Google PageRank Update November 2011 – Technolism is a PageRank 3 Blog Now

Google announced its latest November 2011 PageRank update yesterday and I am happy to announce that Technolism is now a PageRank 3 blog, jumping from earlier PageRank 1 (which had gone down from the even earlier PageRank 2 :))

Google-PageRank-UpdatePageRank, in recent times, has lost its importance and many have stopped caring about the PageRank updates from Google, neither do I but when it happens, it gives a sense of confidence that things are going in the right direction and it feels nice ;).

For those who are new to the webosphere and do not know what PageRank is and how it is important for a blog / website, please check this Wikipedia Link.

How has the PageRank update been for your website / blog? Do share your website / blog PageRank in the comments section below.

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  1. Congratulations on your PR3. On previous blogs I’ve run I know how difficult the step from PR2 to PR3 is!

  2. Hi Amandeep,
    At the moment I have 2 blogs, one Joomla based (with a wordpress component) and the other WordPress. The Joomla site is PR2, but the wordpress one is yet to get a ranking. However, the WordPress one is a newer site, and I still have some SEO stuff to do.. It’s hard work 🙂

  3. Hah, just recently found out what (Larry)PageRank is. I’m kinda new… For my site it’s zero and running strong :] Anyway, congrats to you Sir.


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