

Step 2: Select Your Brand Category

When you click on Create Your Google Plus Page button in Step 1, you will be taken to the second screen where you can choose the category of your brand / product / website / blog.


You can choose from the below options:

Local Businesses or Place

Hotels, restaurants, places, stores, any other local services

Product or Brand

Cars, Electronics, Financial Services that are not local

Company, Institution or Organisation

Companies, organisations, non-profits, institutions, etc.

Arts, Entertainment or Sports

This category is for books, bands, movies, TV shows


You may list your business here if you can’t fit in any of the categories above.

We entered the information for Technolism as below. If you also have a blog or website, select the Product or Brand Tab and fill in the details like below.

Select your category for Google+ Page

Step 3: Add a Tagline and Profile photo for your Brand

Now, you simply need to add a short and simple, yet catchy Tagline for your business and a Profile photo.

Add a Tagline and Photo to Google+ Page

Step 4: Spread the word

On the next screen, you get the option to let people in your Circles know about your new Brand Page for your business. Click on Finish button. Do a small other tweaks on the Brand Profile Page and you are done!!

Let your Circles know about your Brand Page

Step 5: And, You have got a Google+ Brand Page now

Once you click on Finish in the above step, your G+ Brand Page will created with a URL which looks something like:

Below is how the Technolism Google+ Page looks like:


I hope you liked this simple tutorial which would help you create the Google+ Brand page for your product / brand / website or blog. Do share this with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ friends. Stay tuned for more news and tips on Google+.

In the meantime do not forget to add us to your circle on Google+. We are also on twitter now; do follow us @technolism.

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